Saturday, December 3, 2016

Trump making a new world order. He's one scary meglamaniac.

Sure,he loves all the other despots and loony leaders. He's one of them. So only certain business interests are drooling. The rest see big brother giving those favors while mom and pop are ground under the boots and treads of multi billion dollar corporations.
Trump wants the past he says? Yes,he wants what Eisenhower warned about. The military industrial complex establishment.
He gave Carrier huge tax breaks. They are not only a multi billion dollar corp. They also have military contracts.
Trump was raised wealthy,started out with 14 million dollars to play risks. And all those red states blue collar people think he knows their pain?
He only knows how to work them..real good.

Trump a man who has spent a lifetime fighting paying decent wages to the common worker and not paying his own income taxes is worried about YOU?