Thursday, January 12, 2017

Mark Davis and his Oedipal Father Complex.

 "I want shiny and new stadium to show I can do what my Daddy couldn't do".
So,now its like Bush Jr. pushing our country into a worthless war with Iraq to kill the man who fought his Daddy. ... That's known as Oedipus complex.

Mark Davis firing of all his fathers most trusted insiders was telling. Marky hadn't been owner of the team for more then weeks..and he had made up his mind they were all to go.

His little Lord Fauntleroy haircut..what most boys outgrow at 10 year old or so,he clings to more proof of wanting out of Oakland to further outdo his father.
Mark Davis couldn't be more obvious to have anger at his father. He's getting back at Al Davis who told him he would never be a football MAN.

Mark Davis trying to erase all ties to Al Davis. He's convincing himself that if he puts the Raiders in another part of the country? Its like he founded the team. Delusional..but that's his goal.

Last issue? Mark Davis wears Al Davis sunglasses. There's a ton of eyeglass styes in this world. He chose the one of the man he hates that died. Oedipal.