Wednesday, January 18, 2017

Radnich trying to convince sponsors he still has clout. He needs the money for retirement..

That's what the slimy one is up to. Most people know KRON is low budget and that's why they break some ethics with "sponsored news" I mean the other channels know if your taking money from Chevy,yer not likely to start the newscast with a Chevy recall to save lives.

KRON,does not care. Radnich see's this as an opportunity for himself to make more money as his contracts take cuts every time they run  out. He lost the Comcast show,the 49 pre and post game show and after the Heenan fiasco,he nearly went insane about possibly losing his KRON job. He was wobbly for weeks.

So,Radnich wants corporations to know he not only has his palm open now "After 24 years of saying no- I say yes!"  he still has the crazy Gary clout.