Monday, February 27, 2017

I wonder what devious things Trump has done lately not known?

I'm serious. He's much too much the conniver to not have had staff or lawyers slip something past the media while the media is feeding on what IS known.
What are we going to read in months that got through that hurts the common man?
Btw-  The media is now noticing what I posted weeks ago..Trump is all spend,tax cuts for the rich. I can make grandiose plans too for things you can buy me. Anybody can do that.

One good thing? Being President is wearing him down..he's up to 280!. has huge bags under his eyes and its said..he never exercises.
C'mon Cardiac!

Another Radnich "love" gets fired. And he did nothing about it.

"I love you Joe" said Radnich over the months- right?

Like Kate Scott,Radnich love lasts as long as its good for his wallet.

He's our own Donald Trump. Only no.l matters,and when he reads what he said? calls it fake. The parallels between those two are amazing. Neither served but are hawk conservatives. Multiple marriages and kids..and are "family men"!

You wont read Radnich giving bloggers any interviews.

Eh,I could go on..but wont.

Sunday, February 26, 2017

The Warriors are boring.

I find myself watching the second halfs..since the first half means nothing. Behind at half? Just a matter how how much they will come from be behind to win by.
With half a season to go they have no must win games!..HALF A SEASON TO GO!.  They had the showdown with OKC AT OKC..blew them out. The games vs Cleveland? eh, win or this point- so what? Those only matter now in the finals. HALF A SEASON TO GO!
Unlike feetsball,the Warriors play three times a week...nothing to get worked up over.
Now? Its just wait until 3 seconds left in the first half and see if Curry heaves one 60 feet and swish. HALF A SEASON TO GO!!

Saturday, February 25, 2017

Trump,the 5 defferal President still hiding from "combat" charity to help kids..

He's skipping the WH and Correspondents dinner as we all know. He's a coward.
If his speech at the convention didn't say it - I will- He's losing his can tell the setback has set in.

Steve Aveson wants to watch Radnich and his wife have sex.

By the week it gets weirder when Radnich talks about his wife on Fridays. His paranoia was made deeper when Aveson made some "pass-compliment" to Raddys wife. "You can't handle her Steve"..Aveson after more dumb Radnich talk,came back with "I'll just watch". Then he got a huge smile. A dirty smile,but huge. Pam Moore did some navel gazing at all this.

Friday, February 24, 2017

I saw a living mayhem commercial. Live.

I hear brakes squeal...then crunch! I look out the window and see a small dark colored econo car had reared a big red Dodge magnum pickup.
So,I get the binoculars and it turns out to be a young woman driving and..its no biggie.No airbag went off.  No ambulance ever came.  But! she looked exactly- from a distance- like the woman in the All State commercial who goes flying off the road while fiddling with her car console. did she not see that big red truck stopped at a red light?..she didn't have her eyes on the road. Mr Mayhem!
You know,I saw another wreck on Sunol..low speed fender bender live when it happened..I tell you this winter has been hard on people.

Radnich attacks Murph..its out in the open now.

Radnich said Murph "Is a rooter,and I'm a sports host" then did his demented laugh at Murph.
Considering Radnich had always said KNBR hosts are a team,he and Murph must really not like each other..maybe hate.

Of course I know there is no such thing as "team" with Radnich. There is only Radnich with Radnich. His split personality's are the only team you might say.

Trump= Does nothing to those who hire illegals.

When Spicer was asked about that? He said "We will hold them to the law. Next question.."
So there you go..Those who wave the carrot are ignored,while the hungry masses who reach for it are punished.
Its racism,its apartheid.

Those who hire illegals vote Trump is why.

Thursday, February 23, 2017

Steve Bannon- Cardiac case walking...

That ball of pastry wont have a long reign. He better try for his apocalypse now..he's not going to have a whole lot of tomorrows.

Henry Wofford gone. Larry Kruger,Koz still here...

See? What did I tell you?

Media didnt badger Spicer about Russian connections or Trumps taxes. Just bathroom questions..

Of all this country's problems...Tranny's use of bathrooms I would think is low on the totem pole. When the media only has minutes to ask the White House what the people need to know about Manaport,Putin,Flynn and Exxon,Deportations of family' was asking about bathroom rights.
THAT ,I don't get. Its like we have reached perfection and now can spend our time tweaking bathroom rules.
Today was a win for Trump and the Koch brothers and fascists everywhere.

CBS News calls it the "Morning Glory Spillway"...ha.

I was going to link the story,but I  think you know I'm not making it up that CBS news refused to call  it "The Glory Hole".

Wednesday, February 22, 2017

Radnich doing three commercials now!

SO much for  "I do this every 24 years" that bs spiel of his. He's now doing some retirement investment commercial. I guess he doesn't take his own advice.
I think he and NEXSTAR agreed he was vastly overpaid and slashed his KRON salary.

Funny that Radnich is our own local Donald Trump..same pompous ego,same conservative politics..same "Look at my trophy wife". Just a matter of time before Radnich jokes he wants to date his daughter like Trump does.

Also- like Trump,everything is perfect in Radnich world. He calls Mike the floorman at KRON his best friend. Really? He invites Mike over for dinner on say Thursdays? I bet the guy never took a single step into the Radnich home. He's just another acquaintance and co worker that learned to put up with Radnich. Like Trump people do with him.

Radnich laughed at people who did commercials. Now he spins on it.

Rain taking a break..but so is warm.

