Monday, January 2, 2017

All the little iphone princesses are blond.

See? this is why I've always been rubbed the wrong way about Harry Potter/Star Wars and all those sorcery movies for kids. The message is the standard of beauty isn't Asian or Latin and for sure not black.
If you pay attention to the "school play" don't see of color little girls until the very the background of the in reality, school play. But in the magical kingdom part...half of California's people don't exist.
To me when these Hollywood type get together and create these castle fantasy worlds? The Trump world emerges. Even Jewish producers or directors will push the creamy milky look of the ideal woman in these movies. What did Seinfeld ever date? Golda Meir types?

Big Business knows the history of this to show how they want it to REALLY be? look at their fantasy movies and commercials.
Nobody looks like you.
I'm starting to resent that...