Wednesday, February 22, 2017

Radnich doing three commercials now!

SO much for  "I do this every 24 years" that bs spiel of his. He's now doing some retirement investment commercial. I guess he doesn't take his own advice.
I think he and NEXSTAR agreed he was vastly overpaid and slashed his KRON salary.

Funny that Radnich is our own local Donald Trump..same pompous ego,same conservative politics..same "Look at my trophy wife". Just a matter of time before Radnich jokes he wants to date his daughter like Trump does.

Also- like Trump,everything is perfect in Radnich world. He calls Mike the floorman at KRON his best friend. Really? He invites Mike over for dinner on say Thursdays? I bet the guy never took a single step into the Radnich home. He's just another acquaintance and co worker that learned to put up with Radnich. Like Trump people do with him.

Radnich laughed at people who did commercials. Now he spins on it.