Saturday, December 30, 2017

Stan's B&O..The ONLY blog to tell the truth about Haywards elite to underbelly...

I've met them all,I know the Mayors,the councilman,the University and police and all the rest. No need for me to lie or curry favor..they never do me any. None of them.
Great water,climate...after that,its old west and 23 year olds who spent more time in remedial school then real school. But,they have the flashy car,the clothes,and all the look of pretenders.
I've seen how the services around here start from the beginning like how would a person like me know what I'm talking about?..Professionals with that same damn attitude of the dropout.
By the way- the Hayward Farmers Market? Its 50% more of what you can get at Food Source with more walking and better choice. You go for the fresh air I guess at those open markets- eh. Besides they (FM) all are like that. You want bargains? Chabot Flea market. THAT has some great deals. Check it out.
I know it all around here.

Asshole ambulance and firefighter drivers of Hayward and parts..

Been around long enough to see they abuse the power of the siren. Seen them use them- RETURNING to the station. Same for Union City near Mission. If its near lunch time..the lights,sirens are on..RETURNING to the station.
There is one of those green and white ambulance drivers that I see all the time..only put the sirens on at a red light near my home-- then off they go after he gets past it. Never goes back on,nope. I need to get  a photo of his license plate....

I tell you,there is some kind of chip on shoulders on these types. Like its a club of punks that never grew up. Punks wearing a uniform.

Saturday, December 23, 2017

Why Trump will never go away.

You notice Trump never talks about any movies or art or books? No interests in anything but Money,Ratings,and hating people not like him. Golf.
THAT kind of person WILL FIRE ANYBODY to keep his own regime going. He will replace all qualified with flunkys. I wrote here months ago the GOP will never impeach Trump no matter who he killed. Never. MSM now coming around.
I  cant see Trump allowing Dems to win over in 2018.  I think he's got something to stop that. Like a WW3 over Korea. In times of War? suspend the vote. With his own Supreme Court,his own Conservative federal court picks.
Think like a criminal and you think like Trump.

I can already here my words read back to me in 2022 as he and his system executes me.

Friday, December 22, 2017

Trump falls back on his crowd- the wealthy and bigoted.

You see- when he found out he didn't have the skills to create a tax or health plan to be as he promised for all America?...What did he do? He gave to the very people who needed the least,the wealthy. Trump so desperate to say he did something,would have tossed in the statue of Liberty too if the GOP had asked. The story's on the tax bill are like feeding the hogs or Piranha's. Trump stood there watching the feeding frenzy that had nothing to do with ANY promise he made. "Here- take what you want and praise me!".  All it took for the man who has everything to be happy with being the worst President in history...tell him he's great as yer pockets are filled.
If you are allowed past the moat and armed guards.

Thursday, December 21, 2017

Dan Ashley hair now a sort of Vampiro black and silver.

San Vampiro black and silver...gone are the auburn wing days or the disco part down the middle. When he wears that black suit? It gives me chills!...nah.

Wednesday, December 20, 2017

Donald Trump got things done the old fashioned way. He bought off everybody in his way.

No art to it..the oldest way in the world to bypass studies or safety. Just buy off all those and give them kickbacks. No genius to that. As long as the GOP is corrupt-and that's alway's been always- that is what you get.
SO far up to 2016,the GOP could not find a man who would go to any lows. Russia found that man for them.
See? Everybody's happy.

Monday, December 18, 2017

I hate people who go into Dr's office or Gov. building or the like and act like its all their frontroom.

Talk loud..on the phones too,kids allowed to wander. The adults might as well fart and belch followed by hysterical laughter.
I don't want to get into trailer trash social class..even poor can have good public manners.

Add Supermarkets too.

60's once happy song can now get you arrested or cited.

What seemed so wholesome..until 3 weeks ago-lol,is now something to get cited over. U know- stay away from the public by 300yards..hee.
This was such a happy song too.
 I think Gary Puckett ( Young Girrrrrrl) has to register in every state before he does a concert.

Sunday, December 17, 2017

KRON drops Radnich from New Years Day hosting duties.

He's too much baggage. Plus,I would guess that his wife and family are tired of pretending they are perfect.
Its Gary Radnich..nothing will be close to perfect.
Cathy Heenan loses some extra pay..but c'mon that was awkward for the last two years with the  world famous "Stay in your lane" vid on You Tube. Forever.

Cats love Tuna juice.

Its a regular delicacy for them..the juice in the can of Tuna. Either canned in oil ( best) or plain water. Poured over some dry cat food..and they have a good time. Since Tuna in water is cheap,every now and then -like today a Sunday- I give them a whole can mixed in. They've been good cats.

Friday, December 15, 2017

KRON's big summer anchor add on...She's gone already.

Ok- I don't remember here name- sorry- but she's the African American that was supposed be morning host or co host? Gone. No name (on KRON 4's   R rated website- raunchy news stories galore) anywhere for me to find.
Boy,that's a KRON thing. Remember the guy who came from Boston..Did ONE SHOW..and left KRON? TRUE story,I am not making that up.

Thursday, December 14, 2017

Trump teaches us why he and Radnich are where they are...

First,you see where The Today show ratings have gone up with no Matt Lauer?  I've been saying that about KRON.  Its all BS that Radnich is popular with the bay area. He's popular with Corporations and Sports ownership's as he sucks his way to the top. Radnich always preaches that Sports owners are good,players are bad and selfish. He also preaches that KRON and KNBR execs are wonderful guys, but the KRON reporters (especially female) "just want to see themselves on TV" just as KNBR employees "Should  get a real job" if they want a decent wage. Am I right?
If Radnich were a man of color? He would have been on the street looking for a decent job himself long ago..because hell,KRON has had a reason to fire him every other month the last few years.

Trump and Radnich..just make their own world of lies that a certain "privilege" makes them immune to consequences.
Except from me.

Tuesday, December 12, 2017


See? Ed danced with the devil and see what happens? I'm doing the lords work,you can always count on Stan!
A little dark humor. Ed could have gone for decades longer without Raddy world touching him.

Saturday, December 9, 2017

Not even enough to have a job according to Trump and Orrin Hatch,but you should have THREE jobs!

That's the standard- you aint trying hard enough to have an need to work 12-18 hours a day to get some kind of medical plan. Plus,eat less.
The GOP are monsters and racist monsters at that.

Friday, December 8, 2017

Brittney Shipp now Chief meteorologist of a tribe called KRON.

Wowee,she got a move up. She's Chief,Radnich a director of sports. I guess Pam Moore is now Duchess of Four.
Steve Aveson just a jester to make the S.D. smile.

Trump wants Moore to stave off his own Impeachment.

One less vote to Impeach. That's what's on Trumps mind. Goddamn fucking Trump.

Seoul should be evacuating. Forget the Olympics.

Look,as crazy as it seems, Trump will not attack NK during the Olympics. The other reason is- starting a war in winter makes things harder all and troops stopped by snow,ice,weather. Its why they say the next WW will start in summer.
Seoul is whistling in the dark by not doing a thing to move the population. They should have been doing it for decades.
This is going to be no Vietnam. Millions might die in day one. Even me.

Laughable- Steve Bannon thinks he's Che!

The fat ex Goldman Sachs banker who denies himself nothing is aping the great liberator,Che Guevara.
Trump in one year has perverted America to accept child molesters and starve the poor and give to the rich.
The right wing is beyond mentally ill..they are into psychotic.

Wednesday, December 6, 2017

This is why KRON moved Radnich to a podium.

He as you read here,got into the habit of touching ...the female anchors. In typical KRON,they didn't force him to they instead moved him off the news desk. What was Radnich doing?- look at the vid:

My typing and proof reading skills are slipping...

wow,I cant get over how many tweets that look ok when I hit send?..just like that I see the missing word or letter that I didn't see 5 seconds or less earlier. It really undermines my "You big dummy" when I send out "You big dumy".

Monday, December 4, 2017

What has been the best single hour of political talk this last year? Chris Mathews.

Let me tell you.  I meant to post this last week or so. Ok,I'm watching Chris Mathews and he did an hour of he and his guests just LAUGHING at Trump clips...I mean it was had to laff yerself. And I did.   It was genius really..real political pundits allowed to just laugh at the stupidity of Donald Trump. Laugh at the Trump mind.
Even one guest said "I think this is the best show ever". He was right.

I was reminded to post today when on Mathews show Eugene Robinson broke into a belly laugh at Trumps idiotic tweet that "Now we know"..LOL..what do we know?

It was a great idea. I know you can't go to that well again and again with out making it stale. But as a one- of? Hilarious.

Sunday, December 3, 2017

My Pillow- no catchphrase. Peletron- no catch phrase. Goes on ...

No, "I 'Tron to wear a thong!"  Nobody does it anymore. Kreiger Coffee?  Not good to the last drop..nothing,no catchphrase. Right now,its a lost art.

Saturday, December 2, 2017

Britteney Shipp loves her white Nike's!

The other night KRON'S fade-away end -of-show-shot,caught her prancing and waving her tennis shoes.  A woman who hates shoes!
She's always in tennis shoes. White. Although that's better then the time Grant Lodes had blue tennis shoes on. Blue?

Where's the Beef? Dynomite!,I can't beleive I ate the WHOLE thing.Sock it to me! Well,Exscuuuuuuuse me!. Sit Down!

Man,that was never going to end. Catchphrases were required per commercial or TV show. I can't go too many days in a row without one popping up in the old cabesa.
As of right now? Not a single commercial has one. "I fell and I can't get up" whats happened to them all.

Thursday, November 30, 2017

Radnich to Mike the Floor man "Hey man,you know B.E.T. and what I'm talk'in about".

He never asks Mike about Golf,Stocks and bonds,Faberge eggs. Grant? Yes,he will ask Grant about that or Steve "Because I know you know".
Maybe he married that wife for that first date sex because he stereotyped her. Well,now he says second date..but I recall when it was first. The story changed.
Radnich is just as bigoted as Brian Sussman..who also has black children. Get my drift? You are what you are.

Are you an un-proud Dad?

I notice on Republican tweet bios- like Radnich,Kreuger and just the other day, Joe Scarborough's brother had that ( he was a big Trump supporter until Trump called his brother a murderer) on his tweet bio. Its a really big thing to say it seems to them. It must be some twisted hate for alternative people..although plenty of them have kids they love.
What a weird thing to glom on as political.

