Tuesday, January 31, 2017

Trump administration will only change tactics..

I knew it..They are only learning how to better the propaganda,the intimidation,and my ears hear a lot of double-talk. Trump's Spicer is shameless at that. Even in friendly ground like with FOX's Hannity,he couldn't get his point across with out double-talk, blinking as he made up things along the way.
This is one crappy bunch of politicians...who are no better at business either. One reason Trump hides his taxes is..he's not fabulously wealthy..he owes plenty also without paying back. A few buildings with Trump in big letters..one of those buildings might as well be a Pyramid, as in scheme.

BETRAYAL! What does Trump think he is ? King? Emporer? Fuhrer?

Disobeyed,ignore an order,Does not agree with me. Betrayal?  That's a little scary thinking of somebody not a close friend.
Or you are King of North Korea where you did God2 wrong.
Nope,betrayal is so obvious a meaning. For TeamTrump to trot that out is either pure stupid or part of the propaganda machine. "Our leader loves us,and you love him"...Or else..

Again,Trump promises are not legal.

Every time a TeamTrump person says "The President is doing what he promised"..I wait for a single media person to stand up and say "What he promised isn't legal or Constitutional" With a " ! " or not.
That should be the first thing they pound into TeamTrump. Like taking Iraq oil sounds good- even to me- I know we are not pirates who loot. Team Trump say Ay Matee!

KRON's new owner to KRON anchors- wear real shoes.

I noticed that KRON's anchor aren't  wearing the flip flops like they had been. No blue tennis shoes by Lodes,white tennis shoes by Shipp and Radnich had real shoes on yesterday instead of the tan loafers with no socks on air that has been his usual look.
kron being professional.

Monday, January 30, 2017

People who love Trump..waiting for him to ok ethnic cleansing of America.

See,that's the ultimate hope for his supporters along with some politically deranged people of color who support him too.
IF Trump casually said its not really a crime to kill Muslims or say at least "drive them out" with harassment that proceeds like "We don't serve them, rent to them,sell cars to them." That's what will happen- fast.
I already had one Pleasanton white guy in a big truck say I was going to be sent back- then he took off like a bat out of hell before I could follow him.
It was exactly like the Indian Comic on SNL did his routine on. Ok,40% of America wants an all Caucasian America and if they ever got that? They would then shake out who's whiter then who..like that. I know people. Goodby dark Italians and Greeks..See?
Now whats scary is ..Trump over 4 years is fully capable of one day saying that. He might wake up one day and tired of leftist reporters tell them "America would be better off without people of color".."Except in sports and entertainment". Yeah,ship us in for that.

Gary Radnich rips Kate Scott a new one...

"She started out here all friendly like, then (his voice changing higher) she decided hmm,I could make my mark off this guy..."
So there you go. He says she's a phony user of people. Its what I read into it.

I myself don't get that feeling at all. Not then or now.

Trumps promises- who says they are legal?

He can make promises all he wants on a campaign. Doesn't mean they are legal or moral.

I'm waiting to hear one person say that.

Sunday, January 29, 2017

Svengali Bannon advising Trump on Dr. Stranglelove "We can survive mein fuhrer!"

Man,that old movie knew Trump would come along. I see Trump as Gen. Kong. He believes conspiracy like fluoride in water makes American men less vee-rile. It was long before the blue pill ya know.
Go ahead watch that movie..Trump and Bannon are in there. And Putin.

Legends of comedy...dead before me.

Watching the CNN commercial for the upcoming show and I bet 80% of who they showed is now long gone. I mean,all were in their prime or most famous when I was truly a young man. When you remember the stand up comic craze and HBO first coming into being,seeing the "Young comics" run through their lives..start,get famous,iconic,dead..and here I am still trudging along. Alive.
Robin Williams and Gary Shandling,gone. How long before Jay and Dave?- both looking plenty old and well past "College popular". They were back then.

All the previous generations are all gone.Still,What would the 70's have been without Red Foxx? He might as well have been 25 then. Lucy 21. She was just as popular in the 70's as the 50's.

Alan King back then did a funny bit of reading in a newspaper "Man 104,passes away...survived by wife 105" He would say wives always outlive their husbands. I tell you- to this day-that bit comes when oldest survivor of  the "1922 Sinking" dies...survived by his wife!..anyways, you get it.

Yeah,its hard to see the 70's and now the 80's die off- comedy and music.  Its still makes me laugh that Michael Jackson and Prince both died before me. I always read they were strict on their diet,exercised,never smoked..slept in hyperbolic chambers for Christs sake. I ate pizza and lots of cookies. lol. I don't get it.

I'm vetted. The cat is vetted too...

His is a veterinarian. So,this is the new word for what used to be a background check? Well,its progress.Anything that helps my crappy typing skills is an advancement for mankind. Hey,I wish I was Corvetted.
Is Eddie Vedder vetted? go check on that..

Stan watching MSNBC,CNN,and yes,FOX news like never before..

Cable ratings must be going through the roof. Trump has everybody on the hot seat to see whats going to happen next. What bad thing is going to happen next,I say in my Trump speak.

Trump makes a joke about WW3..oh boy..he's nuts. Madonna's joke was small potatoes.

You saw that tweet? How a PUSA brings up WW3 as a joke is scary. Its why- no kidding- a senator is trying to pass a law that would prevent Trump from starting a nuclear war on a whim. As he could do right now.
You better worry.

Saturday, January 28, 2017

KPFA has expert say "Trump is a man of limited vocabulary"

True..I thought like everybody else his "We had a very nice conversation" was playing it by the vest. Only- he talks like that all the time. "That's,very,very,good" Wha?? That's his best way of phrasing?
He cant say it any other way at any time. He sounded like an oaf compared to the British PM,who I'm sure earned her grades. Trump? oh man- his daddy had to have greased palms to keep Trump in Wharton.

The spirit of segregation is alive in Walnut Creek.

That's what it is. "We want schools made up of the best testing white kids to go to a super PUBLIC school so that the huge advantage they already have in life will become stupendously super-fluid"
Sort of a throw back to I dunno,1869? When black kids out of slave life lowered the test scores in Walnut Creek!?..lol.
Everything is a circle.
You know..there is such a thing as private schools. Hell,call it Asgard Aryanville if you want. Its your money...wink wink. What you do when Indian and Asians and Latins and blacks then pay to get in is the question mark huh?

Stan's secret hamburger recipe...

Lots of Garlic salt-Schilling and lots of black pepper.

What next? Interment camps? Like when America was great 1943?

Its the same thinking. Trump as I said..see's the difference when its a country HE DOES BUSINESS WITH LIKE SAUDI ARABIA..but those country's where he must not have any business with or investments..like Iraq or ...good old Mehico,he demonizes.
He's a nutty,habitual liar president...running the world.


BUREAUCRACY.  Tell me what else he's done? More border patrol,more Airline agents. ALL with high GOVERNMENT pay and great benefits!
He's a nut. An open liar.
His ban on lobbyists? That's for 8 years of former Obama people-lol. It runs out...when Trump people are out of office..what a scammer he is.

Friday, January 27, 2017

Trump all spend,edging us towards ANOTHER WAR...in Syria for oil. Expect bombing within 60 days.

So far,He's spend and tax. I see nothing to help you.  His ISIS plan? To bomb Syria's ISIS city stronghold. Troops going in? Maybe. To follow the rubble or at the same time..we will see.
One more..Trump has a blood lust to bomb. He's not going to sit for four years and talk to moderates..lol..not his way.

So far Donald Trump has bullied pregnant young woman,muslim and Mexican refugee's,and the Park Service. LOL. Big Man.

