Wednesday, January 4, 2017

Bonds and Papa on 95/7 or Prof.Michio Kaku on KPFA?

Bond who? Barry? James? 95.7 must have this idea that we listen to every second of a a new guy's name can go a long while not being said. I haven't heard Poppa yet call him by name..just talks to the guy like he's some guy in the room.
I could investigate..but I'm going by the average listener. And most don't know anything about the new guy. Nada nuevo hombre.
The other day Prof. Kaku on KPFA was doing his show on astro physics while sports shows were talking about Curry's shoes. KPFA won that one.

Although the inner nerd in the Professor came out when interviewing a female professor from back east "You must have many experiences as a woman" he asks. She came right back. "Yes,I have many experiences as a woman!"..he caught his bonehead mistake. "I mean, as a woman in the field of cosmology"...
Michio sounded straight out of  "The Big Bang Theory " show.