Wednesday, January 4, 2017

Megyn Kelly is now loved by libs? Didn't she say Santa will always be White? And in the news...

Politics makes strange bedfellows. Pre Trump she was reactionary,had a Pin up girl background and was a FOX NEWS darling.
Then Trump talks about woman and bleeding..she's now Che. Chevette.

Oakland mayor- Like all Oakland Mayors before her, wont say the culture there worships the criminal life. We all know it..but Oakland mayors are in denial and hence crime is worst in the state.

What is the point of being the Mayor of Oakland if you wont attack the crime wave there? So,they change nothing. Why want the job ? To kill time?

Kristen Tze sure fills a dress in the right places. Today it was "Chilly in the studio day" if you know what I mean,and I'm sure you do. How can I not notice whats right at face level?

Kron's geriatric club soldiers on. Just think what could be a newscast of wise older people saying what needs to be said,lifting to a higher level of news...all reduced to mindless props for the Sports Jester.
Pam Moore must be a true bubblehead. Wow.