Wednesday, January 4, 2017

KRON doubles down on Radnich.

I missed the NYE show. I missed his sportscasts but Tuesdays 6:45.  I see the game now is for Pammy,Stevey,and Granty to laugh loud yuks at everything Radnich says. He doesn't have to say something funny..just time it right..bada boom,the set explodes in laughter Ho-ho-ho's all around.
Its like base ground zero attempts to squeeze his sinking appeal up a few notches. He's like an old tube of toothpaste.

Aveson had said the NYE show was "GREAT SHOW!" He had the big clenched teeth smile. Fake.
Hey,they are all 60 going on 70. Moore,starting to droop,Radnich liver spotted.

Cant be too many places that hire that.