Last year this month we averaged near 70f and even had a near 80f. This year? Its 62f and cloudy. This is pre global warming bay area returning to Scrooge.
I feel cranky. Rusty.
I'm also tired of seeing water that glues junk to the side of the house and car...I mean leafs,and twigs and things that splatter and dry on the lower parts of the home. Toss in all that moss,mold and mildew and its dank. Cold and dank cant be good for the lungs to breathe.
What a cruelty that none of this water falls for free in summer when you need it,the yard needs it. No,it just soaks plants that in the chill of winter are dormant and don't care for rains then. All they get is rot,not growth.
I guess if you lay in 60f might get warm in an hour. Or colder. I don't feel like testing.

Tuesday, February 21, 2017

Yesterday 20% of my blog hits came from Russia...

I guess Russia wants what America really thinks of Putin without bullshit.  Well,we know he has Trump notes that he can call on to Trump's empires failure. We know that.  We know Trump took Putins aid to win the Presidency because really,what does Trump give a damn about Crimea? Its Mexicans Trump hates and has a Jones hate for. Besides,Trumps wife looks and sounds like Vampira..and that has eastern Europephile all over for it with Donald Trump.
So,fuck off Crimea Trump figures because 98% of the USA also doesn't care...unless they know its a bad thing. Trump of course says it ain't.
But ..Even I'm shocked to see millions signing petitions to see Trumps taxes. Who's willing to fight to the death over medical care. So..liberals are now being produced again. I'm not the last of the Mahicans to think Trumps a bigot to call a senator Pocahontas.

Monday, February 20, 2017

Radnich now doing commercials for Depends..He's groveling like the rest of us..

When he used to sit back and laugh at the idea he needed to read commercials like the other peons?..those days are gone.
He's now doing commercials where he cant even fall back on "Its been 54 years since I did a commercial,but these guys are good friends"..blah,etc. No,he reads "Buy Sam's Manure,its the best manure in town"..and takes his check. Just like everybody else.
This just proves how right I have been over the years..on everything.

Republicans whos lips dont move. Spicer,McConnell,General Mattias, Bohner....wierd huh?

I've noticed that. All these guys talk strange...a little lispy or like they had a lip stroke. The new general just appointed- same damn thing. Watch your Republican lips...they lie without moving.

Trump said "I've never met Putin"....2013 interview he's bragging he has a "personal relationship" with Putin.

Caught in a huge lie and I don't know why its not leading off newscast instead of "Another Trump lie example"
He said in Florida again about never meeting Putin.

Too bad he did the flash press- con where he showed up unannounced to answer questions and of course the press had no time to set up two part questions like that. But that was the point of that wasn't it?

How funny- Mike Savage now loves Trump. Hated him when he was ignored...

Remember that? Mike Savage wasn't going to the inauguration because Trump ignored him. Then,Trump went on Savage show- Savage has loved him since!
That's how deep Savage is..make him a $ and he's all love for you.
Then again, Savage is the "nutritionist" who poisons kids world over with his and his son's rock star caffeine drinks. He's another one that betters society if he drops dead.

A Stan song dedicated to all the anchor ladies..

Muy romantico es mi corizon..rico suave.  All that stuff. Oh,go on,click on the link and drift back to when you were younger..

Music for what Trump is giving me...

A big one..

Trumps hiding sons disability..

More backwards thinking. More shame. They throw a $$$ suit on the poor boy and tell him to be quiet.
He's only 10? tall for a kid.
But no,I'm not blaming him for being can you do that? I blame the past insults the kid got for parents not asking the world for some understanding. They only had to ask. Instead they hide in shame.

Ultimate spin FOX's : Mollie Hemingway- "Sure Trump lies,exaggerates and insults people"..

Then she said,People who expect him to do otherwise are the crazy ones! How is that for spinning forgiveness for the PUSA being a dufus? In her world Trump does no wrong.
People pay her to say that. Now,who has the power in this country? Immigrants?

btw- Trump has not brought up a single case of anti immigrant or anti Muslim violence. Not once. He searches the world to find wrong stories...

One day Mike Pence will write a book of his hate of Trump's amateurish Political ways.

Its written all over the VP's face. Like the smarter older brother covering for the fool younger brother...its wearing him thin already.
It might be in decades..sort of a bucket list book..but you watch!

Sunday, February 19, 2017

Trumped out...but hope he is on his way out..

Its bad when he lists his accomplishments and you realize none are. When you get to his damage,THAT list has equaled what other presidents have taken 2 terms to do. I thought George Jr. was a lightweight..Trump proves that its not green that drives big business. Not even brains. Its all connections for the Trumps of the world.

Saturday, February 18, 2017

Where to escape? No place but 6' under...

Once you are rooted in the bay area..thats it. No matter the crime,the cost..well if it cost more,you just buy less.
I tell you most people here would love to move to the country. I would.

Draymond Green says the "World is flat".

"Why couldn't it be? Those photos of it round could be Photoshopped"

The guy is a real Archimedes in need of serious education. Why would somebody argue the world is flat or at least it could be? At least add that the Universe could be flat and a holographic 2-d space with 3 dimensions being an illusion.
I think I got Draymond off the hook...

Some topics of mine that stay popular..

Its getting in the year after year category now. I write what comes to me,not really thinking THIS is hits.
So what has legs?
Dan Ashleys hair. Still. I swear its not a running joke about its being popular. His hair draws for real.

