Friday, December 23, 2016

Why does the Bible people say "Ye" or "forsaketh"?..ha.

Mid century British slang was popular 2,016 years ago? lol. I get it..the pious belief in the Holy Book and all that. But,those stories in their don't jibe with my getting older and becoming  lay scientist type.
So there's that blend in me that chuckles at some radio preacher telling his flock the Lord punished the tribe of Egyptians by drowning their swine. lol..seems awful petty for a creator of the whole frickin universe to get into tribal rumbles. Not too mention,taking it out on innocent piglets minding their own business thinking piglet thoughts in a meadow.
It goes on and on like that. Like don't worship your neighbors manservant as a 10 commandment. Ok,I promise I wont worship that.  Zoe Dechannel,Scarlett Johansen I could worship. Heck before she left I felt pangs of worship for Kate Cagle before she left KRON.
But,I digress.
I get it.  Christianity just isn't going to be let go of anytime soon. Same for all the other religions and the superstitions they hand down. We all want to think something big watches over us and steers bad things away. We don't want to reason...why does he send bad things to us to begin with?

The way they talk was the start of this. It still makes me laugh to hear all the pronouncements in the Kings English Ebonics.