Wednesday, January 11, 2017

KRON's unNewscast and family Theater.

Every 20 minutes to the hour KRON news becomes family theater with skits and everything. "Ok Grant,I roll my eyes,and then you pretend to point out what I forgot"....As Radnich now says everyday he "ad libs",yet his wooden Vegas acting skills tell you what he's been rehearsing to say since he woke up.
Pammy Moore- worst anchorwoman in bay area history- just laughs non stop. Watch her watch the monitor to see if they caught her not smiling. She does it all the time. Aveson? Like the kid friend who wants in on "The family" to be popular...just blows kisses,raises the bar of compliments to levels that reach excretions.
In the mornings? KRON needs to get Isaac Hayes the 2 to co host with Daria. Only he would have a deeper voice then her. She must be a pack a day smoker- right Dar?

KRON anchor newsteam is as a whole insecure. They follow the lead of the Court Jester Director. Imagine that if your Pammy or Stevie or Granty... THEY are the pet doing stupid pet tricks and laughing at jokes unfunny- on cue.
Who would have thought that only the weatherwoman has the backbone to say no? Give her that.