Tuesday, February 14, 2017

Flynn loses leverage resigns. Did you know about his nutty right wing son?

Hey,Flynn kept that job for a month since he knew Trump feared people knowing. Once we knew..
Also,you do know his son- Flynn's- was kicked out of the white house in December because he insisted on promoting the story that Hillary Clinton operated a a child eating sex ring under a Chinese Pizza Parlor?...yeah,and if that wasn't bad enough,Hillary chopped up babay's and ate them like a cannibal. I guess to always look 65 and young.
Even Trump who claims buses of Demos from Mass are sent to Rhode Island and 3 million Mexicans voted en masse illegally ..thought Flynn's son was too kooky. Kooky with Trump is a very low bar I might add.
This is all another Watergate leading to a Trump impeachment.  Not that a Mike Pence Presidency is much better is the downside.