Sunday, December 4, 2016

Weather records..not so accurate.

I was going to pester the local Meteor people..but the "official" high yesterday all time for Salinas was 92f in 1958.  I don't believe that for a second. That would be nearly 20f warmer then Hayward was that day. And we hit 74f... .a record that still stands.
1958-1962 Were major drought years. Most of Hayward's hottest- well,warm- December records are from 1958 or in another drought December year- 1977.

NOAA speaking of weather, says Jan 2016-Oct was the hottest year of all time on Earth.

Let me tell you something- this Tuesday a cold Alaskan arctic front is moving in to the bay area. Low in my parts are supposed to range from 37f -40f.  THAT is the warmest arctic event I've seen since getting into exotic gardening around 2000.  37f isn't even close to 1990's 24f or 1972's 18f.

I don't even have to cover the most tender tropical plants I have.