Thursday, February 16, 2017

Gary Radnich endorses a racist and bigot. Sid Rosenberg- fired for racism.

Sid Rosenberg. Just look into this history. Then again look at Radnich co host Larry Kruger "Proud family man who keeps his family away from people of color" history. He said he changed,then embraces Rosenberg. That's same-o as can be.

Radnich has a split personality "Family man"..who doesn't give a damn about anybody but himself when pressed or allowed to do what he wants. All his knbr political guests are from the far right.Plus his worship of money,his being impressed with people with money over anything deeper then that..his own greed.
That guy does have a dark know all that giggling he's rehearsed for decades is an act. Look at last week. He had a flat tire and not a friend in the world to call. Weird!
He laughs with Sid Rosenberg..that's the world Radnich lives in. White buck shoes.