Thursday, January 5, 2017

Radnich Royally fucks up Sportscast. Gets a bit personal with Stevie.

Like he was in his bathroom relieving himself, Radnich just rambled and got about every story and fact wrong at 6:45.  He must have just woke up and stumbled in to KRON.

He got the day of the Raider game wrong. He got the time of his kids soccer game wrong...undermining a bit about how little he cares about sports. Like we don't know that?
Somebody see if he shows up at the kids soccer game. Radnich has BET time right about then and his couch.

As if his whole mumbling droning voice wasn't bad enough, he sets up Aveson for a zinger. Compliments him on liking his Facebook page...then hits the guy with  "Why don't you spend time talking to your own wife?"  Did Aveson stand up? comeback at his wife being jabbed? No,Aveseon totally reduced to a mindless Radnich Zombie, took it and said NOTHING. That guy really caved.
 He's no Steve as Radnich got right early on. He's a Stevie.

At least points to Lodes for pointing out yet ANOTHER same newscast story that Radnich got wrong- the age of a coaching prospect. Radnich called some 42 year old "30".

This is in all about 10 minutes as Radnich just reeking smarmy, droned and shuffled feet and looked like I'm outtahere as soon as he started.
Soon he will be.