Monday, January 16, 2017

Love grows where my Rosemary Orozco goes, na-na-na-na-na..doo ahhhhh

One of my very favorite songs as a kid.  It gets to the point.
I was looking at a list of 100 songs of 1970,and it had "Have a Nice Day" 70's icon year written all over it. Most of the top 100 are still played on classic rock radio. Free's "All Right Now" still the standard of college bands at halftime.
Getting older also remember OLD songs and what yer world was about better then with newer songs. Funny how that works. People and conversations come flooding back from 1970 on those songs...but something "newer" like "Pinks Get the Party Started" is a few seconds worth of a joke to somebody I was seeing back then. She liked it.
BUT go waaay back? I remember walking home to school when somebody's transistor radio played Doo Wahh Diddy or Pretty Woman all the time. 1964 frozen in time. With my Flintstones lunchbox included.
So I Guess now its down to going over the old days since new days are more aggravation then fun. I think you really can out live fun.