 Harvey Levin is a republican. Two years+ and its always being looked up.

ch4's Robin attacks Anny Hong.  Huge views. Being that Robin still has a job,I guess it was more girl push then the reported fight. Still,not nice. Also,what I wrote last year about black anchor woman, Robin Winston and cleavage-popular! Anny Hong herself gets hits. I need to bring her up more.

Will Stan ever regret what he writes?

Maybe. Sometimes,a quick reaction to a slow reaction- like when you send a tweet or comment,and its seemingly ignored....then the next day,you get yer answer. Oops. Then I have to take back "Too good to answer huh!!?". At least I leave at that (most of the time) thank goodness.

On the other hand..the more I write about Radnich? it just stays right. I never have to go back and think I got it wrong,no,just the opposite...I was right there reading his mind for all intents and purposes. One reason why what I say about him leads in views on this blog. He only gets competition from some posts of mine that turned out to be gold,like Dan Ashleys hair for one.

I do though wonder if Trump does in the years to come destroy democracy..the witch hunt for anti Trump bloggers will get a knock on the door? If so,I SWING AS HARD AS I CAN.
So anyway's no need to regret ripping Radnich, or the now demised Yahoo sports talk show,or Republicans. I was right about all and much more.

Friday, February 17, 2017

Donald J.Trump's most hated TV show host is...

Is it Chris Mathews? nah. Is it Keith Olberman? nope. Its CNN's Don Lemon. The mild no drama black guy. Ohhhh,now it comes to me why.  Right?

Trumps "The media is the enemy of the people" is more dictator talk.

What country did he grow up in? He seems to think this is Trumpania. Lets all pray he has a cardiac.
He is all bad styles- look at that comb over and spray paint tan- and no substance,just tear down what decades of reforms created like I said and will I guess repeat too often.

The sooner the death of the Gary and Larry show...the better for the bay area airwaves.

I'm glad I helped get them kicked off Comcast. A huge breakthrough! lets see their time on KNBR end. When they openly welcome a racist,maybe a campaign to rid those two is a good idea.
They are predators. Predators on the minds of young sports heads.

Larry Kreuger the hypocrite of KNBR.

He said after his 2005 firing years later "I have evolved" in other words he doesn't still feel (racist,bigoted) that way. Right? So who does he bring to  KNBR?  SID ROSENBERG, an unapologetic racist and also fired for racist and bigoted remarks.
So,where's the evolving Larry? Huh? Where?. You forgive yourself and others who did the same thing?
LOL..well,that's awful big of you!

Mexicans make up less then 40% of illegal aliens!

I heard on CNN that most illegals are Asians who are here on expired visa's..hence the airport fiasco. SO why are we building a wall? Because Donald Trump for some reason hates Mexico,Mexicans. Although I did read that Trump has custom suits made in ....Mexico.

Our President lives in a fantasy world..

He's at it again..the pretend he's campaigning and all the great things he's going to do. Slogans..while now that he is president,doing nothing but tear down. He's good at that. Tear down whats good like Obamacare,civil rights. What he replaces it with, is junk. You''ll see. I know you know.

Thursday, February 16, 2017

Sid Rosenberg,Larry Kruger..all thats wrong with our culture. How the ones in power- keep it.

"Fired" becomes just a vacation when the same shows they were fired from,brings them right back-with an increase in pay. Like the nut General Mike Flynn..failures don't seem to stop his being hired again,in the same positions.
This is what I've seen over a lifetime...a person of color? Once they get fired..there is never a  welcome back from the same company. They are lucky to stay in the same field. Its why- but I don't endorse of course- the black newsman who shot the reporter and the cameraman. He had enough of seeing others NOT be perfect and keep a job..while he was never perfect and first man fired. I wont say he was great at his job- the point is,there are few second chances..and if you need 10 chances as a person of color its never going to happen like it will for the right types...
Now Rosenberg and Kruger?..neither is exceptional. Neither I'm sure ever makes great ratings. So,why do the corporations take them in ? They are like those who hire them..and help to keep it that way.
I wouldn't doubt they are also basically dishonest people attracted to the like kind also. Like Gary Radnich.

Gary Radnich endorses a racist and bigot. Sid Rosenberg- fired for racism.

Sid Rosenberg. Just look into this history. Then again look at Radnich co host Larry Kruger "Proud family man who keeps his family away from people of color" history. He said he changed,then embraces Rosenberg. That's same-o as can be.

Radnich has a split personality "Family man"..who doesn't give a damn about anybody but himself when pressed or allowed to do what he wants. All his knbr political guests are from the far right.Plus his worship of money,his being impressed with people with money over anything deeper then that..his own greed.
That guy does have a dark know all that giggling he's rehearsed for decades is an act. Look at last week. He had a flat tire and not a friend in the world to call. Weird!
He laughs with Sid Rosenberg..that's the world Radnich lives in. White buck shoes.

Wednesday, February 15, 2017

I know "the big lie" when I see it. Steve Bannon's Nazi era propaganda techniques.

Stephen- Stevie- Miller's Young Nazi's act on ABC's weekend political talk show..THAT was Miller talking Trump who is obeying Bannon's philosophy. Lie because you are too big and powerful to be told otherwise. Plus the masses might believe it.
Its all coming down to Trump cornered. Putin has some financial grip on Trump, toss in photos and Trump bends over for Vladimir. Bannon? He's telling Trump he can get him out of it all. What Trump is doing right now is a drowning man reaching for anything that floats.