Wednesday, November 29, 2017

Radnich male co anchors are all submissive. Imagine nodding and smiling to that idiot- EVERYDAY?

Aveson and Lodes and who else they put out there..have to know their place. Its why real men leave KRON. They had enough of that.
Aveson is the Republican that Pero scanned hard to find that works cheap and has the "Only repub on the block in SF " stink background.
He's been there too long and has heard asshole Radnich and his bigoted views of everybody EXCEPT his stereotype fantasy's of being black- They dance and sing good. 'Cause you never hear praise of a black democrat politician from raddys flat lips. Aveson claps and hoots as told.
Aveson will be gone and forgotten one day . Lets hope this stays around to remind people where he lost his mind. And Radnich the why.

Gary Radnich can work everybody. But me.

I couldn't believe that Rich Lieberman called to congratulate Radnich.  The same Radnich that last time they made up,Radnich said on 50,000 watts "I toss Rich a bone and it gets him off my back". About the same thing he's said about his wife.
So,you would think Lieberman would know that Radnich doesn't give a damn about accolades from 415.
Radnich? If he was a person of color would have been fired long ago.  He plays the race card "I'm super white!"..when he's with the execs. Like Donald Trump,Radnich tells lies until he believes them.
I'm here to tell you.

MSNBC and CNN finally waking up.

I told you the first day he was elected Donald Trump is on a power grab like no other and will end Democracy asap.
Now,I see those channels no longer using words like "untruths"..but to the point "He's a liar".  Why pull punches with a man who would gladly line them up and shoot them? That's Trump's ultimate goal..kill anybody who's not for him.
I wonder too..why they waited so long to give those woman air time about Trump harassing them? Bring them on and often..let them talk..not the usual dry reporter or host paraphrasing.
We need to hit Trump hard. His mind can't take it..and to get him out of office before 2020 will take a show of his instability.
Get on his ass.

Monday, November 27, 2017


A new TV show. I like the title.
Hey- Remember when Gary Radnich ripped Obama for meeting with the Giants?  He also tore into Obama for playing golf.
Radnich deserves what he gets from me x10.

Friday, November 24, 2017


Its so much like the Trump White House. Donald Radnich,his Stepford wife Melania Moore. His Secretary of State Grant Tillerson. On Fridays,its Alicia Huckabee,who's blind to the holy terror himself. He pays her that's why. His submissive advisor Steve Kushner.
Toss in Aaron Mcgahn as the guy who does the dirty work to keep Donald Radnich going after decades.
Donald Radnich..born liar,phony,and official member of the conservative populist movement. Likes to harass woman. A 35 year history of that.
Its uncanny.

KRON's Steve Aveson liked a trained seal.

Radnich sized him up as submissive early on.
KRON though has cut Radnich time. They know the more he ad libs the more trouble he starts. He's old,the quips are usually how great he is and putting down others. Like Trump.
Moore? Like I said..she takes it all because she lost control years ago.
Lately- after the Kiss me Rear End" fiasco,I just record KRON..FF to the sports,FF past Radnich doing scores.
I can only take so much Radnich and that means I only have to report on the few seconds he causes trouble and mayhem and humiliates his co workers. They can deny it- doesn't matter. It's a humiliating thing to watch for the viewer on their behalf. Even if the KRON victims don't feel it.

Hey,did I tell you- KRON blocked me on twitter? I reported what they said..and the "News Station" couldn't take it. I'm goooood!

Thursday, November 23, 2017

Anthony Flores the bay area media's first brown Latino sportscaster EVER.

 Its almost shocking to think about that. Half the bay area is Mexican..but go back decades and you will never see a brown one doing local sports.  Ibanez? Please,he probably will claim to be "Spanish" or Portuguese. Its doesn't even matter- Mark is not a standout in any Klan meeting. In other words- HE NEVER has faced discrimination based on skin color. Not his fault of course.
Flores? He will never fool the Russian Embassy..or Klan. I'm using extremes to shorten all this.
Whats it been,almost 70 years of bay area TV?..he's first.  The Obama of bay area sports.

PS,I did tweet congratulations to him. No reply. THATS how tenuous his job is. Somebody controversial salutes you- you pretend you didnt see it. He is only part time.
Damn,we had a Japanese American woman sportscaster,A Lesbian sportscaster,3,896 white male sportscasters...long before the first brown skin made it on air.

Radnich harassed Emerald Yea,Wendy Tokuda,Diane Tuazon,Cathy Heenan,even back to Janice Huff...

He loves to pick on woman.  Moore? I dont feel sorry for her. She's could have stopped him long ago. So..her choice.
Btw, he was hitting on Alicia when she worked at KRON. So,he has a history. Kate Scott..drove her out of KNBR. They had sex on the second date he says,NOW. Before he said the first date. His kids must have loved hearing that. Lol,oops. He had sex with Alicia,not Kate. I uh,need a copy editor!
He's the American poster boy of a total moron making good with the good old boys. At the girls expense.

Ama Daetz has a baby girl!....Stan reports.

Ok,Larry Beil answered my tweet question. A  beautiful healthy babay girl for Ama. Congratulation to her and family.

Pam Moore could quit.

If she did? Radnich couldn't care less. As long as it doesn't cost him money,he would sleep fine.

Aveson no friend of Moore.

He didn't raise a hackle,seemed nonplussed when Radnich ripped Moore. Those two- Moore and Aveson haven't exactly bonded..from day one.

Wednesday, November 22, 2017


This is pure KRON. Their Sports host tells the black woman anchor "Without me you wouldn't have your job. You should be kissing my rear end".  I reported that. Quotes. I mean that conversation said it all. White execs- according to Radnich,listen to HIM,not Moore and she with no talent- according to him she's not even 4th best bay area anchor- NEEDS HIM to be employed.
"The News Station that blocks tell the truth". Has a ring to it.
Hey- KRON tries harder to punish me then the misogynist Sport Director Gary Radnich!

Hey,its OK to abuse THREE 60 year old woman on KRON!..they Have to take it!

Unlike the gay woman on KNBR who could leave- but still turned her back on a rare job because of Radnich,Gary Radnich can beat and toy with KRON woman all he wants. What are they going to do? Complain? Who would hire them for 6 figures to do anything...and certainly not as easy as what anchoring should be? Until Radnich feels like you need a reminder to stay in your lane that is.   Then,its 1958 Selma for Cathy,Pam,and Vicki.

Moore ignores Radnich,Aveson still sucks Gary's....

Aveson proving he's all for himself once again. If sucking Radnich brings in a check..he's there on his knee's. I think Aveson is a convert to Radnich/Trump. He see's that if you use your white exec connections and deny keep the job.
Also,Aveson is no friend of Moore. Its been obvious since day one. So,no he didn't take a stand for Moore when Radnich told her to kiss his ass.

Radnich? No way he should be on air at KRON. Heenan,Moore,Diane Tuazon and even as far back as Emerald Yea and farther back as Janice Huff.  KRON keeps sweeping his wrong deeds under the carpet.

Radnich explains it all as " I love white execs". He says it. Have you EVER heard Radnich praise a black KRON,KNBR,CUMULUS,NEXSTAR executive? I haven't. Ever. Never even mentioned one. He does ask the black floorman about hip hop. Not about golf or stocks.

Last night Pam Moore did grin and bare it. Radnich? He's the poster boy for workplace harassment. His jolly's are to do it on air- so he can fall back on "Its my act".

Monday, November 20, 2017

Nexstar's only Radnich punishment is those two days off the set. He gets away again.

Oh,he was sheepish and nicey nice to Moore today...who pretended she was in love again. ALL that is abuse 101. I know Radich spent the weekend groveling to Moore and had his kids cry into the phone! "Aunty Pam,I wont be able to get my college degree! Forgive Daddy!" Plus,he must have dropped in "I love you" and "All the years together"..classic abuser blackmail.
She's a lost cause. Will take it again in spring..summer. Whenever Radnich is in a hormonal mean mood.
Two humiliating days of doing sports from the KRON broom closet is all he got. Plus a write up no doubt. But- since he did the Heenan fiasco BEFORE Nexstart took over KRON,he's still employed.

The fatter he gets,the more full of himself he is. No,he wont change.

Saturday, November 18, 2017

Friday, November 17, 2017

Sandal's resort of the Bahamas commerical racist much?

I mean there are three scenes in the commercial,2 have all black waiters serving all white clientele. The third a party where all black serve with one light skinned black couple among the rest of the crowd.
You would think a corporation that's in the Bahama's would sort of mix it up a bit more,don't you? Be a bit more understanding and sensitive?


Big fall out from the "Kiss my rear end" said by Radnich to Moore. And I don't mean Roy Moore.

It was divine intervention I even caught Radnich ripping the long time anchor Moore. I hadn't caught his radio show in days and days..or longer. I never watched his KRON show unless the show I was watching..MSNBC or CNN were in a commercial break AND I managed to notice it was quarter to the hour- KRON sports. So a week or two would now go by with me not watching.
Hell,I even posted,I was finally losing the Radnich interest since he was now sounding normal.

I guess he couldn't take that..wink.


He's doing his little sports show on KRON from the broom closet.  Since he gave no reason,its obvious why he's not on the set. He harassed Pamela Moore once too often. Lucky to still have a job as I would think any other station would have fired Radnich long ago and up to 2 days ago.
I mean,in the last few years he's angrily- not ha-ha- told her she's the 4th best anchor,not in bay  area history,but RIGHT NOW in the bay area.
Then the time he pulled money out after some kron stripper story and hinted for her to get going.
The Cathy Heenan fiasco. Epic stupidity.

Of course,the very reason they put him on a pedestal 2 years ago was because he, in his late years, was getting to be a bit of being groper Gary with all the female anchors..hardly a day went buy without him putting a hand on them.

This guy is classic give an inch and takes a mile.

Nexstar might be thinking already what to do next with no star...

Wednesday, November 15, 2017

Gary Radnich tells Pam Moore "You should be kissing my rear end". Live on KRON. Nobody laughed.

He out of nowhere told her "If you knew what I did for you with you with management,you would be kissing my rear end".
She took it. Smiled.  Later said he was feeling too big for his britches.  So Radnich who does like to verbally abuse the female KRON anchors when he's in a mean mood,gets away with it again.

