Monday, December 5, 2016

Thoughts while vacuuming..

I was vacuuming and I guess it's the white noise that always gets me into Thoughtland when I do the floors.
One is- I notice family radio (610) out of Oakland is playing serious Christmas music...the kind you heard in Catholic school as a kid. See? SO much time has gone by I now like that choral music of when men sang like men and woman like woman. A simper time.  Sure,I like the rock old time Christmas music too..KBAY for that.
But,for the old stuff that is " All the family is back together,living laughing and loving"  going into the past,or "Evening alone in winter with just a few candles and listening before you fall asleep". And maybe a lot of... A time when you believed with all your heart in Santa and Angels and goodness...
...well,Family Radio might be good for a listen.