Friday, January 27, 2017

Trump and also British PM list all the "good countrys" of the world..all were white.

Of course the British PM being more educated then Trump listed Russia as "bad" in so many words.

I noticed yesterday the British PM sounds like 1492 when she described her country and the rest of the world as consisting of "Africa,Asia,the USA...And left out all of Latin America. Even today she was abrupt about America and Mexico. How did she put it ? "Whatever American feels about Mexico is their business" not an exact quote- but the gist and meaning for sure.

Remember Top Gears racist Mexico episode? Kind of like Aaron Kaufman's Border Patrol Hat..a sort of whole superiority of gear heads to Mexicans and Mexico. Even if Mexico is a world producer/assemblers of cars and FULL sized macho man trucks.

Mexico has real problems..but its sort of left out by the world. Hmm.