Friday, January 6, 2017

Radnich triple downs on maudlin.

Just stop it Radnich,just stop using your son,your family as why you don't go to games. You don't go because you don't want to go, and THAT'S because you couldn't care less who wins,who loses.

Yet,you push that its the 70 year old Father with 50 year old first family adult children- you must have grandchildren older then yer  present kid- now feels so paternal he must spend every last second of his fading life with the kid.
And boy doesn't that make a great sounding excuse for the lowest level of interest you have in sports.
You don't fool me. If you never stepped into a stadium the rest of your ~8 years what?

If you had dropped the cover story..people would have at least expected you just show up to get paid..but yer ego has to construct some fantasy.
Of course the real twist is..yer just as big a liar at claiming you attend all those kids games,are so interactive..bullshit.

When you hear him talk about the rest of the sports media,about the young mega wealthy sports stars he has nothing but contempt.

So,its Spencer's fault Radnich says.

PS,you never had a buddy? Gee who have guessed that? Who could puncture yer ego balloon world?. Or..want too?
No shame. The man is totally devoid of shame. He always has an excuse of it being somebody else's fault.