Sunday, January 29, 2017

Legends of comedy...dead before me.

Watching the CNN commercial for the upcoming show and I bet 80% of who they showed is now long gone. I mean,all were in their prime or most famous when I was truly a young man. When you remember the stand up comic craze and HBO first coming into being,seeing the "Young comics" run through their lives..start,get famous,iconic,dead..and here I am still trudging along. Alive.
Robin Williams and Gary Shandling,gone. How long before Jay and Dave?- both looking plenty old and well past "College popular". They were back then.

All the previous generations are all gone.Still,What would the 70's have been without Red Foxx? He might as well have been 25 then. Lucy 21. She was just as popular in the 70's as the 50's.

Alan King back then did a funny bit of reading in a newspaper "Man 104,passes away...survived by wife 105" He would say wives always outlive their husbands. I tell you- to this day-that bit comes when oldest survivor of  the "1922 Sinking" dies...survived by his wife!..anyways, you get it.

Yeah,its hard to see the 70's and now the 80's die off- comedy and music.  Its still makes me laugh that Michael Jackson and Prince both died before me. I always read they were strict on their diet,exercised,never smoked..slept in hyperbolic chambers for Christs sake. I ate pizza and lots of cookies. lol. I don't get it.