Thursday, February 2, 2017

I am convinced Russia has photos of Trump doing vile things to and with woman.

He hasn't said a word about Crimea,Putin, Russian sanctions other then muttered some will stay for now. But where is the tough talk? And whats the point of being soft on Russia?
You know- I have a theory that Trumps anger and speed at trying to change everything is related to the Russian photos.
Its- DO IT NOW BEFORE THE PHOTOS GET OUT.  That means hush on Putin- who if angered would bring the photos into the open- and step on toes with running boots of our best allies.
He knows those Photos would have him impeached or made a political joke. He's trying to do two term efforts by the hour.
Like a man with something hanging over his head.

btw- You think Melanoma not being seen in the company of Trump is a woman humiliated? She knows the truth.