Friday, January 13, 2017

NOVA does pro Nuclear power and pro Genentech advertising. What the hell happened to PBS?

In 2004,I wondered if I should get  into my life savings and invest in Genentech,a new entity? I kept hearing them mentioned by the professors at the local U so much,I thought "The future?"  Well let me tell you,that company has grown to the point it has enveloped all the local science curriculum into Genentech breeder factory's for workers.  All yer public funds for schools is being used by Genentech as their own minor leagues developments. No cost to them. It does come at a cost to other science research..other science students who will never work in another field.
Now NOVA? It was clearly a commercial for the big company as it had no results to speak of. Not a single opposing view. Criticism? Hell no.
KNTV should investigate btw,Genentech rolling over the local U's..

THEN this week NOVA looks at nuclear power and AGAIN an advertisement. One wealthy nut friend of Bill Gates is happy that "We have 700 years worth of spent fuel we (in the future possibly) can use in newest generation power plants.
You know Nuclear Power plants will never be safe. The waste,the ability of terrorist to unleash a meltdown is always there. No,they haven't done it. YET. NONE of this was mentioned by NOVA..those producers at PBS have mortgages and new cars to pay for. 700 years of potential hits..scary.
PBS being cheerleaders for big industry on the one hand..while the other sometimes (Frontline) ask Stan like questions.
I wonder what happened to the PBS legacy? What once was National Educational Television, NET, is long gone.