Republican party- the party of TRAITORS.

NO alarm that Donald Trump was and has been in collusion with Trump to this day has no affect on them. That even now Donald Trump is in fear of Putin's wrath has compromised our very existence as a country..maybe our lives.
The American now see's the Republican for what he is..power hungry representative of big business no.1 and white nationalism no,2.  Russia is there friend.

Tuesday, February 14, 2017

The despicable Republican party. With Obama? They would have started the lynching committee investigation..

Yeah,who wants to lynch him? All Republican hands would have been up. With Donald J.Trump their lack of doing a thing,let alone outrage is the darkest most fascist Ive ever seen our country.
Not one Republican has asked any questions. Most say "Its over". No,its not over. There are plenty of people like me who won't give up wanting to know.
Republican politicians and the Republican party are despicable.

A photo of how bald Donald Trump really is. Like a clown named Larry..

You know those birthday type clowns who comb there bald head frills up and out?...Trump does that to follow the contours of his head. You see he pulls it from the back frill to cover the top and brings some side frill and swirls it around. All head with a ton of Aqua Net.
You read about the fake tan spray. Irony..he hates brown skinned people,yet wishes he were brown.

Is Donald Trump smarter then a 5th grader? IS he illiterate? Huff Post says yes.

 Maybe a 6th grader. Add it up. He admits he didn't read his Kingly proclamations. His vocabulary- something I pointed out weeks ago is very limited. Tweet speak is best he can do live. Read this,tell me it isn't what we all see and hear:

Flynn loses leverage resigns. Did you know about his nutty right wing son?

Hey,Flynn kept that job for a month since he knew Trump feared people knowing. Once we knew..
Also,you do know his son- Flynn's- was kicked out of the white house in December because he insisted on promoting the story that Hillary Clinton operated a a child eating sex ring under a Chinese Pizza Parlor?...yeah,and if that wasn't bad enough,Hillary chopped up babay's and ate them like a cannibal. I guess to always look 65 and young.
Even Trump who claims buses of Demos from Mass are sent to Rhode Island and 3 million Mexicans voted en masse illegally ..thought Flynn's son was too kooky. Kooky with Trump is a very low bar I might add.
This is all another Watergate leading to a Trump impeachment.  Not that a Mike Pence Presidency is much better is the downside.

Monday, February 13, 2017

Read my lips Trump. I wont be fired and humiliated for following your orders...

That's why Gen .Flynn is still in the front seats. Its also why Trump is taking no questions and pretending nothing has happened in Trump fantasyland. You get it? Flynn if let go..tells history "I made calls I was ordered to make,I made deals I was told to make".
Trump is a very unhappy shyster President right now. Three weeks into his job he's been "out dealed" by a Russian President, a flunky General..and wait until Iran and North Korea yuck it up at Trump being impotent.

Trump hates his job. What do you do with a President who's worn out in 3 weeks?

I told you..wheres the braggadocio? The big smiles? He already is on his way to recluse and losing touch with reality. Think Howard Hughes with no talent as President. Trumps way of speaking... "very,very," or "really,really"..add anything..and that's his way of describing lunch to nuclear launches.
He's already leaning. He wont get any better at his age. Worry.

Sunday, February 12, 2017

Let me tell you the truth about Team Trump and why they are crumbling..

They- from Kellyanne Conway to Stephen Miller and Steve Bannon..are fast fading under the pressure. They are not long time public figures..and the heat and pressure of everything about them  really is as I heard Conway say "Leaving deep gashes"..and that she said last week. This week..she's under her blankets at home someplace.
Miller cannot even speak unless he's reading what he wants to ad lib means he would turn into a fumbling mess on national TV.
Not a single one of Trumps people looks to be handling things. Worry. Because a guy like Trump wants to strike out at..somebody. He needs to prove his power.
North Korea's KimJung 111 or whatever his name is might see a leveling of the palace. Ok,that's really not so bad. Only Trump right now is making threats to US..not THEM.

I hate when I get caught up in mommy blog readers on the Tweeter net...

Nice woman..but man,they really live in a girly world-lol. Ugh, Trying to tell them some rich guy picking a woman on looks all the time is really what happens? Gets you breaking their fantasy it might happen to them or their daughters.
Look a fat puss like certain pro players- mostly baseball since fat guys can make a living playing that game- wont pick a woman who's their equal. No,they put the big income to work. SHE had best not gain weight "True love" will then say "later for you" and "NEXT MODEL!"
We all know that...

Trump sending a soldier to his death and meeting his family changed something in him..

He's not reacting like big smiles. He would rather just end a news conference then make a show of ignoring CNN. The over the top is now relegated to his minions.
Trump might not have the stomach for death.

"Sad writings"...

I notice when people cannot say that what I wrote is a lie...they fall back on everything else. I've been far ahead of the curve over the years...almost clairvoyant. As you know I called Billy Beane wanting to step down weeks before he did just that. Tip of the iceberg for me. I caught ESPN passing Lin racist jokes a week before it made headlines. You know how much credit the bay area people and media gave me? None.  I put it in just laid there on BASG blog. I have a long list of predictions that came true.
So when I give an opinion that people don't like? They come up with all the creative ways of putting me down. AND what happens when I'm proven right later? Does anybody ever come back and say..Stan you were right!...No. Never happens. Even if I go back and find a post weeks or months old and drag it up to the light again? Crickets...those same people say nothing.
Even Lowell Cohn or Steve Berman...nothing.
So now  my TRUTHS are called "Sad writings"? Then I guess life is-in a way- sad for them and they don't know it!.
Truth scares people,its hard to take..not even welcome.
But I'm damned good at it!

