Friday, December 16, 2016

Trump stirring up shit already. Just what you want from yer PUSA.

He never fought in a war- deferments like all republican hawks. So now he's talking big shit as,I hate to even write it..leader of the free world.
Yeah,its great China is flying bombers near Japan and taking our research buoy's as of today I heard.

But Trump admires the KBG agent in charge of Russia. Its fits Trumps idea of who he is and who he wants. Like I said,Trump thinks of himself as royalty..his kids divine beings from his loins. Like aristocrats think.
Its why Trump..plain jane american...went after woman who spoke in some Euro accent. That's his fetish,his dream society.
I never thought this country would sink so low as to elect the worst of the worst.  Where's his tax returns? Where's the "bigger then Watergate Hillary emails?"  Whats his plan other then to tear down a century of civil advancements? He's president wrecking ball.

I dont get how Christian conservatives forgave him with "We wanted a leader not a pastor". So,why were they all aghast at Bill Clinton?  So,if morals dont mean much to them deep down..what is it with Trump?
Racism. You see who answers my posts on internet politics? rabid,"Purge this country" types. Like the crowd worked up by Hitler. I ain't the only one to say that. Hit man had his seig heil..Trump has his little pinkie finger in the air and his Angus Young (AC/DC) lips flapping away. Getting the racist feelings stirred up in America.
If Donald Trump thinks a nuclear weapon will solve a problem? He will do it.

I see only bad things for four years. Impeach him or pray for a soldier to convert to islam in the SS.