Russia? Gee willikers,lets not rush. Big Business? He hasn't said a word about them not good other then be "More American". He also has not made a move to close tax loopholes that he told Hillary  he is an expert at. Sorry to see the media not even bring that up. I do.

Trump and also British PM list all the "good countrys" of the world..all were white.

Of course the British PM being more educated then Trump listed Russia as "bad" in so many words.

I noticed yesterday the British PM sounds like 1492 when she described her country and the rest of the world as consisting of "Africa,Asia,the USA...And left out all of Latin America. Even today she was abrupt about America and Mexico. How did she put it ? "Whatever American feels about Mexico is their business" not an exact quote- but the gist and meaning for sure.

Remember Top Gears racist Mexico episode? Kind of like Aaron Kaufman's Border Patrol Hat..a sort of whole superiority of gear heads to Mexicans and Mexico. Even if Mexico is a world producer/assemblers of cars and FULL sized macho man trucks.

Mexico has real problems..but its sort of left out by the world. Hmm.

Thursday, January 26, 2017

Million Woman March unnerved Trump. He thinks woman adore him.

Why the fury he's shown? What an attack to his ego. I'm surprised nobody in the media hasn't felt this is like a lover scorned and embarrassed- so he's seeking out somebody to take his anger. Like Mexico and Muslims.
Trump has he said in the tape- I can do whatever I want with woman. The march was cold water.

I see it. The more WOMAN protest,the more WOMAN celebrities attack him,the more his machismo takes a beating.
Woman can undo him.

the Gary Radnich strange tale of he and the Bobby Riggs and his daughter.

Radnich was the one he admitted who lost a bet to Riggs on who could make the most free throws out of a 100,back in the 1980's. Only Riggs the showman used a football. So,to make it short the older con artist won over the younger one who said "I had to have my wife take money out of her account to pay Riggs the $250.
What got weird is...Radnich said he dated Riggs daughter after that twice.  So,was that while married? Or he got divorced 15 year later and gave her a call? He didn't explain that huge gap.
Family man played fast and loose with woman sounds like.

Why is not Saudi Arabia on Trumps ban list of Muslim country's? Guess.

Yep,They are a big part of Trumps investments. All the Muslim country's he does business with ..are not banned.
So,more of his being the largest illegal President in the USA's history...by his 6th day.

Trump lied about being told torture works. He flat out lied.

Every nerve of my body knows that his hesitation and then followed his own quote with his own exact wording of "Torture works" meant he was lying through his teeth.
Nobody higher up told him that. He has no qualms at being a habitual liar. Lied about the crowd "Largest OF ALL TIME!"..crazy.
I'm telling you..he is a lizard. Soon,he will send in troops and tanks...to San Francisco. Just a matter of time.

Wednesday, January 25, 2017

Protests like the 60's as we fight a president who wants to go back to the Dark Ages..

This is like old times. Medieval times.

Darwin,Trump,and science.

What I notice? People who believe in Trump and how he got to the top as "Survival of the fittest" also meaning for the end of social programs for those not excelling at life. Now,this is the irony- they will say "Survival of the fittest (or strongest)" as Darwin is often as quoted.  Yet- those same people deny and don't believe in evolution!
Go ahead- the next time your favorite right winger drops that..come back with "Oh,good I thought you were one of those crazy creationists!"

btw- Darwin actually said,"Survival of the best adapted".  As you can think..nothing in particular about strong or wealthy involved in that.

So far Trump has spent and wants to "borrow".Nothing about making money. Nothing saved.

Anybody notice this? Nothing he's done has helped taxpayers..other then for him to claim less taxes for big bizz is good for you!
Why did I have to live long enough to see American become the fascist state predicted in fictitious books and movies? Its really happening.

I wonder how many smiling Republicans are in reality sweating bullets?

SOME of them must see all this as madness. Who in their right mind thinks 3 million illegal Mexicans voted and nobody but Trump knows this?  Its like when he saw Muslims outside 9/11 cheering. Donald Trump is unbalanced.
One more thing- you notice he wants no penalty's for employers of illegals? Nothing,nada. The reason why they come here is because of them.
America is far more racist then I ever thought.

Trump to bring back smokestacks. Billowing black carcinogenic clouds over all of us..

He needs to be removed from office. When you - not me- elect a hyper ego maniac to the presidency where he can continue to never hear "no" as he seems not to his whole life,we are all at risk of this madman's whims and fantasy's.
Golden Showers is just the tip of an iceberg the size of the world.

You better try imagining what Chinese Nuclear bombs doing a 14.0 earthquake on us will feel like.

Trump makes econonomic War threat against Mexico.

That's what it is. Or,he's threatening to mug Mexico if they don't pay up. Its criminal.

He wants somebody to pay? Have Saudi Arabia pay for all our post 9/11 War costs.

Trump threatens to send troops to Chicago!..as I predicted.

In the morning I warned he one day will send troops in ...late last night he sent out a memo that he will send the feds to Chicago. He didnt mean tax collectors.
I know this guy. He is dangerous,cold and psychotically power hungry.

Tuesday, January 24, 2017

Trump retaliating for the million woman march! Madman!

I got this guy pegged. He is DANGEROUS.  He just might order troops to round up Mexicans..door to door.
What he's done is crazy..the gag rules on Gov. info websites..the threat to ERASE all Global Warming data from government is dictator thinking.
He's in charge of the world- and its gone to his head. He has absolute power and you know how much that corrupts.

Tweeted like I've never tweeted before..

Just coming to me like mana from heaven. For how long? Who knows?

Trump reminds me of Al Davis. When Al was 85.

Near out of his mind with "Jamahcuss will be great,deal with it"- Al.  "5 Million Illegal Mexicans voted for Hillary"-Trump.
Oh boy,his dementia might be at work. Even the personal Dr. of Trump seemed demented.

Monday, January 23, 2017

Media very easy on Trump. Nothing about taxes,walls.Illegal Russian relations.

Its not even a fight. Trump's people are smiling because the media takes alternative no's for an answer.
As always the libs have to pretend to want to be fair...as the right runs tanks over them.
I would think even the numbers of the crowds would have gotten at least one reporter to say that Trump's claims were beyond any reasonable persons. Nutty even. Now Trumps people changed it to include ( Guess some Trump genius minion won a gold star for this) iphones,Internet...when WE ALL KNOW HE MEANT ATTENDED IN PERSON.
I call him out. Not one single media member in that room would say that.

Sunday, January 22, 2017

Trumps isnt saying America first. He's saying Americans like himself first.

That's all he knows. His friends are everybody who's wealthy beyond comprehension. You know 8 people have more then the sum worth of half the people on Earth.
I did all I can to be against the guy. So,he's not after making me happy.

Saturday, January 21, 2017

Doesnt tweeting open up Trump to being drone bombed?

Seems like a hostile country with one in theory could... track him down by his Tweets and various ways it reveals GPS positions...then whamo! He outtahere.
How secure can the WH make a Tweet account that can be seen by Willie the Hobo?

wow- FOX news. So childishly pro Trump.

Did you hear Gavin Newsom's ex put down woman at the march for wearing pink hats and with their "Starbucks"?
Kimberley spends hours to look cute and 19...putting down woman?
This whole power grab is rocking the country and Trumps puffy lip so reminiscent of El Dulce Mussolini it's scary.
Plus he chopped a tax break for the middle class his first day. 4 years before he goes...

Aaron Kaufman of Gas Monkey Garage anti Mexican.

Get his ass off the show with his "Border Patrol" hat!. Oh,he WAS fired? Good! Fire his ass again!
What do you expect from a show in Texas that has a repair garage with NEVER a Mexican American employee?
Like I said Richard Rawlings the Trump of Hot Rods.