The irony? If she EVER stood up to him..he would see his career end. So,he should be kissing her ass. But,he wont. He's beat her down after 2 decades of telling her off on air,and her doing nothing in return.

What a twisted act they have going on KRON and NEXSTAR.

Tuesday, November 14, 2017

The world as close to going to hell as its ever come.

Trump is the fatal cancer. The wealthy got what they wanted and we are on the edge of a new dark ages.
The wealth inequality is leading to the logical conclusion. Thank the Republican Party.

Friday, November 10, 2017

Old man take a look at my life....24 and a whole lot more...

Takes me way back. 24 seemed old to me back then. Why was he singing like he's not old too? lol. What I thought at 15.
Linda Ronstadt singing in the back ground. Linda sang on all the hits of the 70's. "Hello its me" by Rundgren. Ah,you can Wiki for the list. Why bother going by my memory?
Heart of Gold ( more Linda) was another everyday song played in art class. Horse with no Name,What's going on ? I feel the Earth move and So far away two Carol King great songs.
You know what? I never got tired of hearing those songs played every single day. Still not tired of them.

Bloomberg news likes its beautiful writers. Female.

Shannon Pettypiece,Voni Quinn and who was that power blonde I wrote about? I cant find the post I did on her.
All,look like they stepped out a Hollywood movie.
It just cracks me up that woman HAVE to be beautiful,thin and mostly young WRITE?
Shannon really has great hair.

Tuesday, November 7, 2017

Christina Rendons sheer blouse.

I haven't seen that since KPIX had an anchor named Molly in the late 80's early 90's who would wear see through blouses. She you could see,favored frilly girly girl bra's. I don't remember Molly's last name. She had bright blue Meg Foster like eyes, a short 'do and a slight gap in her teeth I think. About 40 then,I imagine she's long retired and in her 70's. You could see all even on SD TV's of the day.
So Christine on KTVU was sort of in that way with her black bra showing through. Not as busty as Molly.

Coward Trump and Kim Jun Un's chance to take out the head of the snake.

The media wont say it...but Trump is offering olive branches because the coward is afraid that Jung Un will nuke Seoul while Trump is in the city. After all the talk of the USA cutting off the head of the snake..its North Korea's best chance to do that. OR a NK assassin group. One bazooka or a gang of pretty girls and darts-lol. James Bond Un's best chance ever.

Monday, November 6, 2017

Bumgarner and science.

I was watching a science vid on rockets and propulsion.  The scientist explained that we have it wrong on what propulsion is...
So,he goes on to say : "If you attached 9 million Madison Bumgarner's to the shell of a large- huge - rocket and had all the Bumgarners simultaneously throw a fastball 91 mph downwards...that would create enough propulsion to lift the rocket past escape velocity and into space".
I love science.

Saturday, November 4, 2017

After 10 months,the media is still forced to pretend Donald Trump isnt a nut.

When they call him "Mr.President"? You can see him just roll in it. Then when you hear his answer,you wonder why,how, Norm the bar drunk got there? An OLD NORM the drunk to make it worse.
Pretend he's not president and listen to him. He's crazy. He's an ignoramus who never picked up a science book or even read a science article in a magazine in his life. He's a perpetual liar machine.
I didn't vote for him.

Thursday, November 2, 2017

Nichole Wallace can and will kick ass.

I've never seen a real host tell a guest to "stop with the Propaganda and maybe they will be invited back again"  Especially said angry.

Monday, October 30, 2017

Beginning of the end for Trump?

I know the GOP will pretend they are blind if they have to. But the American public wont. Trump is implicated now..the WH also doing the pretense major players were "volunteers" know, like at the Animal Shelters...

More Earth like planets found.

..and why I say very advanced Aliens would have no need to travel light years. They would have the technology so as to see anything in the Universe,analyze it..and know whats on it without even leaving their house.
You add super computing power far beyond our dreams..they might be able to detect anything on any planet..heck read minds, predict your future..from their Alien living rooms so to speak. Alien couch potatoes.

Sunday, October 29, 2017

Mancini commercial features Asian woman as the OH..

Strange to see in one commercial, An Asian woman in bed with a black husband,an Asian woman in bed with a white husband,and then it ended with a third Asian woman in bed with an Asian man. All in the same 60 second commercial.
Who decided that? How did they come up with that?

Friday, October 27, 2017

Radnich getting dull and Whats with the giggling sports host or anchor trend?

I haven't caught his KNBR show in days. Last time I put it on ,you know what he was talking about? Sports!  Just that. I listened..then when in commercial I left. 3 or 4 minutes of Radnich in the last week. My all time low record since Obama took office.
Also,I caught some of Bob doing the 1pm show. Man the bay area has sports guys who can giggle hour after hour. Super happy people I guess. How long can you giggle? Me? eh. It had better be really funny. KNBR/KRON has giggling on job requirements. Will giggle for Food. Giggle pays my mortgage ." Let Giggling make you money now,seminars"  It appears to be an all male thing. A happy woman is not wanted?
Its a man giggle world.

GOP will NEVER impeach Trump. NEVER.

He's their lord and savior. He hates the poor and people of color,and says and acts it. As one gop member said "He makes the GOP the epitome of every stereotype as us being only for the rich" A Republican said that.

Wednesday, October 25, 2017

Corker and Flake vote to give banks immunity. Pro Trump 95% of the time.

How crazy is that? After all the last few days..both of those Repubs voted to stop you from suing banks. When did banks become the law? Judges?..they are now with them.
The only good Republican is one in jail. Forever.

Tuesday, October 24, 2017

Trump's cancer metastasis burrowing deeper into America..

What I see is all Donald Trump is about is seizing power.To be blunt. The Republican party has nothing but hate to bank on a Trump gains control. He's a dummy sure, but he delights the bigoted conservatives and supporters.
I see as he plunges in the polls..he's like a dictator,manipulating judges and the judicial system. Like a Junta,He might take power.
Look, Spicer,Flynn,McMaster,and now Kelly all military men who swore to protect their country all caught in flat footed lies to help DJT.

Monday, October 16, 2017

Hatred for Trump across the country has really grown.

I've noticed..on all the social media,in comments sections of Yahoo,Aol, the number of people who despise him has vastly outgrown those who support him.  It used to be that if you hated Trump you could count on many commenters coming back at ya. Now? Mostly quiet.
People who hate him too..are all across the "Typical American" board. People who are veterans..the whole range.
He's never going to get those people back. Trump has no plan. All he can do is take down Obama's legacy..and replace with gibberish double talk. As we know according to Trump everything he does in his mind is a beautiful success. Like his 5 bankruptcy's.

Sunday, October 15, 2017

Spongebob lies!

So,I'm watching cartoons with a 6 year old and I sez to her "He's wearing shorts. He should be called Spongebob Squareshorts. "No,those are pants" she insisted.  But I came back with "His"pants" only come down to above his knees.THAT'S shorts".
I think I won that one.

Thursday, October 12, 2017 adds= Woman "You have big money,I love you?...or for the males "You have a hot body? I love you!"

That's what starts it all. Yeah,sure, after that inner beauty (female) and simple and good ( for male quality's) kicks in. Although no guarantee.

Trump will kill you in a nuclear war or from lack of medical insurance.

The worst President of all time reaction to reading he's the worst of all time? to get worse.
He really is a true narcissist. NO doubt. He's so full of himself he can let all guilt or blame fall away if he comes up with a story in his head to cover it. Like letting people suffer and die.

Tuesday, October 10, 2017

Fire,Hurricanes,Earthquakes....Nuclear War. Tired of that.

I'm changing the channels. Its overload on all day,night. I'm not doing Gilligan's Island head in the sand watching..but too much bad is too much.

Sunday, October 8, 2017

Tom Petty,soon Steven Tyler...Bob Seeger?

This whole getting older thing sucks!...the dead are rapidly moving into my bracket more and more. Already lost Prince.
Man,one BeeGee, no Donna Summers, Boston's lead singer, Spinners lead singer dead. Tower of Power.
Even the great little Grunge era..dead in their late 40's.

I really should have done more down and dirty things.

Saturday, October 7, 2017

Posting slows here..picks up on EBT's Alameda county edition.

Some of my best work I do there..then maybe tweet it in short,then maybe send to 415 Media, by the time I get to my own blog I heard it enough.

Tuesday, October 3, 2017

Getting older 101: Back pain.

Its getting to the point where one day in the not so distant future I'm going to drop something on the floor and there it will stay until I die.
Picking up is now an exercise in near futility with grunts and other sound effects. Some rude.

Monday, October 2, 2017

You cant take my slave ownership away. Its my right. That,and my machine guns.

Gun owners are like slave owners..its "gods given right" they do what they do. Just as they would have killed millions in the civil war more had the war not ended...Gun owners are cold to any death by gun.
Their blood lust to kill is "civilized"..yada yada. Familiar thinking patterns to the old Plantation owner days.

Thursday, September 28, 2017

Gary Cohn ASSHOLE. Buy a new car for $1,000 LOL...

Why does he even exist?  "Renovate your kitchen for $1,000!  Who stands before the media and makes those claims? Only in Trump world.

Tall Filly flirting with me.

She was tall,in yoga pants and we just smiled at each other. Had a brunette pony tail out of her baseball cap. I like the way she slowed into a come hither walk and over her shoulder admired me admiring her. We seemed to be shopping for the same thing....
About half or less my age.
It doesn't happen as often as it used too. She is definitely a curvy looker.

I can barely handle a one hour power outage.

3 years ago when the Giants were in the WS? Just as the game began,power went out. Like a junkie needing a fix,I called and got angry at the why now?
Or,those commercials about the family desperate to see anything when the internet is down?

Puerto Rico reminds me of that 1,000x...weeks without power.  I can't stand that every fan in the house goes out. No TV. No home phone. No microwave. Every minute is a grind of nothingness.

btw- I went out to the car to listen to the WS...I put the light switch on the porch light so I could see when power came back.   Smart huh?

Wednesday, September 27, 2017

Ari Melber...quoting hip hop lyrics for no known reason.

If they were deeeeeeep,I could see it. But he picks ones that have that "sound deep with music ,lose power spoken" thing.
Plus when he does it to people who have no clue what he's talking about or who he quoted is,..its just weird.
No,he never quotes rock music lyrics. Country? Get outta here!

