Friday, December 30, 2016

Watching "Despicable me" alone isnt fun.

Follow this..I recorded a few months ago Despicable Me part 2. So,later me and the 5 year old sit down and watch it. Do you know,I started to get into it? It was making me laugh.and anything that made her laugh makes me laugh watching her laugh. At the end I thought "They make these kids movies pretty clever now a days"
So a couple of weeks ago I record the original Despicable Me,that I had never seen. Well,the Holidays and all that keeps her busy..And one night there's nothing on. So's I decide to watch it.  After 15 minutes I hadn't laughed once and was bored to death,I actually felt a bit stupid. Turned that off.
It came to me..these movies have to be watched with a kid. A 5 year old who laughs at the sight of minions,or a fart sound. That's about 95% of watching these movies...the other 5% is admiring the artwork and you know that goes quickly to "what else is on?"
Its like when she says "I got a boo-boo at school"..its a  million dollar cuteness.