Let me add a biggie. I wrote last summer "This country goes left to right"..Nixon to Carter,Carter to Reagan-Bush,to Clinton. Bush to Obama".  Trump has now followed that . I wrote that!

Trumps best friend: He's crazy as a Fox".

Ok,then he's crazy as a crazy fox. Still nuts.

Saturday, February 11, 2017

I'm betting Trump becomes a recluse President in the near future..

I am. I think he has a weak mind..and the pressure of seeing pure hate for him is wearing him down muy pronto. The more he brags about himself? The more I see somebody who is getting smashed in the face with reality.
I didnt care much for Republicans..the contempt I have for them now as they smile and smile and tell the world Trump is doing fine is beyond "We only want to spend less"..and I see they all have a deep down want for fascism and racist superiority. Why some black,Asian and Latino politicians fall with them is just wishing they are in on the secret.
Anyways,Trump and his bathrobe will be written about more often as he wanders the white house drunk out of his mind...

The San Francisco Right Wing Giants..

There has to be a reason the Giants always seem to side with the conservatives..If its not their announcers,its their star players trying- and some did- to get out of meeting with President Obama. The Brandons.the Posey and the Freaky one Tim, and the Madbum were anti Obama. Why when they do nothing but hemorrhage money and fame I would chalk up to pure greed. I got mine,and none to share. The usual every man is an island to keep his money. Unless they need a gov. loan for the farm. Or tax breaks..oh yeah,they love those.
So anyways...When Larry Baer allowed Larry Kruger to just sit down like 2005 never if HE was the ONLY possible person to host on knbr..that was strange. I wonder what would have happened if Kruger had slammed Israel and gone all pro Palestinian?..ok I don't wonder- he wouldn't be in the business- anyplace. He though just marched through the Caribbean. Very forgivable.
All that in the most liberal city in California. Go figure.

The Giants win..great. But they are really easy to not like. Top to bottom.

 PS:Ford F 150 trucks? Junk...

Man,the sun feels good. We are not rainforest creatures...

This has to prove we are primates of the sun. Feels natural the warm sun. Days are getting longer,the sunny day goes into the mid 60's..rejuvenation of all around. I'm surrounded by,wait,those are my neighbors...

Duane Kuiper a bigoted liar.

I've tried to cut the old man slack..he can be funny and its "only baseball". But his attack on Sergio Romo was more of what I noticed about that man for years now.  Kuiper is fast to turn on players of color. He will point out a error with near disgust of a player of color...while the Brandons's of the teams can stupidly run into the 3rd out and he has nothing to say except "That's the end of the inning".
You can go back to how he told people for years "Aaron Rowen is a great guy in the clubhouse". He said that over and over as Rowan on the field stunk out the joint. We learned later that Rowan was hated by Giant management- he was both a complainer and malingerer,not liked by teammates. Kuiper had made him sound beloved.
Then there was his "Look at that beautiful white couple" from last year. A capper.

So,I was reminded of all this when Sergo Romo told KNBR morning people that Kuiper saying he left bitter was not true. The Giants told Romo he would not be asked back. He then signed with a team that wanted him. Wouldn't you?
Wouldnt you think Kuiper would have talked to Romo before putting words and feelings in his mouth?
Its not the conservatives way.

Everybody a comic on the internet. I accept that.

C'mon,be real about it. You only have so many letters to use on Tweets,and the average guy only has so much per day that can fill a blog with a long article like writing. Actually per month would be more accurate.
So,you put zing into a short thought. More of that then take a short thought and stretch it out.
How I see it.

Friday, February 10, 2017

KRON's Moore welcomes Lodes...

He sure is liked by Moore and Radnich's wife. They must see the "white guy we always wanted" in him. They both kind of fawn over the guy. Brit Ship? ah,she knows she can find his type any time. Not a fawner.
It all plays out on air. How can you not notice?

Donald Trump is creating a social uncivil war.

I'm even more angry at the wealthy. I miss a good old fashioned Weather Underground or Earth First!..nowadays you cant make a move without being under some eye. Unless your wealthy..right?

Trump- fast tracking to impeachment.

You would have to have yer head stuck in deeeep sands to not know Putin has something on Trump. It doesn't matter if its salacious or a simple hack...its traitorous,and for that Trump should be removed ASAP.
The whole Republican party has embarrassed itself with using the "I can't hear you,nyaa ,nyaa" approach to the Presidential liar.
I will admit- I never thought the day would come when the common man Utah Republicans would boo a representative out of the town hall.
Where the hell were these people in the election?..oh,that's right. Putin.

Gee,I made Shaun Doolittle unhappy...

I get a tweet from the A's or Doolittle...neither I follow,and its all about how he "convinced" his trophy to marry the average looking player with a a 160G Diamond ring and matching bobble head dolls.
So,knowing this country is under attack from the wealthy.. I advised her to not gain weight!
Apparently it bothered her.
Of course some said "Your bitter Stan"..well,I might be. Doesn't mean what I said is not true..and my feeling is,like others like him Doolittle is well insulated from real life.
Some days you can flaunt how wealthy you are..and some days when I'm reading about the wealthy Koch bros and Betsy, and 20 million people to lose health care while we ship out another 11 million people struggling to live,you can't. Today was a can't.

