Tuesday, December 27, 2016

Science trivia...

If you stood on a Neutron star ( you can't) and held up a teaspoon of the star to a height of three feet,then let it slip off the super spoon you used? It would hit the floor at a speed of FORTY FIVE MILLION miles per hour.  That small size of neutron star would also I should tell you weigh about as much as 1,500 Great Pyramids of Giza.
Neutron stars are interesting..Science thinks that they have a crust of diamond about 9 feet thick and under that...they don't know. It could actually be a superfluid denser then diamond. Comprehend that.

Neutron stars are so dense that when an object does hit them that because of the speed of the spinning star- hundreds of rpm to possibly thousands ..that strange things happen. A mountain sized asteroid would instantly be absorbed and flattened equally over the whole diameter of the star..about the size of the Earth.
Get this, star quakes from that cause rips in the surface to ALWAYS run north to south and as I understand it some kind of instant mountain ranges rise a few inches..then sink. All that releases enough energy to be emitted by the star to pretty much exterminate any life on any planet within light years. Lucky for us one we saw was 50,000 light years away,a full half a Milky Way galaxy in distance...it still screwed electronics on Earth.
All,from sinking a few inches.
Fun to learn.

Come to think of it..Japan's Tsunami that we see on programs all the time like a great black wave..was caused by Japan being moved eight feet.  Very large things are not supposed to make sudden moves.