Tuesday, September 26, 2017

My prediction? Trump to next run in the "Donald Trump" party.

Why not? His ego says he created something better then the Republicans. His own party. His own candidates.
You watch.

It took Radnich 4 days..but he went with the winds againts Trump today- Krueger leading.

Well,Krueger going off on Trump was a surprise. Must be that San Francisco water. Radnich took his time. Must be when the demo's for conservatives to listen is low. Because he hasn't sounded like that on KRON.

On the internet- nobody is on your side.

They can flip flop,they can want to marry you later. Its all freedom. I even have stalkers, And for them I wish the worst. I can say it. They and their world can die of cancer.  Freedom!
Btw..You might notice that you could be let down by people. That's the way of the internet world as EW&F would sing.
Well,one thing I NEVER have to worry about? Is one of them getting in my face in person. Its the internet way to SOUND like they would-LOL.

Monday, September 25, 2017

Gary Radnich puts no blame on Trump. Blames Obama in other words.

Asshole Radnich STILL will not criticize Trump. No,he blames the economy!..under Obama!

WHEN WILL HE GO AWAY?  Why does he last? Oh,because he's an apologist for money.

Friday, September 22, 2017

H.S. photo's of KGO7 and KPIX anchors...maybe.

This website does not explain its reason to exist. Did the guy try to match his HS friends to "now" anchors?
Some look so much like younger versions,its believable. Others,like Rick Quan a girl in HS or Leigh Glaser a boy..of course faked 100%.
Anyways take a look.
Also I did ask one KGO anchor if that was really her in HS,and she never answered the two times I asked. She's never done that to me. So,why I say..not sure if this is actually part legit.

Thursday, September 21, 2017

Trump proves being born wealthy is good for your future.

Dumbest man ever to hold office. He's a billionaire? Must be that born wealthy theory of mine.

Wednesday, September 20, 2017

Sickening. All Republicans but 3 are all for taking health care away and lowering the quality for the rest.

You tell me what drives the GOP.  It looks to me 1860. When America was their fantasy of all white and conservative. Indians on reservations. Blacks in chains,and Mexicans in Mexico. Chinese? stay in the corner of the city and work harder still.
If any of those people veered away and strayed? A posse killed them.

Trump proves if you are a liar,traitor and cheater...America loves you if you hate people with brown skin.

You would think by now a Trump would be on his way out..instead he slowy gains power over democracy. NO shame...wants military parades,let the poor get their medical care from shanty clinics.
41% of America supports that.

Would KRON get third in a row female weathercaster who wanted no part of Radnich?

Remember when he threaten 415 blog with being sued for saying that Lieberman says Radnich caused weather woman to leave kron?  Yet,Radnich never did explain why the last two regulars or three- fillins like Rebeca Strom- would not have any part of Raddy's act.
Would that go on? I wonder.

Saturday, September 16, 2017

Samuel Jackson turning into the Great America "old man"

Remember they had some guy who looked very old and wore huge oversized black horn rimmed glasses..who would walk hunched and slow- then started break dancing since he wasn't nearly as old as he looked? Great America used him for about three years,and then I think they noticed it was kind of creepy.
Sam Jackson now looks like that.

End that commercial of Jackson singing..its ruining a great memory. When Sam starts with the out of key croak of "Iiiiiii" goes downhill from there. Its painful to hear and see. How can he not be embarrassed to hell?  Narcissism is one mean disorder.

Tuesday, September 12, 2017

Dianne Gallager wears yoga pants reporting for CNN.

Kept me watching.  Watchers could see all.Yes,that tight.
She also adds being a very healthy woman. Very.Think Britteny Shipp healthy in those pants.

Monday, September 11, 2017

KRON hires a new, young, Pam Moore.

Tiffany McElroy on KRON'S promo looks half Darya and half Moore. Half their age too. Or less.
But- the family resemblance is easy to see why KRON hired her.

Chron posts 48 photos of beautiful people at Burning Man. 0 were Latino.

Mexican Americans are like the invisible race. Been here for century's and you wont see them in any of the hipster activities,TV shows.
I knew before I started to click on "48 photos of Burning Man" what I would see. All the Asian woman but one were with white men.  People of middle eastern descent have passed Latino's in California. They are on TV,in the best neighborhoods,part of in crowd,and there are no stereotypes of them living in poverty or driving beater cars.
Latinos? they only are seen when somebody wants to hate or vent. Or,not invite..

Sunday, September 10, 2017

Raiders to play three years of unending exhibition games.

That's what it feels like. Wins don't matter..losses don't matter. Three more years of dead duck.

Saturday, September 9, 2017

Thinking about Sylvia Miles...uh-oh.

I always thought she was English. huh. But after reading Wiki,I think of how many times an actor or actress came to me out of the blue...and I went to Wiki and read.   A few days later,they died. Jerry Lewis was latest,but Ann Francis and more then I can remember.  Some,I hadn't thought of for decades came to me and I read they had just died a month or two earlier.
You had that happen? Often??

Friday, September 8, 2017

Its Friday..lets see those Raddy photos on kron.

Lets see if we can find fault with America's claimed perfect family.
Eh, nevermind. Beneath me to be a Radnich-hole.

Dan Ashelys hair part is on the move AGAIN!..BIG NEWS!!!

What the other media wont tell you,you can find here.

Dan's hair part is now retro 70's with a part right down the middle. Is feathering next?

He also is no longer brown with reddish tint..its become black with silver streaking.

I think Dan has post traumatic bad haircut trauma from when Mom gave him a bowl haircut. He needs to keep changing his hairdo's and styles like its the Winchester House of Hair.

Monday, September 4, 2017

Low life Radnich and KNBR and KRON.

Like I don't know he and they use info only they have to stalk me with trolls he probably pays? He even said as much once on KNBR. I heard it.
Its why I will hit back 10x harder. Radnich..,good guy?..all bullshit.
Radnich has earned and deserved what he's gotten from me ...and much worse that I never sank to. No low is too low for the man who never had a good word posted by any other member of the media about him. Nobody defends him. Ask Kate Scott.
That embalmed corpse for a dad to an 8 year old is a fool. Send him to a taxidermist.

It might be time for me being Mr.Nice guy to end.

What does a PUSA who's beholden to Putin do? Destroy America's democracy.

I predicted he would end DACA. Tweeted it days ago. We have a off his rocker President eaten by jealously of Barrack Obama,ego shredded by the Russian investigation and what the media and 70% of the country thinks of his quality as a person.  HE'S ALL STRIKING OUT. That's his while Rome burns mode.
Its obvious he wasnt up to the job..he became unglued the first week with his power hungry "executive actions".
Now,he's surrounded by generals who must be confounded at the spoiled,pouting, man in the Oval Office.

Sunday, September 3, 2017

Whatever the Donald decides..wont be good for you.

The racists,the bigots,the xenophobes...just fucked up this whole country.  I don't see in Pleasanton middle aged white guys bragging about what Trump has done..or will do ..on street corners.
Soon,Seattle or SF 0- you and me- or Los Angeles will pay for Trump's ego and instability. Its what Wyoming voted for.

Thursday, August 31, 2017

Morons do moron things to prove to you they are not morons.

Radnich,Trump, and Hot rodders.  Same idiot.

Donald Radnich proclaims himself "King"

Those two are twins. Radnich - con artist,Trump con artist. Go all the way down the lines and those two are the same. Narcissists, braggarts, claim money makes them smarter than you or I, trophy and sort of trophy younger wives who are both climbing the walls sexless, and love to spend money to overcompensate. Both at 70 wont go away,and far more hate them then love them. BOTH RIGHT WINGERS.
Now you see what I am against? Get it now?

ps- Radnich hides behind his mothers skirt even now,exploits her for his career. How low can he and Donald go?

Wednesday, August 30, 2017

Hot! Chuck Todd insults Casey Hunt live on TV!

Something was happening between those two as Hunts show was ending. She gritted her teeth and said with half smile "MTP with Chuck Todd" and do you know he told her "Thanks Hun,great job!"..she steamed and said thanks or something as she shook..yes,she shook.
Woo-hoo. No love lost there.

Tuesday, August 29, 2017

When will Trump start the book burning?

Mattis and Tillerson are a warning to Trump that he might have to watch his back as Trump pushes all social gains to be reversed to when the Mayflower landed.  As Trump rips into Democracy, somebody might put a sudden stop to his reign.
I wake up every morning hoping that's the first thing I hear on CNN or MSNBC..

Saturday, August 26, 2017

Hurricanes like reverse lotto.

I heard one person died. Man,those people know that in a hurricane,somebody is going to see their life taken. Hard to imagine to be told a killer storm is coming.
What we get in the bay are in winter is bad enough 1" of rain in 24 hours is a deluge.

No Pain,No Gain. What fails to kill us only makes us stronger. I hate those.

Jane Fonda made the first a popular catchphrase even if it goes back in various forms for hundreds of years..maybe thousands. Nietzsche said the second.

I say..simpler and less painful is the smarter way.  You could also add to those sayings in the title "And then you die".   Die and forget it all. Sometimes ( now rambling a bit) when I cant remember something  I know solid 30 or 40 years ago? I feel the taste of death. Something that had been so important to the person I was..would be forgotten forever like it never happened..if not for Google!

So,I resent that personal suffering and pain is in some way a lesson. If I was god I could invent a better Universe then that. Couldn't be that hard...

Friday, August 25, 2017

Pointless Giants and A's seasons. No reason to watch.

If your starved for baseball and young..then you go. Right now? I don't even watch.  Like watching cannon fodder and you know how much you hate fodder watching.

Gary Cohn showed Trump. Not.

I'm not believing he stayed because he's worried Trump will appoint somebody much worse.  The way to show Trump is not to support him or hold him up.  Those that do ,get what they deserve eventually.

Thursday, August 24, 2017

Every problem has a solution. I'm tired of solving them.

That's what put you in the graves..the constant fixing, repairing,solving life's problems. Some are in that only "manageable" category for the duration.
I used to hear "Every problem etc," and think it was positive. I now see it as a feature to wear you down eventually and put you in a grave. Has to be some Universal rule and reason for that. Some equation.

Sara Sanders kids letters are worthless and no point.