Clorox commercial a bit gross.

When the kid puts the toilet seat on the refrigerator?..It sort of makes the stomach churn. Well,in literary terms..

FBM materials company. 14 white guys,one white woman and thats it folks..

The heads of that company were on the news at the NYSE cheering the opening bell.
You know,when Trump gets going white men will take back all they lost with that EOP stuff. It will be 15-0.

Thursday, February 9, 2017

Trump and Bannon go back to Tea Party some wag says...wrong I say and let me tell you..

I heard that the republican Tea party up rising was the start of this. NO it wasn't. You can trace whats happening now back to 1972.  That's when all this take America back to when she was great started. Its the "All in the Family" syndrome.  America finally elected Archie Bunker to be President.
Think about it.

Study says to be white,male,republican is an edge in business dealings. UNLESS....

On a program called "Politics of the mind" I think it is,was on KPFA- more like a segment- Two Indian American statistics experts,Ph.d's at that, said that when you are CEO of an investment company you will get MORE business with that background over somebody with an ethnic name. That the prejudice is so ingrained that even if those ceo's don't produce well,they are able to keep investors.
On the other hand,they found that IF the CEO was Ethnic or a Woman and a company did very well- it actually got MORE business then with white male Republicans because the stereotype is that the woman or ethnic person who does as well or better then a white man MUST be a genius!..hence they all want in on
Racism and bigotry and money..just too funny sometimes.

Fake liberal on FOX.

I put it on. There,I see an older overweight white guy in suspenders and Kimberley and some Jewish guy,a WASP, and another hot blond female..the usual FOX collection of "integration".
And the fake liberal says "Trump is a racist".."Everybody knows that"..Let me tell you all,this guy said it like it was part of the script of liberalism..he even tried to hide a smile..then his terrible acting skills tried to do serious. The whole panel? They all whooped at the same time.
They were expecting it..maybe not when exactly...but they knew.
It was like a very bad version,impersonation,of a CNN program. I could spot it right off.

FOX..they insult Liberals even when trying to be one.

Wednesday, February 8, 2017

Why do MSNBC and CNN offer so much time to "The other sides" views? FOX doesnt.

It bothers me a liberal will bring up a great point on Hardball or Wolf or..all of them..then,a Republican invited,changes the subject to something about as interesting as drying paint.
All I ever see on FOX are conservatives taking big swings on Dems and IF they do have a Demo guest its usually somebody they know they can handle.
Demo's always want to be fair- Hillary took "The high road"..and now we have Trump.

Tuesday, February 7, 2017

Our President thinks Unicorns voted against him..

He also thinks the press wont cover terrorism. Insanity. He still quotes figures he makes up. Ignores proof they are wrong.
Really how crazy can a president be before he can be impeached? Does Ivana have to be declared his legal guardian? I tell you..Howard Stern had it right,Trumps mind isn't up to the pressure of being President..what he started as pure ego now falls into "Be careful what you wish for fool"
Now,we suffer.

Monday, February 6, 2017

" Everybody hates Donald" . A new TV show. Big ratings getter. Huuuge...

Its quickly spreading all over the political scale..people hate Trump. Not just think he's a bad president..but a man bad at being a man. Sociopathic.   He says he's his own boss? What happened to servant of the people?

What a weird post SB dream I had..

I ate so much,I fell asleep on a full stomach and had one of those vivid dreams as clear as virtual reality. Only VR has to be something you know is a fantasy. Dreams will always have the advantage in that all the nonsense- makes sense and you never think otherwise.
I dreamed I was in some dry warm climate and I looked down and saw lizards...only these lizards ran around me to eat some white mice. The kicker? The Lizards could talk and were like children all happy at food. Made perfect sense to me! That dream just went on and on..Im walking dusty roads until I meet some "old friends" As usual in dreams Im sure I know them,have old times with them..until I wake up and realize I never knew those people-lol. Same about everything else...nothing made sense once I woke up...but in that dream I was talking to them like I knew them for years..ha.

That whole thing with dreams- that they make sense- is a wonder of the mind,how and why does the mind do that?..besides too much Pizza late at night of course.

Who made God? The answer is...Snod.

There,I thought I would answer the ancient philosophical question that mankind has been asking for century's.
No problems,yer welcome.

Sunday, February 5, 2017

What did I tell you? Nancy Pelosi wants the FBI to investigate if Russia is blackmailing Trump.

She's trying to get some action going on what seems so obvious...Trump has to bite his tongue on Russia,while using no filters on the rest of the USA and world.
I told you,Russia DOES HAVE PHOTOS.
Trump must be removed!

Does Russia have Trumps tax returns?

Another idea...they hacked the IRS and have all the info on his real wealth,what taxes he never pays and who he has paid for in bribes.
If not..then a good idea for American hackers!

Terrorists better not ruin my Super Bowl!

That's just going too low. Even Allah man him/herself don't go for that.

Will artifical intelligence believe in God?

I know somebody out there has gone over that. But,I haven't and wonder how and if we make machines that can improve themselves to the point they are better then us in every way..would they need a religion?
I think no..but what if that's something THEY DO think? Would atheist say they have been wrong? Just wondering.

Invoking God.

Remember what I wrote about making a rock song sound deep by including the phrase "My friends" ? I notice Trump invokes God to make what he says sound from the heart..such as what he has.

