Monday, December 5, 2016

Rock and rollers need a life reset button..

Don't we all? But them especially. I'm watching 120 minutes and looking up all those old alt bands and what happened to who since 1980-1989.
Its not pretty. What were once young faces..are wrinkled,fatter and usually balder. The write ups can be sad. The original singer for Faith No More? just a regular joe now asking for jobs because he's about to be evicted says Wiki.  In the vid for "We care a lot"..he looks like me at 24.  Now? He's just an old dude. But,he did keep his weight down-lol.
Its like that over and over..impressive resumes to the mid 90's maybe..then this: "So and so reformed the band after 20 years and put out a new album in 2009"..That absolutely nobody bought or heard of.
Or..maybe worse they created a new rock band in their 40's and sold their music on line. That nobody bought or heard of.
They also always say "It might be our best album ever".oh boy,delusional or just desperate to sell get a taste of 30 years ago again.
R&R is for young people,only innovated by young people.  Bowie couldn't really pull it off in his late 30's.ya know?
One other thing to note..Some of the best young rockers in their time were snubbed by the older crowd at awards time. Its kind of pathetic,but that's the history of rock and the Grammies- MTV awards.
Faith No More losing to David Sanborn and his sax. Says it all.