How funny,I just checked WIKI and they describe this show as "Trumpian" So obvious.

btw- you notice that show will "blur" any sign or emblem they don't want to endorse- product or person.
They wanted this to be seen.
Fuck Richard Rawlings and his drunken wife...let them both kiss their liver goodbye.

Friday, January 20, 2017

KRON the ONLY bay area TV channel to NOT Tweet about protests. Not one.

So there's yer biased news out of the closet. They played a hand so obvious.
Any station that has Radnich and Moore isn't going to tell you anything true about Trump.

Everybody with a good income is happy today. But,they soon will not be as the fuse igniter takes office..

Hey- I get it. Less taxes,no help for Willie the hobo and welfare. I keep what I make. That's the Republican motto more or less.
Only you get what you pay for including countries. Taxes that only pay those to protect the holdings of the wealthy like Police and Fire seem to be the only part of a government they support.
If big business sells you something dangerous? Why- your fault for being stupid to buy it and- as Repubs for free markets tell it- word of mouth will ruin business.
Sure. How many die in accidents of malfunctioning products? Repubs don't care. It wasn't them,all that matters. So much for getting word out there.

This is so bad of a President in power,its hard to fathom the Napoleanic complex he has is now running everything.
I might go to jail for this in 18 months. You too for reading it. He doesn't care if you agree or disagree. You read it.
Just watch.

Kruger dumps wasting his Sundays on loser 49er football. Quits pre and post game show.

The losing,the having to work with John Lund who seems as popular at KNBR as I am...too much for the Krugger.
Starkey did the same thing a few years ago..then watched as Harbaugh made them a real team again. But,Joe Starkey is now at peace as the 49er announcing is, announcing we lost again week after week.
Cal? Hey unpaid(mostly) kids..no big deal if they lose.

Sad day in American history.

Will he nuke North Korea? Iraq? Syria? Will he rubber stamp Palestinian's being smeared from the face of the Earth?
Big Bizz will grow no doubt. But,they always have...so under Chump what crumbs will we fight over?
A man who became president because he said he would kick all the Mexicans out.  Amazing how the media wants to to credit the blue collar and jobs. Obama had created the strongest economy in decades. Trump the chump got the racist vote and that's a plain fact.

Thursday, January 19, 2017

Radnich says "Pam Moore gets home at 3 am" After the bars close- get it?


 I think another hermale Pagliacci. Really.

How many big storys unveiled by Republican journalists? I bet 99% are from Liberals.

From Watergate and to right now,what good are Republican leaning media?  They never broke the Karen Silkwood story either. I mean real storys.  They wont and dont.
Locally,would a conservative have broken the Oakland Sex Worker? No. It was  Haazic Madyun who broke the story. I think,KRON isnt that big on giving the guy credit.
I'm betting he's not a conservative.

I don't get why a conservative would want to go into a field like that. Just to hob nob? Maybe. Some are happy at reporting dog storys..but digging into Wells Fargo?..never.

You can tell when there's protesting who's the conservative reporter. They are upset because protesters don't stay inline or say, mother may I?

I guess since money is the ultimate goal for a Republican,all points of view are from that.

Dan Ashley overjoyed about the inauguration. Larry Beil would make a great anchor all day,evening..

Dan see's this crowd as familiar.  THEY might show up at his cowboy music band performances.

Ashely seems to think the bay area is looking forward to this. Who here is celebrating?

When is the left going to take back local news?  Even the mass Democratic demographics of the bay area mean nothing...big bizz buys the News Stations...put in the status quo every chance they get.

Trump creates new cabinet position for Hispanics, The Office of Clean up ladys. And get to work. Now.

He has not hired a single..Latino,etc. You heard the stats,not equaled in the last 40 years,could not have been an accident..all that.
And yet- to tell you how hard some people of color want to belong to the dominant culture so bad..some defend Trump. One Latina elected official said it did not bother her because she knows "Donald Trump hired based on merit and qualifications"..that's what she said. So,no Latino's have any qualifications!
I did try to get an Indian Dr. who KRON tried to show as a person of color - Dr. Vanila Singh- who's pro trump to respond to tweets. She had nothing to say.

See,If Trump lowers taxes- some people of color couldn't care less who he sends back to India,Mexico or Africa,the Middle East. They have theirs.

What gets me- almost to every man and woman of Republican color "I worked hard for what I have and I don't want my money to go to social programs"

Guess what? In India,Mexico and Africa they get their wish. All parts of the world where the fat can step on the bony. So,they come here for America's advanced ....social programs that create opportunity,give a helping hand being we are the richest country in the world.
Then,they achieve...and want the rich eating the poor here type of government, to take over!

Radnich gets flat ...doesnt know how to change a tire.

Oh boy. What the hell did he learn at the ranch? Cant change a flat on his heap. That car I must remind you was voted by the British media as "Most unreliable make of Car"..and that's saying something since Jaguar is also in the running.
He must be running on cheap tires,and not the "never go flat" top of the line you would think he could afford.
Also- he doesn't have a SINGLE MALE friend to call to help? Not one handy buddy to fix a flat? It figures. No surprise to me..but maybe to you,so I bring it up.

He really is a Pagliacci Sportscaster.

Army/Navy Rangers/Seals and Osama Bin Laden and canoes.

I was listening to an interview on KPFA where the author who has studied those special forces says that he's seen photos of kills they have made along with comments and poses and claims that it is now a tradition to make a game of assassinating terrorists.
What they learned is that with the high powered rifle is - you aim at between the eyes and below the hairline...when the bullet hits that, it splits the human head in half..with brain being exposed. Its called "Canoeing" That's the goal and method used on Osama Bin Laden. Photos confirming the kill show his head split,brain matter flowing out of a "v" (canoe shape) along with a coup de grace bullet into his right eye.
Now,this author claims that he's seen that over and over on SF kills with those soldiers posing with smiles like a trophy animal kill.
Needless to say,the special forces have tried to keep any access to the "trophy kill" type pics from the public.
I just caught that end of the interview. So,check out KPFA if you have to read the book and look at photos that are of  graphic car wreck intensity.
I pass.

Yoga pants. Long may that stay in style.

I had two beauty's who seemed to enjoy I was noticing them.  One striking blond even sort of broke into a sashay walk with a smile.
The other in a parking lot. I was minding my own business when a very trim young african american beauty bent over  in an extreme way to put groceries in her car. I think I froze. I mean,those pants are like ..being nude. Young beautiful woman in the nude catch my eye.
Something wrong with me i guess.
So vote yes,for Yoga pants.

Wednesday, January 18, 2017

Lowell Cohn meets Gary and Larry.

They all played nice. Nothing about how "I really feel about you" was forthcoming. Hard to believe no Lowell Cohn to read every couple of days.
I'm getting older too...Only one BeeGee. Two Beatles,No Donna Summer,Prince even MJ. Gone forever.
This really is all some dream. How is it possible to know people all your life- like relatives- then one day you can never see them or hear them again?
 HD TV has been the only good side to getting older...wink.

Radnich has transfered being an ass from his radio show to mostly his TV gig.

He's not been the same ass he has been on radio...but after the lull post Heenan fiasco,he's cranking it up on KRON. Somebody convinced him- maybe himself- that people want a braggart who's wrong on almost all his political opinions about sports and life to spout off on TV.

Maybe Larry Kruger should get a Nobel Peace Prize. He's ended the who married who- hip hop-and pro right wing- talk about Asian anchors in a demeaning way...all that so far and of late.

Radnich now takes that shit to KRON where Pammy,Stevie,and Grantie grin and smile at it all.

Radnich trying to convince sponsors he still has clout. He needs the money for retirement..

