Monday, January 16, 2017

Neighborhood fighting back vs the punks...

Now,we are getting together on the rodders. I was talking to a couple of local young guys. They tried some of what I do to "discourage" those punks. No details needed or language explained. What the rodders don't want to hear is a good guess.
I tell you...there is a subculture...the drive fast in a circle crowd that,makes the rest of those who look like them feel a hatred for.
I know those who live in Safeland dont really understand or laugh at how its almost like that Eastwood movie- Gran Torino. As fake as his movies can be,that was real enough.

Yeah,I can say things when I'm mad...but mostly its what I know the other guy doesn't want to hear- said as loud as I can-wink.
Stand my ground is also a rule.