Friday, December 9, 2016

No black teachers ever have affairs with students?

Its always the attractive fair skinned teacher. My theory?  Ethnic cultures don't care if a young educated woman teacher takes a liking to their sons. Give them good grades too long as your at it.
Its always the mother in Danville who goes all to pieces and dramarama that some blond hussy took her son to places he liked going to.
This whole thing of now blasting these woman as "predators"  and "sex offenders for life" is just crazy.
With girls its another story. Pregnancy can be involved or forced physically. But,You know all that.
32 Year old woman with 17 year old man . Where's the crime?

ps..ok,I found some female African American teachers..BUT, did they commit the act with black or white young men?..See,part of my theory is..a black woman and black student..nobody cares.
Something to ponder deeply. Why when I was a student didn't?..ha.  Hey,some did flirt.