That's what the slimy one is up to. Most people know KRON is low budget and that's why they break some ethics with "sponsored news" I mean the other channels know if your taking money from Chevy,yer not likely to start the newscast with a Chevy recall to save lives.

KRON,does not care. Radnich see's this as an opportunity for himself to make more money as his contracts take cuts every time they run  out. He lost the Comcast show,the 49 pre and post game show and after the Heenan fiasco,he nearly went insane about possibly losing his KRON job. He was wobbly for weeks.

So,Radnich wants corporations to know he not only has his palm open now "After 24 years of saying no- I say yes!"  he still has the crazy Gary clout.

Radnich thinks his doing a commercial is God sent to give you a message.

His ego is so fat...he makes it sound like its a PSA .  The more he does that? The more it tells you what world he thinks he lives in.

TrumpChump approval ratings at 33%. Lowest ever in modern history.

I'm going to guess that people who voted for him are waking up to the mistake in bed with them. Like they were so drunk pre election he looked GOOD...now they see he's old,wrinkly,half bald,and a liar.
He's not just  a horrible choice..he's serving scared to death Putin DOES have photos.
Trump on tape-remember?
That's something ethical...his choices?- he picked anti everything cabinet members. If they are Garbage collectors- he picks somebody who refuses to pick up garbage...like that all the way down the line.
Get used to festering poop.

Tuesday, January 17, 2017


She wasn't smiling when she read that statement on the kron newscast at 6:45. Read into that what you will.
"Nexstar is committed to serving news to the bay area"..more or less the exact quote.

Monday, January 16, 2017

Radnich did take a rip at Moore "It doesnt look good if you're black and work on MLK day"

He said that on KNBR this morning. On 50,000 watts about his dear friend Pammy Moore.
Of course she will take it. The abuse is never too much for her.

Steve Aveson clapping like a seal at the mention of Raddy doing some benefit sponsored by KRON.

He's got the "He's never stabbed ME in the back,and I've been here three weeks!" attitude. Steve Aveson ignores all the true history of Radnich. Its what Raddy can do for him NOW, is all that matters.
That's KRONS way. You have to go numb and dumb and accept Radnich as yer savior. Lodes and Pammy do it too.

Steve needs that job SO BAD,I truly think he would stab ME in the back...in a dark alley-lol. Uhuh,I know..hell,he might use a machete.

Pammy Moore on KRON works MLK day. Her only God is Radnich.

If KRON makes one change only...let it be her.

What if Terrorists had flown into a Nuclear Powerplant nearest a city?

Just think,thousands killed with in days,a million over time...and a New Jersey evacuated and unlivable for a thousand years.
One guy who can fly.

Why doesnt Radnich invite Rich Lieberman on to his show? Great for ratings...

If he can tell Tony LaRussa that he's a liar to his face- almost- then those two should duke it out for all to hear.
I would think its a "Bucket list wish" for the BOTH of them.   Radnich seems to fail at pretending 415 Media doesn't exist,right?   SO get to it. Rich lives in Frisco,Raddy lives in Frisco. Whats the problem?
The one guest he should have on for almost pure entertainment..he doesn't have.

ADDED: I will use my Stan sense to say - It should be done on a 4 times a year basis- yeah,that's right,4 times. To catch up on the old and new things,new people - those two butting heads.
Unless one of them is afraid...

Love grows where my Rosemary Orozco goes, na-na-na-na-na..doo ahhhhh

One of my very favorite songs as a kid.  It gets to the point.
I was looking at a list of 100 songs of 1970,and it had "Have a Nice Day" 70's icon year written all over it. Most of the top 100 are still played on classic rock radio. Free's "All Right Now" still the standard of college bands at halftime.
Getting older also means...you remember OLD songs and what yer world was about better then with newer songs. Funny how that works. People and conversations come flooding back from 1970 on those songs...but something "newer" like "Pinks Get the Party Started" is a few seconds worth of a joke to somebody I was seeing back then. She liked it.
BUT go waaay back? I remember walking home to school when somebody's transistor radio played Doo Wahh Diddy or Pretty Woman all the time. 1964 frozen in time. With my Flintstones lunchbox included.
So I Guess now its down to going over the old days since new days are more aggravation then fun. I think you really can out live fun.

Neighborhood fighting back vs the punks...

Now,we are getting together on the rodders. I was talking to a couple of local young guys. They tried some of what I do to "discourage" those punks. No details needed or language explained. What the rodders don't want to hear is a good guess.
I tell you...there is a subculture...the drive fast in a circle crowd that,makes the rest of those who look like them feel a hatred for.
I know those who live in Safeland dont really understand or laugh at how its almost like that Eastwood movie- Gran Torino. As fake as his movies can be,that was real enough.

Yeah,I can say things when I'm mad...but mostly its what I know the other guy doesn't want to hear- said as loud as I can-wink.
Stand my ground is also a rule.

Lowell Cohn retires. Another one marches on..

I  would post on Lowell's blog often,but I don't feel the same for anybody else's sports blog. Kawakami? Like rooting for Sushi. He's cold.  Purdy? Fluff,his goal is to never get upset about anything...MT2? Myopic, and fawning too much,too often.Curry is God,that kind of thing Others? eh.

I guess I am outgrowing sports hosts. The young ones- hey,good for the young if they are on the right track. But,I know they aren't talking to anybody in my age group.

Once Radnich is gone? I might work on planting more tomatoes...

The NFL Oakland Panthers?..you never know...

Maybe with the Coloseum,Oakland can poach a team from a tiny market until Oakland builds a new stadium OR the new team doesn't care about how old the Coloseum is as long as it has 56-65,000 seats.
Oakland Jaguars has a nice ring to it. Oakland Panthers??..wow. Huey loves the idea!

KRON's JR Stone a ...Republican.

Why would KRON let a boob like him anchor? Because like Pero,Radnich,Aveson,Lodes and honorary Repub, Pammy Moore...he's a Republican.
It also answer why he was drunk and disrespectful of Miss Universe when he interviewed her last year. That Repub chip on the shoulder towards people of color shown again.
Stone last night was upset that far right speakers were not allowed to air their hate at UC Davis.
So ,there it is.

Sunday, January 15, 2017

Melissa Caen,the hottie with a body....

Smart ,big doe eyes,what's not to like? I watched the John Burton bio she did and she's also a little coquettish. Phil Matier can't do that.
I bet she married an ugly guy- son of Herb Caen doesn't sound like son of Paul Newman..and when she's see's the good looking movers and shakers of the bay area at party's and what not...yeah,I could see she would have a little twinkle in her eye. Married,not dead.

Melanoma Chump. Illegal alien on expired work permit. Lesbian model. Republican values all...

Trumps Golden Showers,groping ...Republican voters only had to hear "Get rid of the Mexicans". I think racism is involved- right?

Prove me wrong..

The Trolls are down to "Stan is always right,know it all" to "He notices pretty woman".  That's the "wrong" with me. According to them.
I like puppies too.

Saturday, January 14, 2017

I dont get McDonalds pick 2 commercial. Its irritating me...

Its sort of surreal. For no reason a black guy goes falsetto..and somebody who looks like a 1950's Diner waitress sings high pitched off key "Pick two!"...then has some kind of post orgasm smile on her face while nodding.
Makes no sense. Especially since the black guy looks shocked that she just did what he did that made no sense.
Senseless commercial.

The Radnich according to me.

No,he's probably not a jerk 100% of the time. But what he says on TV/Radio is bad enough. I was reminded about his love for Sid Rosenberg and R.Kelly. For a man with black teen daughters to praise a racist- Rosenberg and a rapist- Kelley is weird. Its like that down the line with the guy. You read of his Trump is what this country needs..and then Radnich does his ages old trick of then saying "I would never give a dime to the guy". As you all know..I'm on to that play both sides when he pulls it.
Yes,he and his lawyers can monitor my blog all they want. What do I care?

