Thursday, January 19, 2017

Army/Navy Rangers/Seals and Osama Bin Laden and canoes.

I was listening to an interview on KPFA where the author who has studied those special forces says that he's seen photos of kills they have made along with comments and poses and claims that it is now a tradition to make a game of assassinating terrorists.
What they learned is that with the high powered rifle is - you aim at between the eyes and below the hairline...when the bullet hits that, it splits the human head in half..with brain being exposed. Its called "Canoeing" That's the goal and method used on Osama Bin Laden. Photos confirming the kill show his head split,brain matter flowing out of a "v" (canoe shape) along with a coup de grace bullet into his right eye.
Now,this author claims that he's seen that over and over on SF kills with those soldiers posing with smiles like a trophy animal kill.
Needless to say,the special forces have tried to keep any access to the "trophy kill" type pics from the public.
I just caught that end of the interview. So,check out KPFA if you have to read the book and look at photos that are of  graphic car wreck intensity.
I pass.