Thursday, February 2, 2017

KRON 4 News in San Francisco descends into madness.

So i switch over from Hardball and the Warriors also are in a commercial and I hear Radnich do another fake " I was recognized story" that he makes up while shaving. In this one black guys- who ALWAYS in these story's say "Hey man"..Never Mr. Radnich, and then the punchline, "Ah man your the guy at ch2 weather". It was lame,made no sense and he's told variations of that joke so many times I've lost count.
But NOW? Its required that Pamela Moore laugh and laugh and laugh and..well,you get the idea. As phony and forced as you would think. Steve Aveson?..just another dumb journeyman anchor with a cardboard sign around his neck that says "Will laugh at Radnich jokes to keep my job..and food".

With Steve,think of  JR "Bob" Dobbs that iconic character that represents conformity and shallowness. That's yer Aveson.

You would think Radnich would be embarrassed to pass that off as comedy..let alone as something real life. You would think wrong. He's desperate to get a laugh.
It was madness.