Tuesday, January 10, 2017

Steve Aveson still insecure. Praises Moore..who NEVER returns the compliment.

He's fully into the KRON BS of worshiping the big KRON KULT senior members. He's taken to quoting Radnich, even told Radnich "I love you". But,I digress...its his over the top love kisses to Moore who sits there with that frozen,plastic, smile. He says she's beautiful? She says nothing. Not even thanks,let alone Well thank you Steve.  She never says his name.

As a matter of fact, she never compliments Steve on his work,looks,smarts,family,shoes...nada. I'm sure she resents he's even there. She wants to be the SOLE star anchor.
I can see why Perro picked Aveson out. He knew this guy is no wave maker.

Steve though gets what it takes to work at KRON. Be mindless in the company of the Sports Jester. You see Lodes force himself to smile- to grin? Scary look. He does it. Has a family to feed and that depends on making the fool Jester look good.
Oh well,rumor has it they are on thin ice as the cold hearted big company might do a Pasta Company move on them I imagine..email don't show up to KRON. Nobody will be there.