More of what history will laugh at. Trumps government innovations.

Affirmative action on a death spiral.

University of Alaska is 1% Asian.  But its bad for blacks everywhere,not good for Latinos except in areas with a heavy population of them with the exception strangely, of UC Berkeley.
No matter where,white tends to dominate. Makes me wonder where all that anger comes from?

As far as Latinos, Those prestigious eastern schools just might have a culture that's just too foreign. I wouldn't doubt many a highly place California Latino passed up chances preferring to stay in state. Few of those colleges have Latino Alma maters to have sons and daughters to attend anyways- right?
Read and weep.

Wednesday, August 23, 2017

MSNBC getting meaner and I love it.

They are doing what Carlson does on Fox,but MSNBC makes sense.
Again- Trump is trying to strip Democracy down to his rule. That will not be a Democracy. At all.

1. Trump ask for Kelly to take a bow. He did not. 2. Trump does Lenny Bruce.

Notice? He said  "Where's John?,c'mon out".  He didn't.

That whole speech was like when Bruce was losing his mind and his act became just reading his court papers to the audience. Bruce was obsessed by it.  Trump is the same about the media and Obama.
Bruce died soon after.

Interesting science trivia.

They found a fish that existed 500 million years ago. It gave live birth as one fossil was so well preserved it had an umbilical cord. The first ancient life form found with one.

In the cosmos? Well it looks like our perception of the universe is way off. If we could see it would be a tube. Your life would be a string of atoms that formed in a river stretched out on the flat Universe ( a mere slice of an infinite Universe) and then blended back in as you dissipate. From nothing to nothing.

The electron? Why are they- like all particles- perfect? You never hear a scientist say they found a flawed fat or skinny electron. All exactly perfectly the same. The answer? Because there is only one,  and that is the size of the universe. Other particles simply pass through it giving the impression of trillions..or more. Our Universe could be the fundamental particle of a larger Universe.

Finally. If you took the scale of the smallest size we can find in theory-Plank scale,and compare that to the size of the Universe as we know it, The average middle size is the same as a human cell. So,more of why we are and what size we are on that scale.

Tuesday, August 22, 2017

I'm starting to hate shopping.

Its always something..something in the store, or something in the parking lot or something on the drive.
Its never just get the minimum of what you,its more here and more there, and then what was just a loaf of bread and cat food becomes $120. 

I think half the loan I got for home repairs went into the Supermarkets cashbox. Feels like that.

Trump running for e-election,7 months into office. Thats getting things done huh?

President Jack Ass- keeping Secret Security busy no doubt reading all the hate- is now going into AriMexico and going to rip all the brown people. Oh,he's going to be popular now!

Sunday, August 20, 2017

Every street lined with cars...

I was in a small neighborhood yesterday in a cul de sac. I could hardly see the homes. Cars were parked nearly bumper to bumper all the way around.  Same for me..I better take a picture of my yard on the rare days a car isn't parked in front. Usually many cars.
I have lived long enough to remember...the bay area wasn't like that and you had to go to downtown for that. Everyplace is becoming downtown.
Yep,if I ever move?  Traffic.

Jerry Lewis hilarious except when he wasnt being funny.

Seen all his movies- are you kidding me? Ch2 or 36 or 44,all weekends had Lewis movies in the morning or afternoon in the 60's and 70's.
I guess the problem was when he gave interviews,he didn't have a humble bone in his body. He was another who appreciated his greatness long before you could compliment him on it. I really think he bought into the stereotype that if you make it,the way to prove it is too belittle people- ALL people. Old,old days.

Just the other day I was wondering about him. Hadn't heard a thing about him lately. Oh,yeah- now I remember. I was wondering if his son had written "This Diamond Ring"? Got me to wonder what Jerry had done to help the sons band. Loved that song as a kid in second grade.

Suddenly Nazi articles and photos of lynchings are all over the net. Thank you Donald Trump.

I was looking for something not political on Google images..and lower down I see a website with lynching photos. Gruesome. Yahoo news has a ton of links to Nazi this and that.

What he's undone in 7 months is near nightmare levels. What if Congress hadn't stopped him ? The higher courts?..he would have been power mad x 1,000 right now.

Friday, August 18, 2017

Go Your Own least its not a laxative commerical.

I had to rewind to see what the Fleetwood Mac imitators were pushing. I guessed some type of bowel relief..but it was for something serious.
I wonder how much more Fleetwood Mac would have wanted for EX LAX?

Thursday, August 17, 2017

Why you can't hate white people. They fight the bigoted white people best.

I learned- noticed even as a kid,that there are white people who genuinely get angry at other white people oppressing people of color from lynchings down to simple snubs at get togethers.
I use to listen to them,and they had better insight as to why racist white people have hate for people of color because some were raised hearing that hate. So,I listened. Conversely, A few times,I did have people that I met or were just acquaintances drop bigoted opinions on me forgetting that I was not white. What could I do? He or she seemed ok to me ..and I to them,to that point. Funny,how some were blinded to my color before eventually they got that "oop,I just woke up" look.
I guess in California you forget two things about the rest of the country: They get rain in summer,and 2. Some live where everybody looks like themselves. Or high percentage.

I told you... I never had a crowd "Only like me". Not in my younger life,not now. So,all this open bigotry from the an eye opener in a way.

Wednesday, August 16, 2017

Republicans trying top make Anti Fascism a dirty word!

How low can they go? For some reason fighting racism and fascism is now wrong! Yes,if they call you antifa or something like that- you are supposed to feel insulted!  Gee,What next from Republicans?  Savepeoplefromburningbuilding, is now a hate group?  Firemen!

Tuesday, August 15, 2017

Amazing how Republicans elected have so often been worst ever.

Nixon,Trump,Bushes.  Look at Paul Ryan,Mitch...Sessions.  The open bigot Stephen King in Idaho. It just goes on and on.  Every now and then a Demo gets caught at something..but never like the Repubs who do what they preach against.
They also never fight in wars..chickenhawks all.   Demos go to wars and hate war.
Look at Trumps cabinet...nobody who ever fought. Nobody who believes in global warming or evolution. What Demo doesn't believe in those?
Decade after decade Repubs blame the poorest of the poor as the reason for all the ills of the middle class..pitting have nothings with have somethings..while the 3% at the top who have all, laugh. Works every time pitting them two.
No matter how little Republicans promise..and they deliver on that promise of giving nothing to society...they get votes.

America is far more bigoted than I ever thought.

Monday, August 14, 2017

Trump hated to make that speech. What followed was the real him, "Fake News"..bullshit.

What more can be said about this guy who pouts and displays no understanding of the world outside his own? Hmm?  He's dangerous. Worry.

Saturday, August 12, 2017

Trump parses words on whats accepted and not on bigotry.

He never said Nazi,racist. Nationalism.  Not a bad word for them. Or Putin.

If PBS weekend shows are their idea of a great use of programming,I would hate to see a bad idea of theirs..

Junk and schlock. 9,10,17,22 all the local PBS shows and cable channels.   PBS couldn't put together a lefty live news show on something breaking,if their lives depended on it.
I don't know what the Public part even stands for anymore.

Oh,and how cowardly that they would not call themselves the People's Broadcasting System?  Or because they aren't for the People?

People just call him Trump..or Asshole Trump or Fucking idiot Trump.. or..

Notice nobody you know calls him president?  Its like he's not even capable of getting respect for the word. Even on political shows..some stick to Trump and nothing else.
No wonder his Obama jealousy is eating him up.

Friday, August 11, 2017

MSNBC mum on Chris Matthews absence.

No "He's on vacation"..or he will be back Monday.  The guy snuck up on me and got old. Do you know he's 71 now? Has Diabetes.
I remember when he came out of nowhere to be the NBC star. I didnt think it was that long ago. Huh.

Thursday, August 10, 2017

Just think..if some devious country fired a rocket at NK...that could trigger a war.

Say some middle eastern terrorists sneak some shoulder missile into South Korea...then one night fired off a couple of rockets at North Korea artillery near the border.
My next book's plot.

Trump confident he covered his tracks..

Teams of lawyers have been at it..and I'm sure they have told Trump "Nothing on you now".  Hmm. We will find out.

Movie: Our Idiot Brother.

You would think any pairing of Elizabeth Banks and Zooey Deschanel would be devastatingly sexy.
Instead,Banks wears a bad wig of dark hair and Descanel plays a lesbian's wife.  The slight flashes of those two being sexy were interrupted by 90 minutes or so of just the usual lovable slacker hipster types with Paul Rudd.
I feel cheated. Not a single scene of slow moving camera following long legs of the duo who play sisters. No nudity...but they carry enough with clothes on to get the job done. But,nothing in this movie even of that.
Zooey Deschanel has a great voice..she's not the eternal college girl voice like many Hollywood actresses are...or maybe High School. Nope,she's all woman.
I wish I was director of this movie..every single man would have been getting the warm fuzzys like when you find the perfect one.

We cant take 3 and half years of this.

I wouldn't put it past Trump to be plotting a Zombie apocalypse to hang on to power. He's actually floating suspending the 2020 election due to what he calls "Disputed voters"..his own fake cause now used to take over Democracy.
If you haven't heard about it- google like mad.

Trump...chief idiot in charge. Republicans will end America making it great...

You Republicans got what you talk,just bullets.
Everyday now I'm reminded how bigoted the red voters are. 

You are on your own. Trump a nowhere man in his nowhere land.

You would think,if he was ever going to reassure the American people with a press conference it would be after North Korea threatens to nuke Guam and or the west coast.
He's nowhere.

Wednesday, August 9, 2017

Trump dreams of regular use of nuclear bombs.

Bet on it...drop them on Afghanistan,Iran,Iraq...some pipsqueak country gets in his way? Bombs away. Then he thinks,"The crowds will cheer"

Tuesday, August 8, 2017

Remember, a burning North Korea will create a type of nuclear winter. No summer for two years?

One problem with nuking them is..its also going to hit the USA if only for freakishly cold summers or winters.
Donald Trump in time of crises. You goddamn Republicans.
Neutron Bombs? Yes many the length of the demilitarized zone is going to create wildfires.
Nothing good is going to happen. Donald Trump..fucking Trump. Russians and bigoted Republicans gave us him.

Obama plays.

Lets say his legacy wont praise his silence. Its been his worst trait.

