Tuesday, January 10, 2017

Curry moving more now...Stan's scouting report.

Last I wrote..he was slumping,and I said I had watched him do a whole lot of just walking. That's not hard to defend for the other team.
Now? He moving,he's grooving, he's scoring again. He's also followed my advice and took the easy 2 point shot.
His problem is..when he slows down,his game goes down. He's not 6'7" like Mike or LeBron or Kobe..he's closer to Tiny Archibald in physique and style.
What makes a great Curry? A moving Curry. His game is freed.

Klay?..streaky because he thinks too much. Its why at presscons he comes close to flipping out. No way he misses those Klayups if thoughts are not filling his brain in the moment. Its like he 's watching himself.
Klay has to have some plays designed for him. The big other 3 can eat up all the time..and that's ok when they are hot. Wins is no.1 BUT!..something to give the guy extra confidence is needed. I wish Kerr had let him roll for 80 points..let him test himself to the limit. That's how people break personal barriers. Kerr,got too conservative.