Sunday, February 12, 2017

Let me tell you the truth about Team Trump and why they are crumbling..

They- from Kellyanne Conway to Stephen Miller and Steve Bannon..are fast fading under the pressure. They are not long time public figures..and the heat and pressure of everything about them  really is as I heard Conway say "Leaving deep gashes"..and that she said last week. This week..she's under her blankets at home someplace.
Miller cannot even speak unless he's reading what he wants to ad lib means he would turn into a fumbling mess on national TV.
Not a single one of Trumps people looks to be handling things. Worry. Because a guy like Trump wants to strike out at..somebody. He needs to prove his power.
North Korea's KimJung 111 or whatever his name is might see a leveling of the palace. Ok,that's really not so bad. Only Trump right now is making threats to US..not THEM.