Let me tell you all my friends, I swear to God that's all a bunch of malarkey.

More about Red states- They are takers,not givers...

The Blue states? contribute $2.4 TRILLION to the federal government.
The Red states? take $1.3 TRILLION dollars from the Feds!
You see? all that bullshit from the midwest and south of how "We want nothing for free" is a lie. They do NOTHING but take!

Saturday, February 4, 2017

Radnich poses for company photo to greet Nexstar,not for fighting Woman's Cancer.

KRON tweets a photo of all the anchors in red and posing as a group for fighting Woman's Cancer. Except for Radnich.   Same as posing for the return of Stanley Roberts or the retirement a few weeks ago of some ancient KRON employee retiring. All the anchors but Radnich had time.
Gary Radnich DID make time for the one for Nexstar!
And you damn well know he IS ASKED to stay for 10 minutes to do charity photo's. He says no.
I can never get over how shallow that con artist is.

Trump's praising of Putin: Like a man blackmailed by photo's that could end his empire.

That's what I think.  Trump sounds exactly like a man who's being blackmailed. "Vladimir,I can only praise you so much,I have to say I might not,oh,get along with you- but I WILL say you seem like a great guy!"  "Is that ok?"
There is no real reason in the world a Donald Trump ignores Putins history...unless Putin has him by the hairs. Either its golden showers..or its hackers and websites. Or-who knows? its both.
I understand Congress is looking into the hacking even as the White House has done nothing. A future bombshell. Or like Trump said about Hillary's email "Bigger then Watergate"..a President of the United States working for the Kremlin would be bigger then Watergate squared.

Trump will be impeached. What damage will he do before that?

He will bomb Iran...he wants to push China around so bad he can taste it. Look for some excuse in that area between China and Japan. Both long time enemy's as it is. Possibly Taiwan..but something.
Trump is dying to show that he can also end black crime with a big fist...troops. Some city will get some plan of having "bad,bad,neighborhood" infiltrated with federal officers. His human experiment at work in real life.
An outside shot is..he starts a war that gets Israel involved. Like goading into attacking,by actually siding with Israeli enemy's...that's Trump's way it seems. Kills who he doesn't like by proxy.

I can tell you. No low is too low for the man immune to others pain. Animals included..pets.

Red States= largest users of federal dollars.

One-Kentucky voted 80% for Trump and has the largest % of food stamp users in the country. Another,Missouri, makes headlines banning Obama care and that they want nothing for free? 38% of that states income is free federal dollars.
As always..the loudest Hawks are the biggest war or economy.

This is what I hear every time I see the insanity of Donald Trump.

The war drums and madman Trump go together.

Friday, February 3, 2017

Radnich again snaps at Lodes for flirting with Radnich's wife.

This was about the 3or 4th time he's done that on air..airing dirty laundry maybe about Lodes chatting up  Radnich wife Alicia and from what Radnich says,gets smiles and some batted eyes in his direction from the wife of the Sports Director.
If Radnich is that thin skinned...that means she's done that before elsewhere. 

And,why not? He's 70 ,ugly and with pasty skin. What does he expect?.oh that's

Trump appointee Neil Gorsuch founded and edited newsletter called " Fascism Forever"

At his upscale private school. His mother is Anne Burford who made headlines in the 80's as a Reagan appointee to the EPA..where she did her best to dismantle and defang it. She ended up resigning in disgrace..well,if she felt shamed. Probably not.

Thursday, February 2, 2017

KRON 4 News in San Francisco descends into madness.

So i switch over from Hardball and the Warriors also are in a commercial and I hear Radnich do another fake " I was recognized story" that he makes up while shaving. In this one black guys- who ALWAYS in these story's say "Hey man"..Never Mr. Radnich, and then the punchline, "Ah man your the guy at ch2 weather". It was lame,made no sense and he's told variations of that joke so many times I've lost count.
But NOW? Its required that Pamela Moore laugh and laugh and laugh and..well,you get the idea. As phony and forced as you would think. Steve Aveson?..just another dumb journeyman anchor with a cardboard sign around his neck that says "Will laugh at Radnich jokes to keep my job..and food".

With Steve,think of  JR "Bob" Dobbs that iconic character that represents conformity and shallowness. That's yer Aveson.

You would think Radnich would be embarrassed to pass that off as comedy..let alone as something real life. You would think wrong. He's desperate to get a laugh.
It was madness.

Sean Spice lisp getting on my nerves..

Its like you can feel the spittle when he speaks. Why the hell is HE SPOKESperson? Lots of Mexicans out there that can speak just fine and dandy. Clear as a bell. Give one a try Trump.

Always keep in mind...."agitators" might be right wing plants.

When it comes to the right...its been done for decades to infiltrate leftist groups to provoke..incidents. Just keep it in mind.

Trump lies about everything. "Successfull mission" in reality a deadly failure.

To listen to the White House they recovered the recipe to convert tin into gold by middle eastern  alchemists.  They can claim anything about or who can check?

So far,One dead,three wounded,and nothing but more taxes for you and a regulations break for Exxon. Yes,they can pay foreign governments in secret. Good old boy Rex did that within 24 hours of taking his job.
We have a deranged President..with a weird taboo relationship with his daughter. His real wife is nowhere to be seen.

Hillbilly America has got what it wants. All those years of them praising the Nazi's..decades of that...Trump is feeding the racists exactly what the fix asks for.

