Thursday, January 19, 2017

How many big storys unveiled by Republican journalists? I bet 99% are from Liberals.

From Watergate and to right now,what good are Republican leaning media?  They never broke the Karen Silkwood story either. I mean real storys.  They wont and dont.
Locally,would a conservative have broken the Oakland Sex Worker? No. It was  Haazic Madyun who broke the story. I think,KRON isnt that big on giving the guy credit.
I'm betting he's not a conservative.

I don't get why a conservative would want to go into a field like that. Just to hob nob? Maybe. Some are happy at reporting dog storys..but digging into Wells Fargo?..never.

You can tell when there's protesting who's the conservative reporter. They are upset because protesters don't stay inline or say, mother may I?

I guess since money is the ultimate goal for a Republican,all points of view are from that.