Today's musical interlude...

 Have a nice day. Maybe your final one.

Lets pretend NK wont fire its missiles. Like Pakistan or China or Russia. .America really fucked up in Trump.

Remember when the PTL scandal broke? When Jim Bakker was sentenced to prison he rolled up into a fetal position and cried in a corner - true story.  I see Donald Trump doing the same damn thing every day when he hears about North Korea and Mueller's investigation.
Those xenophobes in mid American sure set us up for Armageddon. Ironic since NK is very xeno.

Sunday, August 6, 2017

MSNBC is getting meaner.

I like it!  Why would I want to watch a network just report that Trump is walking over Democracy?  Fox is last because that's what they do.

Who predicted- told you- Trump would be a recluse President? Me,that's who.

He hasn't had a presscon in 6 months. No American media is allowed to get AMERICANS who want to shout in protest are ever allowed for miles. Other then his cookie cutter campaign rally's..he's not to be seen or heard talking.
You cant get any more recluse for a President..but he might!

Saturday, August 5, 2017

Vlad Putin's daughter more beautiful then Ivanka..and a med student.

NO wonder he's got no time to pamper Trump..Vlad does manly things like hunt and fish,and Trump does things like golf and go to society dinners and beauty pageants.
Putin has the smarter, better looking daughter. I can see why Vlad would think he's numero uno honcho when those two get together.
Vladimir might have calluses...Trump? soft girly hands.

Are you getting lots of phone calls from the WH? I am.

What a catchy #number initials. Or WHC. White House Center?..all day. I never answer. If its Trump? There would only be cuss words out of me. Go all Tourette on his ass...

Friday, August 4, 2017

Mark Carpenter actually does a sportscast without shoulder hunching laughing.

Or giggling or guffawing.  That might be a rare thing at KRON. 

Proof my life is part of a Universal script. Death and hard boiled egg.

See,I read on the internet that a his 40's who I supposed was famous and had a reputation for good music? He choked to death on a hard boiled egg.
C'mon, that is sooooo phony Universe. You can't fool me that somebody in his 40's that  achieved so much dies in a hospital of all places,choking on an egg-lol.  Yeah,,that kind of thing proves its all an illusion. Some bad script writer who's writing my life wanted me to see that.
Nobody dies eating a hard boiled egg. 

Chris Mathews ill? Man,he coughs and chokes a lot..seems thinner.

I wonder whats going on with that old guard? This thing he's aging into- a thinner Tip O Neil- seems to be taking a toll on the guy.

Well,that's interesting- Nichole Wallace has the fastest and best comebacks.

She gets it. She gets the point and goes right to it. I like this rougher tougher MSNBC. They better be since if Trump got his way, all media will be American RT. Cut it loose and fight hard MSNBC. Democracy is at stake.

Wednesday, August 2, 2017

Laura Garcia tweets me. Take that.

It was inferred by some scrub that Laura would worry about me. Perish the thought. Great photo of her on 415...

WH wants only "highly skilled"? Since when hasn't this country taken them?

Plus- what highly skilled person is going to bath and feed the old invalids? Who is going pick the produce in the field all year? Not in the family garden on a fun weekend..but WORK in 100 degree heat all day?
Its so common knowledge this country is getting old. We need the Mexicans and Philippines and from India to Samoa and beyond to prop up those who will fall.

Bloomberg news editor- Blonde dynamite. Megan Murphy.

Like you might think,I watch a lot of cable news. Now.  I am not alone as the adds for all manner of medications for older people also are constant. BUT!..As I wrote before,needs repeating. WHY are so many female political writers in head positions ( ehem) beautiful?  I mean if it wasn't for Barbara Starr who looks like my late Aunts did..a regular woman..I would think you have to have Hollywood good looks to be a political woman writer.
For men,I dont see that standard. At all. Nada.Niet. uh-uh.

I don't hate them because they are beautiful..I don't even have an iota of resentment-lol..Its just a wonder.

Monday, July 31, 2017

Radnich says "He doesnt live in a fantasy world"...Huh? Funk Soul Brother no.1?

With his sauna,and overkill "look at me " car?  And wearing makeup?...or, how about its so real to laugh and giggle from 7am to midnight? Whats not real life about all of that?

btw- He was tearing somebody's dream down when he said that. What made it even more crazy.

Friday, July 28, 2017

Radnich says he "reinvents himself every ten years" in a sarcastic way. Only,he does.

I mean like many of his personality and ego..he can do what the market wants. If he makes a mistake- that is something he does might cost him financially or his job..suddenly, he's cured.
Most of what you don't like is still there simmering and ready to come when he rips Pam Moore faster then his filter can kick in.

John McCain wins. I take it back.

I hate when I lose.
He saved more lives with one vote then all the armed forces did in Vietnam.

Thursday, July 27, 2017

Stan Predicts?=The end of Democracy.

Trump fires Sessions,Fires Mueller,fires Rosenstein,  THEN ,he declares martial law until the end of his term. A ruler of all he see's,Trump has minions now appointed to destroy all evidence of Russian collusion from the FBI,CIA and et al..the rest.
I think this all can be done.

Feeling like a negative nabob of negativity..

Trump is bringing me down,man. Its a real downer to see after 8 years of classy Obama,the man who represents my ideal Republican living up to my ideal ideas of all of em.
Woo- good thing its summer. Imagine this in the cold and rains? eesh.

Trump meets with Evangelicals...bad-boom,he's anti everybody.

Not a coincidence.

Wednesday, July 26, 2017

Mueller needs to look at Trumps medical records. Med's and Psychology.

What he might find is frightening. Anybody who has the Doctor he does,could be a person taking certain medications that tell something Trump hides.

Trump- corner me and I go far right by the day.

Why would transgender even be on his mind? Go back to his meeting with evangelicals..types that have not served our culture or society well. More of a cult that wants to go back to the dark ages. That group loves Trump.
Trump in 6 months has turned right and seems to be slumming in it. He's now seeking out right wing ideology he can invoke like he's King Trump.
No surprise to me. He's a dishonest person. I knew that all along.

Tuesday, July 25, 2017

Nancy Sinatra re tweets me.

Before the vote she like others wondered what McCain would do?   The answer is, He voted to give life to a bill he then made a passionate speech about a bill he would not support.
SO I tweeted "And then he voted to give it life. Go figure"  Nancy Sinatra I assume agreed.

Think about it..John McCain was lionized for the speech about his distaste for a bill that will strip 32 million American off of all health insurance and no doubt create a huge gray area of poor quality insurance like the old days- you found out it wasn't worth a damn when you had a heart attack or had cancer. Insurance company's after years of payments canceled you!..canceled your life. McCain had the power in his hand- one single vote to kill that bill off. Then he voted for it.
Goddamn John McCain.

John McCain give Dem speach,then votes pure right wing Republican.

That's his act. His "voice of reason". Yet,he has a lifetime of voting right,not left or even center.
I guess it lifts the guilt.

Republicans become Mr.Rogers when Trump is the subject.

Again,on Trump swearing and other crazy things he said to the Boy Scouts?  Just a giggle and he's so cute..was all the Republicans could muster.

Monday, July 24, 2017

Kushner: I am all open and transparent. Kushner: Lets negotiate on my telling the truth, preferably in private"...!

He reads his script today on how transparent he is,after answering questions he needed to negotiate terms of,whoo-za.Oh boy.
I didn't hear one single news voice bring up the hypocrisy.

The problem with Jerod and Donny and even Paul and the young Mitch is...They needed to have had somebody just kick their ass when they invoke their smarmy attitudes in class or recess. An attitude adjustment for all of them.  NO wonder the elder Trump avoided the draft.

MSNBC,listens to me.boom- they go to no.1

I said "Get tougher on the Trumpers,and dump Greta.Keep Laurence.  I posted all that,tweeted all that..and MSNBC has ridden that to the top.
I tell you  I like the bald guy and Ruhl in the morning. THEY turn up the flame. The bald guy today came so close when hearing the Repub politician with the Mr. Rogers tone as he described the Trump white house.... with a big slap to his forehead and loud comeback with "DO you think I'm fucking Stupid?!?
The Repubs all do  Mr.Rogers as they try to pass bills that cause hardship for Americans that are something like Asian death camps and Nazi Holocaust centers put together. Enjoy yer cup of rice a day - the Republicans love you.

Does North Korea have an A bomb already here in the USA?

How do we know they dont have a boat or two..floating off the coast looking like a trawler that instead has a land Nuke 20 miles from Downtown L.A.? OR ..shudder,in SF bay?
How do we know the USA hasn't been told by NK,that they will detonate that bomb if we as much as find it?
More and more it looks like the Generals "We can defend against North Korea"is in reality not a defense,just a massive retaliation. One you hope happens as you die of NK fallout.

Samuel Jackson needs somebody to tell him "NO". He's killing Al Green's legacy!

That credit car commercial where he croaks Al Green's Lets stay together?..had to have been his idea. Maybe he twisted their arms because there is no reason for that horrid rendition to see the light of day.
Sam is a good liberal..but his ego runs amok. He once said he could beat Tiger Woods at golf. He was serious. THAT was said when Woods was still great. So,make it doubly nutty and vain.
Some people take fame and fortune gracefully,and other use it to bash everybody with proof of their born betterness then thou. Like the President.

Beach Boys songs for beachy weather..

This might be my fav BB song.
I knew a beauty named Rhonda . Getting old sucks so bad I couldn't tell you.

Here,have a whiskey. Make it a double shot..

When you thought all girls were going to be like this. u-know,Perfect.

Sunday, July 23, 2017

Trump ties to mobsters coming back to haunt him.

Remember I told you that when I watch the crime channel ID that I've seen about 3 separate episodes where murderers and con artists or both..had friendships with Donald Trump? Back to the 80's at least and that I said Trump KNEW these people were up to no good..but they made money. Good enough for DJT.
I heard a report today that Mueller is now looking into Trump business deals as far back as the 1980's. With mobsters.
You read it here first did you not?!

Friday, July 21, 2017

Slick is the new WH communications director.

He's the new guy in charge of lies.  He's just warming ujp as I type and I'm sure his insults to the media wont be many days away. "They" are against us is rampant in Trump's appointments.
New people take the vow the inauguration crowd was largest ever. From that you normal people have to decipher what the real meaning in whatever the subject is. Good luck.

