Saturday, February 11, 2017

Duane Kuiper a bigoted liar.

I've tried to cut the old man slack..he can be funny and its "only baseball". But his attack on Sergio Romo was more of what I noticed about that man for years now.  Kuiper is fast to turn on players of color. He will point out a error with near disgust of a player of color...while the Brandons's of the teams can stupidly run into the 3rd out and he has nothing to say except "That's the end of the inning".
You can go back to how he told people for years "Aaron Rowen is a great guy in the clubhouse". He said that over and over as Rowan on the field stunk out the joint. We learned later that Rowan was hated by Giant management- he was both a complainer and malingerer,not liked by teammates. Kuiper had made him sound beloved.
Then there was his "Look at that beautiful white couple" from last year. A capper.

So,I was reminded of all this when Sergo Romo told KNBR morning people that Kuiper saying he left bitter was not true. The Giants told Romo he would not be asked back. He then signed with a team that wanted him. Wouldn't you?
Wouldnt you think Kuiper would have talked to Romo before putting words and feelings in his mouth?
Its not the conservatives way.