Thursday, December 15, 2016

What I want for Christmas..

G.I. JOE. Hot Wheels and lots of track. Slot cars..H.O. trains. A ten speed Stingray Bike- metallic blue with TWO stick shifts. I will be good forever if I get one,I promise.
Spirograph,Creepy Crawlers- that make those little rubber spiders and worms and cool things. A Microscope. Those are so great. A Telescope- see what I said about microscopes.
Lots of Army men,Civil war and Dinosaurs. Ice age Mammoths. Those curved tusks are sooo cool.
James Bond car. Batman's car.
Drawing pads,colored pencils, I could spend hours drawing Raiders and Animals.
An Ant farm..just watch them dig tunnels. They looked happy.
A new VOIT basketball. Those always put a smile on my face.
So,now just waiting for the Sears,Penney's and Montgomery Ward's Christmas catalogues to get here.
I can hardly wait!..