Monday, January 30, 2017

People who love Trump..waiting for him to ok ethnic cleansing of America.

See,that's the ultimate hope for his supporters along with some politically deranged people of color who support him too.
IF Trump casually said its not really a crime to kill Muslims or say at least "drive them out" with harassment that proceeds like "We don't serve them, rent to them,sell cars to them." That's what will happen- fast.
I already had one Pleasanton white guy in a big truck say I was going to be sent back- then he took off like a bat out of hell before I could follow him.
It was exactly like the Indian Comic on SNL did his routine on. Ok,40% of America wants an all Caucasian America and if they ever got that? They would then shake out who's whiter then that. I know people. Goodby dark Italians and Greeks..See?
Now whats scary is ..Trump over 4 years is fully capable of one day saying that. He might wake up one day and tired of leftist reporters tell them "America would be better off without people of color".."Except in sports and entertainment". Yeah,ship us in for that.