I called Trumps woman problems.

You remember during the campaign I wrote on this blog "Just wait until Trump and woman storys come out".  Then later...the groping and all the rest came out..and now its golden showers. I knew a guy like him had to have a past. Multiple wives,and that ego? Its like Tiger Woods as President.

You read it all here first.

Gas Monkey Garage on fumes..soon to be cancelled.

As Kauffman leaves yet another of  "The Donald Trump of Hot Rods" closest loyal employee's walks away from Richard Rawlings.
Rawlings is the guy who every teen killed in an auto wreck had watched Rawlings instigate them to speed.
I hope the guy gets cancer. Lets see if he can flip cancer for a profit.

Friday, January 13, 2017

Radnich the coward failed to send ANYBODY a "Letter". He's no threat,he's just a boob.

Radnich now uses KRON to try and repair his terrible background in the media..from the sham promotion he did where he fixed it that Rocky Marciano knocks out Muhammad Ali in the late 70's..to his parking in handicapped peoples parking spots- like today.
Not only does he have no shame,he has no admirers.Only the stupid who must kiss up to keep their jobs.
Cathy Heenan? Oh,THE WORLD was wrong about that...not Radnich.

I'm never going to let up. I only have to write what he says. That's all it takes to keep me in material.

Ron Cowens...good riddance.

Another greedy developer who lived a decadent life is gone. Next!

Mark Davis hasn't lifted a finger to get Plunkett and Flores into the HOF.

This is more of what I cant stand about the guy..he's disloyal to loyal Raiders of the past.  It would be very easy for Raider newsletters to demand the HOF put those two in.
Mark Davis doesn't care. His agenda is to outdo Daddy. Only he though doesn't realize he never will. He cant erase "Al" and insert "Mark" in the history books.
And that's the truth.

Donald J.Trump hornysexual.

Like to watch woman water each other,openly grabs them in their private parts..pays woman to do sex tricks.  A hole in the ground is not safe from him.
He's President.

This is what NOVA DIDN'T TELL YOU..

I found this. A simple forest fire can re contaminate. Read-

Never a warning beautiful teacher "predators" have moved into your neighborhood.

Kind of struck me as they show another ugly rapist being hounded out of Dodge by concerned mothers and media.

I don't think I've EVER seen a news program paste the face of a woman convicted of predatory actions as an alert. Have you?  No flyers on telephones poles..the regular routine stuff.

I bet some are recidivist too. Not all can give it up.Nothing can be 100%. Still,I am never warned a young beautiful woman who needs sex has moved in. For my protection news media..alert me.

NOVA does pro Nuclear power and pro Genentech advertising. What the hell happened to PBS?

In 2004,I wondered if I should get  into my life savings and invest in Genentech,a new entity? I kept hearing them mentioned by the professors at the local U so much,I thought "The future?"  Well let me tell you,that company has grown to the point it has enveloped all the local science curriculum into Genentech breeder factory's for workers.  All yer public funds for schools is being used by Genentech as their own minor leagues developments. No cost to them. It does come at a cost to other science research..other science students who will never work in another field.
Now NOVA? It was clearly a commercial for the big company as it had no results to speak of. Not a single opposing view. Criticism? Hell no.
KNTV should investigate btw,Genentech rolling over the local U's..

THEN this week NOVA looks at nuclear power and AGAIN an advertisement. One wealthy nut friend of Bill Gates is happy that "We have 700 years worth of spent fuel we (in the future possibly) can use in newest generation power plants.
You know Nuclear Power plants will never be safe. The waste,the ability of terrorist to unleash a meltdown is always there. No,they haven't done it. YET. NONE of this was mentioned by NOVA..those producers at PBS have mortgages and new cars to pay for. 700 years of potential hits..scary.
PBS being cheerleaders for big industry on the one hand..while the other sometimes (Frontline) ask Stan like questions.
I wonder what happened to the PBS legacy? What once was National Educational Television, NET, is long gone.

If Trumps "Pu*** grabbing statement wasnt on tape...would he have admitted it? No!

He would have called the source "Nazi" or such. He would have shook and turned red and been sincere as swearing on his Moms grave he never said that.
That's the Trump kinds way.

Only country bands and one hick alt band to play Trump inaguration. No surprise.

Lee Greenwood will sing his hit song "God Bless white America"..alt rock band 3 doors down will sing " I wouldn't touch a rap CD if our lives depended on it"
The most divisive President in the good old USA will take power. Take power over all of us is his goal. You watch and worry.

Miserable bay area weather to last until February. Pray for a 70f day then.

I mean its nothing but 50's the rest of this month and the first week of February according to long range forecasts.
Bring back the drought years when January averaged 66f in Hayward. I need a climate change about right now!
I tell you,a few years of drought makes you forget what a long chilly and wet winter is like.

I think the best spot has to be someplace in soucal where water comes from the north and as such,no water restrictions or very little like San Francisco.
Where is that spot, I want to move there.

Hoda wants to be a rail...

She's on a strict diet and part of a "Lets follow Hoda on her diet". I think she agreed to that to help with the will power- "I cant fail in front of millions and Stan"
I would guess at over 50 and running in the crowd she does..well kept woman with wealthy husbands,she see's many a trophy living on a cup of Top Ramin a day for lunch,a second cup for dinner- and a celery stick is the fiber.
I'm no Truman Capote and the rest who can reveal the thinking of the elite and rich..But Hoda is fighting a losing battle.
Genetics and just getting older never changes. She already is thinner then most woman her age. That social pressure to be 19 in body is never ending I guess.

Good for CNN. The network that now takes off the gloves.

If Trump's ego had any brains..he uses sugar at the presson. But he showed himself as thinking he's the emperor. Now,we have a friend in CNN to dig deep the next four years on this fraud administration and charlatan president who may well be working under the finger of Putin.
I mean when official Intelligence leaks say photos of the PUSA and hookers in Russia are out there..what the hell President do we have?

Thursday, January 12, 2017

Mark Davis and his Oedipal Father Complex.

 "I want shiny and new stadium to show I can do what my Daddy couldn't do".
So,now its like Bush Jr. pushing our country into a worthless war with Iraq to kill the man who fought his Daddy. ... That's known as Oedipus complex.

Mark Davis firing of all his fathers most trusted insiders was telling. Marky hadn't been owner of the team for more then weeks..and he had made up his mind they were all to go.

His little Lord Fauntleroy haircut..what most boys outgrow at 10 year old or so,he clings to more proof of wanting out of Oakland to further outdo his father.
Mark Davis couldn't be more obvious to have anger at his father. He's getting back at Al Davis who told him he would never be a football MAN.

Mark Davis trying to erase all ties to Al Davis. He's convincing himself that if he puts the Raiders in another part of the country? Its like he founded the team. Delusional..but that's his goal.

Last issue? Mark Davis wears Al Davis sunglasses. There's a ton of eyeglass styes in this world. He chose the one of the man he hates that died. Oedipal.

Did or did I not say Obama should have fired Comeys ass?

Once again ahead of the curve.

Whats the deal on this cold virus? Never ending...

I felt it hit on New Years Eve..been sick since. Still the congestion and cough. Instead of having my usual strength of seven men,I might be down to four. Tired.

Za Za better than Bogut.

That's something nobody predicted. He out produces Bogut and as far as out hustle? ZZ man is light years better at that, then Bogut.  ZZ man even is a quality free throw shooter. Bogut was afraid of the hoop like it was laughing at him. He's ZZ Top you might say...I just did..
Who misses Bogut? Not anybody who's watched the Warriors.

