Thursday, January 19, 2017

Trump creates new cabinet position for Hispanics, The Office of Clean up ladys. And get to work. Now.

He has not hired a single..Latino,etc. You heard the stats,not equaled in the last 40 years,could not have been an accident..all that.
And yet- to tell you how hard some people of color want to belong to the dominant culture so bad..some defend Trump. One Latina elected official said it did not bother her because she knows "Donald Trump hired based on merit and qualifications"..that's what she said. So,no Latino's have any qualifications!
I did try to get an Indian Dr. who KRON tried to show as a person of color - Dr. Vanila Singh- who's pro trump to respond to tweets. She had nothing to say.

See,If Trump lowers taxes- some people of color couldn't care less who he sends back to India,Mexico or Africa,the Middle East. They have theirs.

What gets me- almost to every man and woman of Republican color "I worked hard for what I have and I don't want my money to go to social programs"

Guess what? In India,Mexico and Africa they get their wish. All parts of the world where the fat can step on the bony. So,they come here for America's advanced programs that create opportunity,give a helping hand being we are the richest country in the world.
Then,they achieve...and want the rich eating the poor here type of government, to take over!