Friday, February 10, 2017

Gee,I made Shaun Doolittle unhappy...

I get a tweet from the A's or Doolittle...neither I follow,and its all about how he "convinced" his trophy to marry the average looking player with a a 160G Diamond ring and matching bobble head dolls.
So,knowing this country is under attack from the wealthy.. I advised her to not gain weight!
Apparently it bothered her.
Of course some said "Your bitter Stan"..well,I might be. Doesn't mean what I said is not true..and my feeling is,like others like him Doolittle is well insulated from real life.
Some days you can flaunt how wealthy you are..and some days when I'm reading about the wealthy Koch bros and Betsy, and 20 million people to lose health care while we ship out another 11 million people struggling to live,you can't. Today was a can't.