Thursday, December 1, 2016

People who want only the best..

I'm watching a couple look at homes in Hawaii and they complain that one beauty of a house has carpeting and "That 80's tiles in the kitchen". It always reminds me when I watch those shows and they sniff at 2 door white brand new refrigerator or white stoves as "Not stainless steel".
Back in the 70's and 80's they lorded over the rest of us they had the deepest shag carpeting and where we had Formica counter tops in our house they have "White tile" on pine colored cabinetry"
They paid through the nose to have the "The best things in life".
Now? Carpeting is "dirty"..and its granite over that "ugly" white tiles.
See? Its all in the head. All. How superior you are to own a great turntable and Trinitron in the 80's...both crap by today's standards. Yet,people felt like a million dollars to have them.

"Knock down this wall and make an open concept...the same wood flooring all through the house". Thats like a mantra on HGTV.
Great,lets all make our homes into dance studios where there is nowhere to hide. Not even in your own home.
And if the kids make a mess? Good luck trying to make your house's open concept look like nobody lives there. A stray toy ball in those homes makes the whole place look like a mess.

Imagine making kids feel bad in the 80's because they didn't have an Atari to play Space invaders. Junk!..ALL in the head!