Monday, January 9, 2017

Death of Big Tree of Calaveras County a National Disgrace.

Making no effort for decades to help the two thousand year old tree to steady itself by our National Parks Service that showed big lumber and big mining thinking of "just one more tree" the NPS allowed people to walk over the roots and placed a cutesy sign for family photos. Not a shred of respect for the giant monarch.
They could have eliminated that pathway through and around the tree to help the delicate roots system. They could even have filled the gap with concrete to further show what has been done to the tree was not in today's world something to admire. I tell you,in the 21st century there could have been some bracing done by engineers if the Park Service chose to spend a dollar. Yes,it was a huge heavy tree..and modern science could have helped. I don't see skyscrapers falling over..all filled with dime a dozen people.
Its sickening..just stomach turning at how we treat animals and the environment.  No helping that tree because ignorance is bliss.