You better be afraid. Heads in sand could end life on Earth as we know it.

Tamron Hall turns down millions to stay at NBC? Is she crazy?

She's cute..but other then that,just nothing special. I mean,what she does is dime a dozen for anchor woman all over the country who would jump at financial freedom to just read news or do short interviews.
Its not like Tamron has something better up her sleeve.
Somebody should whisper "Ann Curry" into her ear. They both kissed their last huge contract goodby forever.

I am convinced Russia has photos of Trump doing vile things to and with woman.

He hasn't said a word about Crimea,Putin, Russian sanctions other then muttered some will stay for now. But where is the tough talk? And whats the point of being soft on Russia?
You know- I have a theory that Trumps anger and speed at trying to change everything is related to the Russian photos.
Its- DO IT NOW BEFORE THE PHOTOS GET OUT.  That means hush on Putin- who if angered would bring the photos into the open- and step on toes with running boots of our best allies.
He knows those Photos would have him impeached or made a political joke. He's trying to do two term efforts by the hour.
Like a man with something hanging over his head.

btw- You think Melanoma not being seen in the company of Trump is a woman humiliated? She knows the truth.

Trumps meetings with people. None are brown and Latino.

Even as Trump Tripped over his Fredrick Douglas "I have no vocabulary" attempted tribute,You see every crowd of people he meets...none are Latino.
He has a hate for Mexicans that goes way past the present. Its deep seated. He refuses to do business there when you know he's had a ton of opportunity's to build a resort there over the decades. So,this is a core problem with him.
I bet he hates every Mexican restaurant,every Mexican in a truck..every stereotype he finds.

Its scary how much hate he has in his mind.  He's the drunk guy on the stool at the country club cursing out the rest of the ethnic world because he's proud to be an American!

Wednesday, February 1, 2017

Stan tells Wayne Freedman of ch7,Milo people asking to be smacked ...15 minutes later,all heck breaks out.

Check the tweets if you doubt. I called it. You cant be a hard right winger in THESE TIMES and go to Berkeley and rub peoples face in it as Milo man had planned to do. Like Trump..he's an igniter.

What I suggest to UC Berkeley is least make it a debate with leftist who can call down that nationalist on his views- to whooping hollers from the people.
I know Berkeley and saw this coming from a mile away. I also sure as hell know leftists hate Trump and despise his apologists.
Once again,I was right.

TODAY...A general predicts Trump will bomb within 60 days. Who told you first?

You read that here first. Now an American retired general on MSNBC ( forgot his name) said what I put in the title.

America needs to use Toyota helicopters...ours seem to fail every time.

Not just the Yemen raid,but the Bin Laden and many others..those Osprey's are POS.  Tell American contractors don't worry about competition and they build fancy $$$ POS every time.

Trumps people hyperbole.

wow- Genius,greatness,world known deal makers,beautiful,god bless us we are special, great DNA,"Almost perfect man",...the platitude propaganda of the Trump administration is laid on thick and deep.
Sounds like the crap North Korea puts out that was laughed at all around the world. Now,we have a PUSA who sounds exactly the same.
This man is dangerous and not stable..not as President.

Trump marriage now a sham. They spend no time together-if you catch my drift.

She has no interest in being by his side. She has NO STAFF..nothing,nobody. Did you know the White House is closed? No visitors or tours by the public. Melanoma has hired nobody to staff that.
She hasn't been to the WH since the inauguration.
He's 68,she's bored with him in her 40's. Its why Trump only has his daughter on his arm. Kinky.
Have you seen a Melanoma tweet?.. Everything about Trump is strange world. EVERYTHING.

Gary Radnich supports Huffs right wing tweets on KNBR.

Just as I said he would..Radnich played nazi sympathizer and told the audience "Huff is getting only big support" for his diatribe Tweet of a few days ago.
Did Radnich read any Huff critical messages? Not one.
The fat fuck Radnich really needs to have his ass kicked. Any woman could do it! Hey,make it a Muslim woman-lol. Talk about karma...

Trump "Putting Iran on Notice" "Taking names" at the UN.

He's a nut!..We have our first ever somethings missing in the head bully President of the United States.
Trump ordered a mission that only killed an 8 year old little girl living in Yemen!  Murder! premeditated. A Navy Seal died because of Donald Trump. 10 days into office a direct death linked to the PUSA.
There is going to be more of that .So much more.

I told you. Trump can hardly wait to bomb. Iran first?

Just think if yer a megalomaniac like him. You rule the world.

Owners and founders of Breitbart are Jewish..who side with Nazi sympathizers for a white America!

WASCatholic Steve Bannon cut many a check from the Jewish owned right wing website.

I tell you- Black and Latino and Jewish Republicans scare me. The denial in order to feel superior- to be one of THEM- is sociopathic.

At least Jewish can tick off "Caucasian" on the, What are you? forms. But of course the far right doesn't consider anything from Israel as anything white.

At least if your going to be a nationalist/supremacist and Jewish-  leave behind the hick white men and call for Jewish superiority!."We invented the A-Bomb and Spiderman comic books!"

Huff to tell his rightwing side on Radnich KNBR show.

"I'm not endorsing the guy" says the liar Radnich.  When is Gary Radnich going to let somebody air his left wing side on any show? Never. As nutty as Trump is..only a good word from Grandpa Gary's show. He claimed he doesn't endorse Trump