Wednesday, January 11, 2017

Btw ...I'm Popular in Russia.

I forgot to mention this...my blog is getting a terrific flow from Russia.  Does Putin like reading about cats and Radnich?

More TRUE science tid bits from me. The future of the Universe and age..death..

We know the Universe is expanding..you probably heard that. But what that means is that in a few billions years- not really that long, Maybe less time then when our Solar System formed as compared to trillions or infinite years, the Universe of Galaxy's will have so receded from one another,that unlike now where we can see billions...we wont see none but our own.  There will be nothing but blackness past the Milky Way. As one astronomer put it "If some high intelligence evolves like us in the future,they will have no way of knowing about the big bang,no idea that the Universe is larger than the Milky Way. By then,no scientific testing will EVER say that they Universe is expanding or there is more then what we see in the Milky Way".

I mean,they can believe in any deity,or wild ideas of a big bowl of Universe like we did century's ago.

That's more of the theory- or fact- that we exist in the Goldilocks era for higher thought. A younger Universe was hotter and dangerous for life...older colder and low on energy.

And then you die and are aware of nothing for the infinite future. Unless,death is sort of a bridging of time. The Universe can live,die and be reborn..and do it so often that sooner or later you are again created. Then,that repeats forever.
So being dead and having all yer atoms scattered over eons is just temporary.
I think..lol.

Trumped owned by Putin? Putin's Puppet is our President?

This is like the Manchurian candidate with sex.
The more I hear..the more it sounds like the evidence IS THERE. Nobody biased gathered it. Its getting closer and closer to coming out.

Trumps Gotham hoodlum friends getting nominated.

"And..for keeper of the Chicken Coop,I Donald J. Trump nominate the Fox!" 

Trump wants to create a new position- Chairman of the P**** grabber cabinet.

White House bathrooms will have "Golden Showers area".

His wife,Melanoma will reveal she's really a Russian Cyborg.

Porn sites now have a new category "Trump Sex"

His ex Exxon  nominee will say their is no proof to Global Warming caused by fossil fuels.  "That's as crazy as saying coal comes from tree's turned into rocks. Crazy talk!"

And he hasn't even started his new side job as producer of the "Pusa who grabs Pussy Show!"

Trump will be impeached.

And hopefully embalmed.
Hey 95.7 actually did a wicked bit on Trump and his golden showers fetish. Konservative KNBR will spin Trump is uh,at least not using Mexican showers....

Nominee's people's dont look like me. How insulting.

Heck,one lawyer for the nom. even has rosy red cheeks as he tries his best to look important. All the woman have long straight hair. No fat chicks allowed!..not behind the Exxon man.
Sorry to see nobody has even gotten into the near total lack of diversity all through the Chumps future administration. There's gentle Ben and  Elaine who seems to be the Republican face for all the Republican administration. "We got elected? Call Elaine!" "That's one".
I will look hard for two more or so.
Look like me? I guess I have to settle for George Clooney eyes.

Gary and Larry walk off show to do "business meeting". Uhuh.

The way Radnich is always getting his "spells"...the excuse they left the air for a business meeting in the MIDDLE of a show is bullshit.
Any show that has a 70 year old host who is sleep deprived and admits to needing medications for his back is going to have "senior blackouts". Just makes common sense.

Kate Scott leaves KNBR..burns no bridges. She aint dumb.

When you leave the cushy and easy job? You hate the people you work with, and its a now drag that was fun when you started.
I think that's the case. KNBR good old boy...wore her down.

She did a testimonial thanking everybody that includes Kruger and Radnich who both never hesitated to tell her who's the shows named after.

One more about the time she was on the show? I noticed R&K slyly pushed Scott into situations that was going to cause a flood of hater emails to her.  I could see it was part of drive her- off- the- show..

What Radich thinks of Steve Aveson...

On KRON? I love you Steve!,If I ever had a best buddy,I would want him to be YOU!"

On KNBR?..it changes to.. "The new guy? He's alright,a nice guy I think" he mumbles.  Wont even refer to him by name,he's down to being the new guy at the end of the table!

Off air and away from KRON and KNBR?
Radnich- "Who?"...LOL,thats the sum total of Raddys real feelings.

Its getting clearer now why Trump has a Jones for Russia..

I believe it..I believe he's been in cahoots with the Russian government. In Trumps world "If you're not cheating,you're not trying to win "
He's everything I and KPFA say about him..his kind and his supporters.

He's this country's second biggest mistake since 1776.

The Presidential liar still hasn't shown his taxes. Now we know why. The Russians already knew.

KRON's unNewscast and family Theater.

Every 20 minutes to the hour KRON news becomes family theater with skits and everything. "Ok Grant,I roll my eyes,and then you pretend to point out what I forgot"....As Radnich now says everyday he "ad libs",yet his wooden Vegas acting skills tell you what he's been rehearsing to say since he woke up.
Pammy Moore- worst anchorwoman in bay area history- just laughs non stop. Watch her watch the monitor to see if they caught her not smiling. She does it all the time. Aveson? Like the kid friend who wants in on "The family" to be popular...just blows kisses,raises the bar of compliments to levels that reach excretions.
In the mornings? KRON needs to get Isaac Hayes the 2 to co host with Daria. Only he would have a deeper voice then her. She must be a pack a day smoker- right Dar?

KRON anchor newsteam is as a whole insecure. They follow the lead of the Court Jester Director. Imagine that if your Pammy or Stevie or Granty... THEY are the pet doing stupid pet tricks and laughing at jokes unfunny- on cue.
Who would have thought that only the weatherwoman has the backbone to say no? Give her that.

Tuesday, January 10, 2017

Stan FIRST to say Curry was slumping....NOW EVERYBODY agrees!

Right? I was the only one...Bob Fitzgerald said that it was "garbage"..Now all the Warriors pre game show experts are stealing from ME!.
Figgers,the media will NEVER give me credit as I always am ahead of the curve.

Curry moving more now...Stan's scouting report.

Last I wrote..he was slumping,and I said I had watched him do a whole lot of just walking. That's not hard to defend for the other team.
Now? He moving,he's grooving, he's scoring again. He's also followed my advice and took the easy 2 point shot.
His problem is..when he slows down,his game goes down. He's not 6'7" like Mike or LeBron or Kobe..he's closer to Tiny Archibald in physique and style.
What makes a great Curry? A moving Curry. His game is freed.

Klay?..streaky because he thinks too much. Its why at presscons he comes close to flipping out. No way he misses those Klayups if thoughts are not filling his brain in the moment. Its like he 's watching himself.
Klay has to have some plays designed for him. The big other 3 can eat up all the time..and that's ok when they are hot. Wins is no.1 BUT!..something to give the guy extra confidence is needed. I wish Kerr had let him roll for 80 points..let him test himself to the limit. That's how people break personal barriers. Kerr,got too conservative.

Steve Aveson still insecure. Praises Moore..who NEVER returns the compliment.

He's fully into the KRON BS of worshiping the big KRON KULT senior members. He's taken to quoting Radnich, even told Radnich "I love you". But,I digress...its his over the top love kisses to Moore who sits there with that frozen,plastic, smile. He says she's beautiful? She says nothing. Not even thanks,let alone Well thank you Steve.  She never says his name.

As a matter of fact, she never compliments Steve on his work,looks,smarts,family,shoes...nada. I'm sure she resents he's even there. She wants to be the SOLE star anchor.
I can see why Perro picked Aveson out. He knew this guy is no wave maker.

