Wednesday, December 21, 2016

Why cant we gather the bay area sports media and send them to the front line?

Not a one would enlist. I'm so tired of these right wing sports heads being GIVEN free money for opinions that are wrong.,stupid and half baked. That's when they try.

KNBR and the Game along with Yahoo are all advertising supplements who pretend they have opinions. I've lost  count of the how many liars go on air and claim "Management NEVER tells me what I can and can't say" ..what a load of crock.  At least an Amy G. would admit..she's there to put a best light on the team that pays her. But the Bruce's and Papa's and Radnich..all sleep with who is the team of station's choice while giving you "the truth". Phffffft to that my friends.

Look at Bay Area Sports Guy's blog. Its dead in the water. His "media" column was the most interesting part of his blog/dot com.  Its now about as timely as Nixon threw out the first ball. Is he really making a living off of that? For a commercial enterprise it has no point. HE sold out.

Yahoo? Had high ratings in the beginning. So,with views now getting out..they watered it down to the Tim,Ray and Ann show. Shockingly- those three seem to agree on everything.  Whats not serious? They all agree about that.  Who is wrong?  They all agree. Something fishy once again in bay area media.

This market is so glass walled to somebody with a different take, its just rolls up like a potato bug and rolls into a hole when that person crosses their path.

The audience they pander too? Its all red state. In a blue state. To me this is where the fix is in. Its keeping power as is, as always.