Thursday, December 15, 2016

Oakland Berkeley hills ignored by weather peeps.

The hardest rains I ever felt happened in the Oakland hills. It was what a tropical monsoon must be like. Wipers full blast,I could barely see. The roof of the car was pelted by huge drops.
By the time I got to Hayward..that rain was just...rain. Nothing big.
Now,the locals give Oakland rainfall from the Oakland Museum..not reliable and never seem to match the rest of the eastbay..well,the definition of not reliable. So,I propose they get a weather meter up high.
PLUS- People in the Oakland-Berkeley hills care about the weather I bet more then flatlanders who worry about gangsta teenage neighbors much more. On a commercial basis- who's likely to watch for hills stats? People who can afford to buy things. A sort of win win for weather watchers.