Monday, January 16, 2017

Why doesnt Radnich invite Rich Lieberman on to his show? Great for ratings...

If he can tell Tony LaRussa that he's a liar to his face- almost- then those two should duke it out for all to hear.
I would think its a "Bucket list wish" for the BOTH of them.   Radnich seems to fail at pretending 415 Media doesn't exist,right?   SO get to it. Rich lives in Frisco,Raddy lives in Frisco. Whats the problem?
The one guest he should have on for almost pure entertainment..he doesn't have.

ADDED: I will use my Stan sense to say - It should be done on a 4 times a year basis- yeah,that's right,4 times. To catch up on the old and new things,new people - those two butting heads.
Unless one of them is afraid...