Wednesday, January 11, 2017

More TRUE science tid bits from me. The future of the Universe and age..death..

We know the Universe is probably heard that. But what that means is that in a few billions years- not really that long, Maybe less time then when our Solar System formed as compared to trillions or infinite years, the Universe of Galaxy's will have so receded from one another,that unlike now where we can see billions...we wont see none but our own.  There will be nothing but blackness past the Milky Way. As one astronomer put it "If some high intelligence evolves like us in the future,they will have no way of knowing about the big bang,no idea that the Universe is larger than the Milky Way. By then,no scientific testing will EVER say that they Universe is expanding or there is more then what we see in the Milky Way".

I mean,they can believe in any deity,or wild ideas of a big bowl of Universe like we did century's ago.

That's more of the theory- or fact- that we exist in the Goldilocks era for higher thought. A younger Universe was hotter and dangerous for life...older colder and low on energy.

And then you die and are aware of nothing for the infinite future. Unless,death is sort of a bridging of time. The Universe can live,die and be reborn..and do it so often that sooner or later you are again created. Then,that repeats forever.
So being dead and having all yer atoms scattered over eons is just temporary.