Steve though gets what it takes to work at KRON. Be mindless in the company of the Sports Jester. You see Lodes force himself to smile- to grin? Scary look. He does it. Has a family to feed and that depends on making the fool Jester look good.
Oh well,rumor has it they are on thin ice as the cold hearted big company might do a Pasta Company move on them I imagine..email don't show up to KRON. Nobody will be there.

Monday, January 9, 2017

wow,Except for the Athletes everything associated with Clemson is..

The least used color in the crayon box.

Papa has a co-host,er,I think.

Monty Bonta? Is that his name? 95.7 Website is no help. I thought I heard somebody call him Monty last week. I saw somebody named Bonta on the website.
Great guys. You really know how to introduce a new guy to the public. Yer real professionals. It shows.

Death of Big Tree of Calaveras County a National Disgrace.

Making no effort for decades to help the two thousand year old tree to steady itself by our National Parks Service that showed big lumber and big mining thinking of "just one more tree"..as the NPS allowed people to walk over the roots and placed a cutesy sign for family photos. Not a shred of respect for the giant monarch.
They could have eliminated that pathway through and around the tree to help the delicate roots system. They could even have filled the gap with concrete to further show what has been done to the tree was not in today's world something to admire. I tell you,in the 21st century there could have been some bracing done by engineers if the Park Service chose to spend a dollar. Yes,it was a huge heavy tree..and modern science could have helped. I don't see skyscrapers falling over..all filled with dime a dozen people.
Its sickening..just stomach turning at how we treat animals and the environment.  No helping that tree because ignorance is bliss.

Wiki protects Mark Zuckerberg. Go ahead, try to insert a fact.

2 years ago Zuckerberg told the media he "Learned to slaughter live animals that he eats". Alice Waters,taught him he said. HE said all that.
So I thought I would put that FACT on his Wiki page. It was up 1 second before it was taken down. No reason given.
That's the direction we are going. A demi god of somebody who invented a digital "Personals page" for society.   What used to be on back of EastBay Express since the 60's..lol.

Donald Trump proves that rich+ PUSA doesnt mean smarter or better then anybody else.

The one idea that wealthy gives is..better than thou.  Even Zuckerberg has come to the conclusion God wants him to be wealthy.

Having more money means..ok,you have more money. And still you are you.

Trump? I mean this, HE would be first to go cannibal in the Donner party,Lord Of the flies slayer,push woman out of the way to get to a lifeboat on the Titanic.  Gary Radnich right behind him...

Radnich rips Streep.

Who wants to hear her push politics on an award show? The dummy asked.  This is the same guy who uses his sports show to push the Fran Tarkenton's and all the old white conservative guests to push their agenda to the point Radnich is frothing and shouting "NO MORE HANDOUTS!'  Like the nut he is.
His senility is showing...

Sunday, January 8, 2017

Where did man's violence come from? Let me tell you....

I heard an anthropologist say a few weeks ago,that his theory is that what put man over the top,wasn't fire or even the larger brain....it was the fact that man is the ONLY ape capable of making a fist as a weapon. Hmm. I guess early man had some sort of canine teeth and ..flying fists of fury to take on man relatives that existed at the same time. Then,they went extinct.
There's no way to prove that..but sounds like one more edge to the darker side of man that..is just natural.

Happy Song for a rainy Day....

A love the bay area song...

Friday, January 6, 2017

Radnich triple downs on maudlin.

Just stop it Radnich,just stop using your son,your family as why you don't go to games. You don't go because you don't want to go, and THAT'S because you couldn't care less who wins,who loses.

Yet,you push that its the 70 year old Father with 50 year old first family adult children- you must have grandchildren older then yer  present kid- now feels so paternal he must spend every last second of his fading life with the kid.
And boy doesn't that make a great sounding excuse for the lowest level of interest you have in sports.
You don't fool me. If you never stepped into a stadium the rest of your ~8 years left..so what?

If you had dropped the cover story..people would have at least expected you just show up to get paid..but yer ego has to construct some fantasy.
Of course the real twist is..yer just as big a liar at claiming you attend all those kids games,are so interactive..bullshit.

When you hear him talk about the rest of the sports media,about the young mega wealthy sports stars he has nothing but contempt.

So,its Spencer's fault Radnich says.

PS,you never had a buddy? Gee who have guessed that? Who could puncture yer ego balloon world?. Or..want too?
No shame. The man is totally devoid of shame. He always has an excuse of it being somebody else's fault.

I think Mike Pence is having second thoughts...

I do. I think like any thinking man,Pence is getting nervous trying to make sense of the new President.
Who was the security guy Trump wanted...who after working with Trump decided he couldn't take the Trump philosophy? I saw the guy on CNN.
Trump is not just a walking impeachment. I wouldn't doubt that if that megalomaniac gets ideas of limited nuking some enemy?..Our OWN gov. people would take him out.
We haven't lasted since 1492 to let Trump lead us to ruin.

How come Extra terrestrial Aliens only talk to white people?

You see they talk to Amy Adams...and to Jody Foster,and to Richard Dreyfuss and Jeff Goldstein,Keir Dulle (2001) and,and, and and.  Even in District 9 where a ship lands in the continent of Africa..they STILL only give their super powers to a white person.
Its kind of laughable that its so accepted no movie critics will say "Aliens seem to prefer Aryan chicks"

Yeah,yeah "Men in Black" That's one for the last 100 years of cinema that a black woman is Alien preferred.

I STANd by the power of this observation..

Science trivia about Pluto..

That heart shape you see on all the photos? Its congealed nitrogen flowing- slooooowly over the surface at -400f. Cold.  To walk on it would be like stepping onto a ocean of something about as solid as toothpaste. Hence- you see it so clean..anything rocky from the skies like a meteor just sinks.

What does it all mean? It means that there might be forms of life out there that can thrive on extreme chemicals and temperatures. If not little Pluto..then the other countless planets in the big Universe.

Might be earth like people somewhere out there who have liquid nitrogen blood,look at pink skies and have red "snowflakes". Just like a Beatle song.

Thursday, January 5, 2017

One more problem for KRON to fix...

I notice on the weather? That many times they get the low temperature mixed up. You see Modesto (Inland temps) having a higher low temperature then Oakland (Bay temps)..like that. Many times they've done that. Somebody in charge should pay attention you think?

Whoever does the graphics is totally oblivious to what they are putting where.

Radnich Royally fucks up Sportscast. Gets a bit personal with Stevie.

Like he was in his bathroom relieving himself, Radnich just rambled and got about every story and fact wrong at 6:45.  He must have just woke up and stumbled in to KRON.

He got the day of the Raider game wrong. He got the time of his kids soccer game wrong...undermining a bit about how little he cares about sports. Like we don't know that?
Somebody see if he shows up at the kids soccer game. Radnich has BET time right about then and his couch.

As if his whole mumbling droning voice wasn't bad enough, he sets up Aveson for a zinger. Compliments him on liking his Facebook page...then hits the guy with  "Why don't you spend time talking to your own wife?"  Did Aveson stand up? comeback at his wife being jabbed? No,Aveseon totally reduced to a mindless Radnich Zombie, took it and said NOTHING. That guy really caved.
 He's no Steve as Radnich got right early on. He's a Stevie.

At least points to Lodes for pointing out yet ANOTHER same newscast story that Radnich got wrong- the age of a coaching prospect. Radnich called some 42 year old "30".

This is in all about 10 minutes as Radnich just reeking smarmy, droned and shuffled feet and looked like I'm outtahere as soon as he started.
Soon he will be.

Heather Holmes does another fine days job.

