Friday, January 20, 2017

Everybody with a good income is happy today. But,they soon will not be as the fuse igniter takes office..

Hey- I get it. Less taxes,no help for Willie the hobo and welfare. I keep what I make. That's the Republican motto more or less.
Only you get what you pay for including countries. Taxes that only pay those to protect the holdings of the wealthy like Police and Fire seem to be the only part of a government they support.
If big business sells you something dangerous? Why- your fault for being stupid to buy it and- as Repubs for free markets tell it- word of mouth will ruin business.
Sure. How many die in accidents of malfunctioning products? Repubs don't care. It wasn't them,all that matters. So much for getting word out there.

This is so bad of a President in power,its hard to fathom the Napoleanic complex he has is now running everything.
I might go to jail for this in 18 months. You too for reading it. He doesn't care if you agree or disagree. You read it.
Just watch.