Thursday, July 20, 2017

I wish OJ Simpson would just die already. Sick of his punk ass fake sincerity.

"I've always avoided conflict" THAT BULLSHIT should have got him another two years.
The man is convinced he's a great actor while that stupid mug of his grins. OJ Simpson is a sociopath and he feels about as much guilt about what he's done as you do about killing bugs with a can of Raid.
The media should make him an outcast..god,cant we even do that for celebrity's who kill?
It never turns out guys like him get a stalker. No,OJ will laugh and boast that he can do whatever he wants. He will do that...those types must laugh at society. Bastard.

Wednesday, July 19, 2017

Prankster brings out the inner fool of FOX news Jesse Watters.

Not only did the 18 year old pretend to be an anarchist..but got Watters to ask if a police horse was racist?  The kid answered "Yes,it is a tool of the police, a Trump supporter and intolerant".  LOL, a racially intolerant horse..hee-hee-hee.
Fox doing all it can to pretend Russia doesn't exist. Or that the obvious- Trump is a traitor- is something nobody thinks.
An intolerant racist

Trump JR. accepted information gained by espionage. So,why hasn't he been arrested?

It couldn't been more prima facia. He admitted it. Info from a hostile adversary. He should be posting bail right now.

Tuesday, July 18, 2017

I thought I had belly button cancer..

It started to be itchy. So,I was no pitcher,just a belly button itcher. After awhile it got more intense..I found myself scratching even with a shirt on. The other day- I noticed i had a small patch of darkened skin near the b.b. Felt a bit rough.
I think it goes back to when I was laying down watching TV and the cat was sleeping on top of me..he's a big cat too. He started to slide off me and since I was already on the edge of the mattress..he felt himself about to fall off the whole bed- that cat then grabbed on to me with full claw. Ouch.
I guess that was the cause of the irritation.
Dogs never do that. But,what can I do?..he's a pet. He still looks forward everyday to "TV hour" or so. His routine is too eat,sleep on me,eat some more..and he loves ice water. I have to put a cup on the end table..he loves the ice in it. Like father like cat,I love my ice maker refridge.
Damn animals..they give so much and ask for so little. Ice water. Cracks me up!

Sunday, July 16, 2017

Eric Swallwell...tweets all day baby pictures.

At first,no big deal. But I had unfollow the guy because,its nothing but woman fawning over his babay photos all day!..C'mon Eric,you are not the first person to have a kid,and- it might not be the most perfect baby ever created. With all that needs to be done and said..a Congressman trolls for baby compliments.
I like babays. But he should do a mommy blog and use that for "Here's the baby looking left" "Here he is a minute later looking forward"..all day long.

MTV must read obscure song now in regular rotation.

In April I posted about "Stuck on You " by  Failure..a one hit wonder. Next thing I know,its now in at least 3 MTV classics since then. What a coincidence?

Hard to be too critical of local media..most are about the same.

Why I sort of let up on that. Other then the hair and shoes..most of them are pretty much equal. After all theses years I still don't know how those News Directors decide that one reporter should go and another they know nothing about has to be hired. Me? I would be the good Arron Perro . That is- you have job for life..just don't be an obvious idiot like Radnich who I would fire in an instant. Sure,Gary is an icon. For everything a sportscaster shouldn't be. Pam Moore would be gone. No enablers on air.
Otherwise,at 2? I would give the heave ho to Claudine Wong. She's not a people person and her interviews are as flat as can be..she's not the type to have fun. Ask her to do a story on a water hole that's fun for jumping in? And she shows up all bundled in cloths she cleans her house in..never puts her toe in the water. But KTVU thinks she's a star- so what do I know? More power to her. I guess.
Hard to name others that I get a negative vibe from .  KGO's Laura Anthony? barrel of monkeys. Leslie Brinkly has a high opinion of herself. So does the Castro woman.
They get the job done all in vanilla.
The Male reporters? Super Vanilla...not many to name that stand out in a bad way...who terrible? JR Stone..again,he's a darling with management. So,I must be missing something on him huh?
Tom Vacar hates what he does. Or is that just the impression he laser beams out? lol. Again..hey, he's got the job. He's got a law degree. So fuck you
I hardly watch KPIX. So ..bland its like painting your room in matte eggshell white.

Hey I wonder if Britt Shipp ever thought of a breast reduction instead of those bindings she has to do to flatten herself for family news viewing? Its like watching a shy person try to blend in with the wall. Too much of a good thing...
Yeah,running out of today's observations. One day..back at it again.

Lieberman not posting my comments.

Its why you don't see them. Christ,that guy is like a woman. Throws his tantrums over anything I say that's true.
He likes to post twisty insults at what I say with commenters taking a low shot..and when I come back with truth?..Lieberman wont post that. A little dirty poo I would say on his part.
But then he's the guy who loves to boost the racist Mike Savage who is popular with the far right crowd. Lieberman doesn't exactly hide that he and Savage having the same culture is a big reason "He looks past Savage politics"..yeah right,look past his reason to exist-lol.
I'm the most honest person in the media in what I say. That's what scares them. ALL of them.

One last. Lieberman is another who thinks minority means only black. He cant see past that. I sure can...

Not one media person has the guts to tell Ryan or Mitchell,"You only want to repeal what a black man did"

Not one has the guts to say what most if not all Democrats know- the Republican party's whole drive is to take down what a Black President has done. Even as Trump goes down a list of executive actions solely aimed at undoing what the black president before him had done.
It cant be more obvious.

Saturday, July 15, 2017

FOX news pure adultry. They cheat the country every chance they get.

I watch them every now and then. Hannity and Carlson are in right wing fantasy land. Carlson now see's himself as a great debater who fills his interviews with nonsensical putdowns inserted at every chance he can get. He also heavily edits his interviews to keep out moments where he's nailed between the eyes. I imagine what would they sound like unedited? Tucker cant keep up.

Hannity with his speech impediment? No wonder his anger. He must have been made fun off all his life. Now,he returns no mercy-lol. He just takes whatever recent law Trump broke and calls it a fantasy. I notice he tries to get mileage out of "liberals"..only nowadays liberal is making a huge comeback. Its not a dirty word in mid America..not when Trump's policy's dump people on their asses.
Hannity is just straight out ideologue. Not a hint of truth matters to him. He creates a running story and pushes it like its the real truth. Cats eat that. He's so dishonest,I bet he cheats on everything..taxes,relationships-woman or men. You never know with him is the vibe.
Rupert Murdoch is here to push making money. Nothing else matters. Its what screws up the world.

Tim Kawakami leaving the Merc.

I never did like the guy. He hinted at being a truth teller...then bent over backwards for a decade because of his man crush on Billy Beane.
He's just not likeable.

Why hasnt Donald Jr. been arrested?

If it was you or me..we would be in jail. Guilty until proven innocent. This traitor goes on TV,lies and lies more. Law enforcement does nothing. Jeff Sessions says nothing. Treason as clear as can be. Yet,not only has he not been arrested- not the Senate or Congress has made a move to subpoena the traitor.
In fact, not a single subpoena has been issued to anybody in the Trump crime syndicate. There were dozens over Benghazi,Hillary was grilled over and over.
Republicans prove I've been right about them.

Friday, July 14, 2017

Is Gary Radnich still alive? his BASHOF push in full fake modesty.

I tell ya- when he decided to be a shock sports jock 10 years ago? Was not a great idea. Nobody hated him until then.
He learned his lesson on the family thing too. If your say- Andy Williams and beloved? You put your  kids and family on TV. IF your Gary the asshole Radnich? Not a good idea for the kids who will take the brunt of it. "

How stupid can he be to not have seen that?

 "I root for the Dodgers and Joe Montana is 4 or 5th best Qb"..Now look at my wife!". Jeez,what an idiot.

Trump fears firing ANYBODY now!..what will they say?

Spicer- Bannon-Miller..all of them. Donald Trump isn't making new friends and fears- FEARS- what those who had been close would say if he fired them.
Spicer is collecting gov welfare and getting free trips now. No more slighted at the Vatican!

Goddamn fucking Trump wants to destroy medicaid and O-care because Obama's name is on it. POS, that Trump is.

It should be said by every commentator...this isn't a bill to help people..its an excuse for the fucking Trump family to destroy the Obama legacy no matter how many people it kills. It more of Trump's obsessive envy of the former presidents popularity. It might even be as insanely petty as revenge for jokes at a White House dinner,that Trump should NEVER have been invited to. Asshole Trump.

Here he is about to be indicted..and the GOP is backing him 100% on that mass murder "health bill" that12 wealthy White guys in the Republican party have put together.
Just fuck the Trump family. Jail them.The media needs to hound them to hell.

Thursday, July 13, 2017

I can't live on Super Model food.

I was offered a cup of those little healthy Yogurts. It was very tasty. Only, I could have eaten 25 or 30 before I felt filled.  I mean,woman must pay for the packaging..because whats in those female oriented cup of Yogurts is ridiculously small amounts of food for the price. The calories in them is what you would get in a WW2 Japanese death camp. With dirty water.
But Super Models all have long lifespans. Me? I'm outta here in much less no doubt. Pass the donuts...

Radnich and old age setting in...bloopers daily.

"Joe Lacob's team is worth 2.6 billion dollars,when six years ago he paid four hundred thousand for it". Of course he should have said 400 MILLION.
That's pretty much what he does every day now. The Giants are playing the Sixers,or he cant get the score or inning right...the day off's of teams . Something. You could play a drinking game by his bloopers.

Tuesday, July 11, 2017

Would Trump let his son take the blame? Of course he would..

What is doing now? Nothing. Nothing at all. Donald Trump is a selfish greedy bastard. He would let his grandkids take the blame. NO problem.

The fall of Tiger Woods easier to understand now..

I knew his steroid taking was the cause of his various back problems..its a fact Tiger when he was on top of his game,started doing the roids to get a build on himself. Why? who knows really. It could have been he wanted to believe it was his "looks" that got him the beauty's and not money and fame.
But now reading that he 's been on painkillers too for years? wonder. He could never be a great golfer with those. Dulled reflexes don't make for a great game.
I would bet the drop off of his game goes to the day he started with the pills.

Monday, July 10, 2017

Meeting with our adversary Russia to hurt a candidate..and Trump people are fine with that.

