Wednesday, December 28, 2016

Why did George Lucas even pick Carrie Fisher?..I tell you..

Of all the beauty's in did the daughter of Eddie Fisher and Debby Reynolds even get in George Lucas radar?  He didn't want Michelle Pfeiffer?
Its the old Hollywood system..she's connected,George see's that if he chooses her,funding becomes easier and the Studio's approve all for his movies.
Same for Jamie Lee Curtis. She has no face,no acting talent that stands out. So,why would she walk past budding starlet models to be hired for Jason movies or even more incredibly the star in "Perfect"? her best JLC was far from perfect,more like a 3 with a nice body...but she was given those roles. Connected.
Its crazy how some talented people are given a firm salute when they die...and that's it. Others who have nothing but lots of fluff and connections..get the near saint treatment send off.

Studio's in Hollywood think people in the audience can't put 2 and 2 together as to how the media runs.
Well,I can. I can even put 3 and 3 together.