KTVU does a cutesy story about a stolen strongbox found down by the river. Nothing comes of it. SO Frank waits 2 beats too long to make a witty comment- Heather has already drawn breath to speak- right? Frank then says the "Mystery continues"..with a smile. Fine,only Heather's story to do is the horrific one involving the disabled boy tortured by black racists. She has that hard job of doing that before the break.
What she did..and does, is bring some normality to others around her too caught up with the "I must say something" mindset.
She does a fine job.

Pam Moores two color hair...

She's blond on the side,brunette on top.  Time to visit the beauty shop Pamela.

What made Andrew Bogut snap. What drove away the genial giant from the Warriors.

A Warrior GM wife said to Andy, "How's the air up there?"  It the once too often- broke the camels back- butterfly wings effect. He snapped.
Now,you know.

Kenny Choi and Michelle Greigo,who's most in the box?

Its like they compete at who is most uncontroversial person IN THE WORLD!..lol.  Or,going for the Nobel "Most Stable Person at Noon" Prize. 
YOU might be tempted to say something outrageous sooner or later. Them two will have none of that nonsense.
Yet for all that? If they sent each other warm greeting cards for Christmas? I would be shocked. Might as well be a glass wall between the two.

Not that any of this is bad..its great for employment in a corporation. I know that.

Makes for dull TV though.

Wednesday, January 4, 2017

Republicans,build nothing,but pat themselves on pulling apart what others create! Just like Isis!

Remember when ISIS blew up Iraqi antiquity? That's all Republicans are good for. Its been 50 years since a Republican did anything positive. Since its been try to ruin SS, Equal Rights,Gun control,voting rights,Medical rights,education...Republicans HAVE NO PLAN..they only have "tear it down" in their hearts.
With Trump we know why anybody would vote Republican. The proof shone.

Bonds and Papa on 95/7 or Prof.Michio Kaku on KPFA?

Bond who? Barry? James? 95.7 must have this idea that we listen to every second of a show..so a new guy's name can go a long while not being said. I haven't heard Poppa yet call him by name..just talks to the guy like he's some guy in the room.
I could investigate..but I'm going by the average listener. And most don't know anything about the new guy. Nada nuevo hombre.
The other day Prof. Kaku on KPFA was doing his show on astro physics while sports shows were talking about Curry's shoes. KPFA won that one.

Although the inner nerd in the Professor came out when interviewing a female professor from back east "You must have many experiences as a woman" he asks. She came right back. "Yes,I have many experiences as a woman!"..he caught his bonehead mistake. "I mean, as a woman in the field of cosmology"...
Michio sounded straight out of  "The Big Bang Theory " show.

Megyn Kelly is now loved by libs? Didn't she say Santa will always be White? And in the news...

Politics makes strange bedfellows. Pre Trump she was reactionary,had a Pin up girl background and was a FOX NEWS darling.
Then Trump talks about woman and bleeding..she's now Che. Chevette.

Oakland mayor- Like all Oakland Mayors before her, wont say the culture there worships the criminal life. We all know it..but Oakland mayors are in denial and hence crime is worst in the state.

What is the point of being the Mayor of Oakland if you wont attack the crime wave there? So,they change nothing. Why want the job ? To kill time?

Kristen Tze sure fills a dress in the right places. Today it was "Chilly in the studio day" if you know what I mean,and I'm sure you do. How can I not notice whats right at face level?

Kron's geriatric club soldiers on. Just think what could be a newscast of wise older people saying what needs to be said,lifting to a higher level of news...all reduced to mindless props for the Sports Jester.
Pam Moore must be a true bubblehead. Wow.

Stan more independent then independent.

More or less. To the local media- 100%.  

KRON doubles down on Radnich.

I missed the NYE show. I missed his sportscasts but Tuesdays 6:45.  I see the game now is for Pammy,Stevey,and Granty to laugh loud yuks at everything Radnich says. He doesn't have to say something funny..just time it right..bada boom,the set explodes in laughter Ho-ho-ho's all around.
Its like base ground zero attempts to squeeze his sinking appeal up a few notches. He's like an old tube of toothpaste.

Aveson had said the NYE show was "GREAT SHOW!" He had the big clenched teeth smile. Fake.
Hey,they are all 60 going on 70. Moore,starting to droop,Radnich liver spotted.

Cant be too many places that hire that.

Ugh,Lieberman now running my troll's comments. Again.

You notice when he wants me to fire up his blog views i get an open invitation..THEN,when I post something he does not agree with,then the same trolling comments with the same message,he starts to feel "He must post" to get back at me. I did notice he stopped posting those comments about himself last year or so.
Like I said last time..he's probably writing those comments. He's blocking my comebacks. What does that tell you?
I thought my calling the Raider game like I did was worth a mention. Instead, he posts junk.
Its who he is I guess.

Tuesday, January 3, 2017

Debbie Reynolds-Zsa Zsa Gabor trivia.

Its not been mentioned that in the 60's and 70's Debbie Reynolds always did her Gabor impersonation on game shows and the talk shows.
All the time on Match Game. I remember.

Why does Tim Conway Jr look and sound like Jack Benny?

Uhuh. Somethings in the mix that ain't right...

Monday, January 2, 2017

"Guilty feet got no rhythm"

When I heard that for first time in the 80's? I thought it was one the funniest dumb things I ever heard in a song.  It had that whole "Feets? Don't fails me now!" aura to it.
It might have been the British-American language thing.  Still funny.

All the little iphone princesses are blond.

See? this is why I've always been rubbed the wrong way about Harry Potter/Star Wars and all those sorcery movies for kids. The message is the standard of beauty isn't Asian or Latin and for sure not black.
If you pay attention to the "school play" commercial..you don't see of color little girls until the very end..in the background of the in reality, school play. But in the magical kingdom part...half of California's people don't exist.
To me when these Hollywood type get together and create these castle fantasy worlds? The Trump world emerges. Even Jewish producers or directors will push the creamy milky look of the ideal woman in these movies. What did Seinfeld ever date? Golda Meir types?

Big Business knows the history of this country..so to show how they want it to REALLY be? look at their fantasy movies and commercials.
Nobody looks like you.
I'm starting to resent that...

Bob Fitzgerald needs to use his radio persona on PBP.

His wimpy TV act wears me down. Its so apologetic and so Eddie Haskell talking to Mrs. Cleaver.
He needs to use that Radio persona on the other team. "So and so can't guard to the right" " "Stoglovich is the biggest whiner in the vineyard"...thing's like that. And say it serious not giggly.

"You will NOT be back".

I bet that's Arny's catchphrase on Celebrity Apprentice. Watch it and tell me. I never watch it.

Stan's call of Denver-Raiders "Like I see the future".

You read what I wrote a day or two BEFORE the game on Lowell Cohn blog (Carr breaks leg topic). I said I McGloin would miss the streaking, wide open, receiver down the middle of the field. Thus,it happened.  I wrote that chubby Matt would hurt his Mcloin and come out of the game. He got hurt and came out of the game.  Isn't that scary to be so exact? Like i saw a tape of the game before it was even played.
When you read me ..you not only read first- you read about it before it even happens...

Sunday, January 1, 2017

Raiders getting embarrassed first of two weeks in a row.

As I predicted on the world famous Lowell Cohn blog. I no illusions that without Carr the Raiders are still in 2010 or so. Just a bunch of guys with Raider uniforms on.
Its over. They want to go...they quit on this season just like Davis quit on Oakland. See how that works?

Drinking and eating too much..bad you for not having the Holiday Spirits!

Strange.. .the only time of year they make you feel bad for not binging..when the other 9 months you are bad if you do.
I didn't binge on booze..but I couldn't say no to a cookie,cheesecake or pie. I could feel my artery's clogging by the bite..but so worth it.
Woman who make homemade chocolate chip cookies? Saints! Saints I tell you! They get to use the pearly gates embedded with chocolate chips.