Sunday, December 18, 2016

Why do we Tweet local Tv people?

You know I've sent a few out there. I'm not sure why! But I do know when they take the time to answer you..its hard to go back to "And what a rack she has!"..or "Damn,It looks like his nose came right off the banana boat".  I might be defeating years of well earned anger from dealing with the internet co inhabitors. I wouldn't call them trolls...but  I'm sure a few people would. Or, just the world in general.
So  now asking questions of mostly normal people has to require a change in direction. I don't see myself getting into "you suck" tweets. I'm usually a take the first punch guy. Then the gloves are off. With me,they are leather garden gloves for the most part..damn cacti have thorns.

Maybe I Tweet out of curiosity. Boredom next to a keyboard. Key- bored,is a perfect name for what the PC use is.
Well,I'm a hoping I don't say something I meant well at,taken wrong. Laura Anthony is such a sourpuss.....Her hubbie best not EVER pinch her cheek.