Trump could say he's a puppet for Putin and those morons for Trump will still cheer Donny.

Our first TRAITOR President. Did you ever think it was even possible? I didn't.

I tell you one more thing..I don't believe for a second that all those blue states that just in the nick of time went for Trump? That it wasn't caused by vote changing by Putin. Its not believable they hacked into vote machines..and did nothing?
I predict: One day it will come out. Votes were changed somewhere in the electronic line of vote counting.

Sunday, July 9, 2017

Today's weather should be all year..

THIS is what people move to Hawaiian,Mexican, mountain valleys for...that whole 82 high and 60 low. Just perfect comfortable. Not hot...nights are cool sleeping weather. You just sit in a rocking chair..lounge around,Water the yard. Drift away..

Amy G. made for warm Giant day games...

She's as close to a goddess as they come.  At least with day games,we see her without the required parka of night games at the frozen ATT.
Really,they should give her much more camera time in day games. Its not like the Giants keep fans in suspense now a days -right?

Trump trying to divide the country- so Putin can conquer it.

Everyday..he's pushing our Democracy closer to a brink. I see an ages old plan here that allows Trump to make more money then ever.

Saturday, July 8, 2017

KRON' Steve Aveson tweets "Men of Means founded our country"..! Republican.

Yep,I guess it was those who had time to be hi fallutin and not work themselves to the bone that made this country.
Even now,Donald Trump has never gotten his hands dirty. Plus he's a 5 time deferment coward at war.

WHAT if black man Obama had been helped and colluded with Russians? AND had financial dealings with Putin?

Our biggest enemy..puts a black man in the White House?  Republicans- who turn traitor at the wave of a dollar bill or ruble,would have impeached Obama before his first Easter egg hunt.

The most negative thought ever written to be read...right here...

God has never been proven to exist by science. Poop has been proven to exist by science.

Go ahead,steal it I don't mind. Add it to your daily thought routine.
Somebody said I was a deep I wanted to add to my legacy.

Friday, July 7, 2017

omg. Ari Melber of MSNBC does Radnich imitation.

Twice lately,Melber in a serious interview has dropped in quotes of rappers. Today he did "Li'l Somebody". Just dropped it in on an "end of the world and Trump", talks.
Ah,Christ,I hope its not a running tactic with him.

Why would Rex rush Trump?

To get the meeting over? Rex had a hot date? No,I think Trump was revealing things about America's self defense programs,people...something that was making Rex very uncomfortable. You watch- Trump was as usual ignoring the country's benefit and helping Putin not get caught..and that helps Trump in his dreams of re election.

Thursday, July 6, 2017

How funny. KPFA is so far left- they ripped MSNBC and Rachel Maddow for perpetuating untruths..

I had to almost laugh when on something called Talking Points,The guest called MSNBC "The War Station"..not really clear why though. And he ripped liberals for "Their darling Rachel Maddow" who he said continued to say 17 Intell agencies say Russia hacked and meddled in the election when- a shockeroo- Trump was right- it was only the big three Intell,and the guest said they were( like Trump said) highly political. They even ripped former NI head James Clapper as somebody caught in a lie that MSNBC never brings up,when he swore the NSA was not collecting data on Americans in 2013. Only - they were as Wiki leaks exposed.
They did rip Trump..but I thought that MSNBC and Rachel Maddow getting hammered by a leftist is worth writing about.

Tall thin and beautiful....I knew something was up.

I see a group of woman standing outside of office buildings. The first thing that came to me was "Must be a training center"..sure enough,I look over and see there is a technical college there.
I know Hayward..and to see 10 out of 10 be like that? Its got to be achievers,and not the usual jeans,and tight top look,if not a hoodie,and well, body shamers could have a field day here. Its rare to see a pretty face and figure in a sundress here even in hot weather.

Not a single one of those woman had pink green,or blue hair.

I keep waiting for this city to turn a corner...housing is better,the looks of the city is much better then it used to be...But,its still has too many 2nd or 3rd generation family's full of probation punks.  With the added,"Stupid people enjoy doing stupid things" pat pen.trademark,by S.

A change in the air?..and its a bad odor.

I feel something.  Something about all around. Its more mean out there...more neighbors for example that act less like a family and more like a clan.
Trump did not start it..but he's without a doubt put a bad ...and angry chip on the shoulder to people who don't need an ounce more of chips. Sure,they had it..but now they flaunt it.
Yeah,I'm feeling defensive. I should,things are not fun out there. If you don't agree,its because so far it hasn't reached you. But,it will.

Tuesday, July 4, 2017

I forgot to BBQ..

I should have..forgot to buy all the stuff. The briquettes ( high leg kick!) the new bottle of BBQ sauce. KC Masterpiece is good..but I get tired of the same. Trader Joe's had a really good hot premium sauce I bought once..but I hardly ever go to shop at premium priced stores.
I did have potato salad and corn on the cob with some pork I fried up. Lots of white those are good fried. Never bitter.
Well,I did put out the old glory and washed down the eats with lemonade.  Pretty good 4th.

NK fires ICBM. OK,Why didnt we shoot it down?

I mean..Are you going to tell me that in seconds we were able to see it was not going to land in Japan?  Whats the point of having the anti missile system in SK or Japan if they don't use them?
I ask this question because the media hasn't. How did we even know it wasn't nuclear and on its way to Seattle?
or San Francisco?

Monday, July 3, 2017

Why hasnt the media pointed out "Fake News" was done by Trump supporters? The term named by the FBI.

Trump's usual- call me something and I turn around and call you the same but louder is at work here too. I wish national media every time Trump tweets the term "fake media" they remind viewers the whole term was what the FBI said is what Putin and Republican Party had done in support of Trump. So,for Trump to use it on American media is outrageous- yet- they NEVER call him down on it.

Sunday, July 2, 2017

Do you feel the giant downer pill Trump has given to the country?

 Everything said about the government is along the lines of hate or blackmail or extortion tactics. Just dark and dirty and pee on me. Black oil coats the Earth.

Compared to what had been all warm and fuzzy thoughts under Obama.  Koala bears were happy and the like.

My man Gary Radnich avoids mentioning Trump..even as Trump does all the things Radnich complained Obama didn't do as President. Like kick the poor. "No more handouts!"..yeah sure. Most powerful the world,what obligation could they possibly have for the poor and disabled?..figures Trump and Radnich.

Saturday, July 1, 2017

Prescription drugs have side effects "May not work for everybody" Over the counter drugs? Miraculous! cures EVERYBODY!

Just saw back to back drug commercials for prescribed and over the counter, and it was in my face the contrast was so great. Over the counter NEVER tell you side effects-lol. Even if they can kill you faster then what the Dr. gives you.

Trump the idiot- doesnt get TV people are PAID to talk about his faults. Its their job.

Like Kathy Griffin being dark humored,TV commentators are doing THEIR JOBS ripping Trump for his faults.
His job is to be Presidential. At that,he's failed miserably.

KRON and NEXSTAR fire their old "HR" director. One more Radnich enabler bites the dust.

When I read that they had fired her and what her position was-HR, It came to me she was one of the enablers that let Radnich drive so many other KRON people away with his bully tactics.
Remember it was Radnich who mocked that he could do what he wanted with "Does KRON have a HR?" many times. No wonder he could bully woman at KRON- and those woman had to tell themselves "He's just being funny calling me a whore" in when Radnich waved money at Moore for a strip act. He did that. Yep "He loves us" those abused woman had to say to keep their sanity and job.
NEXSTAR has gotten KRON to be more professional. They still have a ways to go,I can tell you that.

Friday, June 30, 2017

Stanley Roberts on vacation in Montana. He told me.

I'm not sure why 415 posted my correction,but not the post I sent that needed it. I can guess,but I wont go down that road...

Trump:High functioing and insane.

Maybe not totally nuts..but he's unstable. Nobody who gets elected President tweets about turning away a woman with a bloody face. What Trump is doing is all revenge..revenge on the critics,revenge on the fact Obama gets respect,while Trump is laughed at STILL..even as PUSA. Remember he hated Obama jabbing him 3 years ago at the White House correspondents dinner.
All he does is undo what Obama did. Insane behavior. He doesn't care what Obama did or what reason- Trump just wants to undo it.
Now? With the noose getting tighter around his neck from Mueller? I think he has visions of getting even with the 70% of America that hates him. No health care,a WW3 with Korea...either or whatever cause it is, I see Trump looking at the burning mess he created and thinking to himself "All I wanted was for you to love me".

Thursday, June 29, 2017

Trump tweets=proof he's cracking.

He's not reverting...reverting would be resigning as prez and going back to his little empire. So,these old style tweets that even he knows a President who wants respect would never do are more Trump cracking as Prez. One day he will just grab a pu**y in public and start to laugh. Get the net.

Republicans would back Hitler.

No matter how much Trump stomps on the dignity of the office...Republicans like parrots say "He has the right agenda".
There is your answer..crude,lewd and ignorant are fine quality's for a President if he's going to stick it to the (poor) man say Republicans.
Woman too.

Wednesday, June 28, 2017

Radnich zings his enemy Pam Moore.

Jerry Rice as a pro golfer was a joke was Radnich message on the former 49er great. Then,when talking about Steph Curry..Radnich went out of his way to bring up he was a told you so on Jerry Rice in 2010. He then inferred that people who want to watch Curry play golf in Hayward will be disappointed at Curry's golf that Pam Moore came back with reality "I think they just want to see him play as fans of his"  Radnich shot her the stink eye and told her "uhuh,See you there" in 100% jerk, no smiling, wiseguy talk.
That's Gary's World.

Everybody wants to go to Heaven,but nobody wants to ever die.

SO said a Republican Senator about the health care. I don't remember the guys name. Senator Toobadforyou?

Tuesday, June 27, 2017

Radnich,the typical 70 year old All american dad with an 8 year son.

I just thought how funny that he pushes that he's the standard when I never met anybody with a father even close to being as old as him with a grammar school child.
I'm sure at home,the kid watches his "standard" use his cane,moan at every move,sleep, and do all the things a 70 year old does. Farts when standing up. Not on purpose like a younger man...
Whats proud family man about that?
Ah-- He's our very own Donald Trump. He comes close to pointing out how hot his daughters are. Very close.